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Devices & Hardware

Xiaomi Redmi Note review

A short pictorial review of largest smartphone in Xiaomi's portfolio, the Redmi Note

Phone Theft In America

Chances are, you or someone you know has had a smartphone stolen. It's a growing trend — until we can build technological solutions to make phone theft less appealing…

Steve Jobs Inspirational Quotes

This presentation was created about a month ago in light of his resignation. However, recently, Steve Jobs has passed away and these quotes become evermore real of his brilliance…

The 21 Coolest Internet Of Things Gadgets

The slide deck introduces the 21 coolest internet of things gadgets - connected smart devices you would want to own.

What is Difference between Android ICS and Jellybean?

Google has retooled Android to be even more responsive, so that it ramps up whatever power lies within the moment a finger touches the screen. The goal here is to achieve…

The new Moto G review

A visual walk through of the second-gen Moto G’s capabilities and performance

SimpliSafe Reviews

More info and read the full review at: Visit website: SimpliSafe…

Remote cell phone spy

Remote Cell Phone Spy Imagine if your partner is cheating on you, if your business partner is leaking all the secrets of your company, if your daughter is still dating the…

None of My Friends use Facebook

Insights from a 13 year old girl as to why Facebook is losing teens

Connect to Fans with Facebook Ads

1. 79%U.S. adults useof onlinesocial media.Source: Netpop Research, 2. 51% of consumers aremore likely to buy a product orbrand after liking themon Facebook.Source:…

Gadgets and Technology Trends to 2010

Anthony Fitzhenry, CEO of AXIS gives his perspective on technology trends from 2006 to 2010. Winner of IT Personality of Year in 2006 in South Africa


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4 sites to download free movies for ipad

This slideshare covers 4 sites to download free movies for iPad. Easily, safely and legally to download free movies to iPad.

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