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Mapping the customer experience with customer experience journey maps

by joyce-hostyn





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Do you know what your organization looks like from your customer’s perspective? In the digital age, silos and organizational bureaucracy manifest themselves through your digital presence. You can bridge these silos and overcome a bureaucratic inside-out mindset by visualizing the customer (learner, elder, citizen) experience through a customer experience journey map that captures both actual and emotional aspects of the customer experience. Then, map in hand, you can use it to write great outside-in customer experiences for your organization.
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  • mapping thecustomerexperiencecustomer experience journey maps flickr
  • connect & attract compellingadvocate captures imagination orienting reverberating orient help them „you just have navigate the to try this‟ world generative embedded promise more become part good things of their livesextend & retain interact The Experience Cycle, Hugh Dubberly
  • “only thing I can do is copy everything that‟s happened into an email and send it on” so, you‟re saying the you misplaced the service tech closed the I‟m calling with your issue insurance claim one of the ticket & since you don‟t number service techs filed, so he have an open ticket, you no open ticket has to do another visit to can‟t do anything until you prepare the claim? send out another tech to no record of claim open a new ticket? 2 weeks later make it to 2nd level service why I haven‟t been called back? the visit was so the notices damage, takes pictures service tech could give the & fills in clam form brand new service shows up & asks… “why am I go ahead to replace the dishwasher! takes pictures & fills in here? what‟s wrong with claim form you‟ve got to be the dishwasher?” 2 weeks later kidding me... what a way to make me feel warm & fuzzy guess they haven‟t heard of the plain English campaign months (and lots of hair pulling) laterWe‟ll replace the dishwasher. But a service techhas to give the go ahead. We‟ll send one over.
  • connect & attractadvocate no content to enable decision making  no proactive detract orient education, incorr „you really don‟t want  to go through this‟ ect use  fail to „know‟ me, fail dissolving rubber, to resolve issues, fail mould, leaking, no to educate during troubleshooting, disencextend & retain  service, misplace documents  hanted service tech interact
  • Empathy is not walking in another‟s shoes. First, you mustremove your own. Scott Cook, Founder Intuit
  • Statistics are merely indicators. Like numbers and gauges on thedashboard of a car. No single reading can advise on the health of the car. The gauges, along with the sound of the car itself, the handling, look and feel, and smell of burning rubber all combine togive an indication that your beloved motor may be under the weather. – art of community
  • journey maps promote emotional contact withinsight, distilling research into a concise, visuallycompelling story of the customer‟s experience design for service???? this is service design???
  • experience as story
  • Emotions determine memorywhen we recount a memory, we‟re sharing theexperience of the story we created, not the actualexperience
  • customers always have an experience(good, bad, or indifferent) Managing the Total Customer Experience, MIT Sloan
  • Consciously and our emotional brain (95%)unconsciously filter cluesand organize them intorationaland our rational brainemotionalimpressions
  • emotionsinfluence whatweremember, how we evaluateencounters,& ourdecisions Designing the Soft Side of Customer Service, MIT Sloan
  • trustis a primitivepsychologicalvariableessential tobuildingrelationships
  • controlover ourenvironment andknowledge ofhow events aregoing to evolveis fundamentalpsychologicalneed
  • experiencesare the stories you tell yourself as a result of interactions with emotional resonance processes misery inside out systems moments which happen at touchpoints Brandon Schauer, The (Near) Future of Managing Experiences
  • Customerexperience…is the full, end-to-endexperience.It starts when you first hearabout Amazon from a friend,and ends when you get thepackage in the mail and open it.Jeff Bezos
  • Customerexperienceis the perceptionthat customershave of theirinteractions withan organization.Bruce Temkin
  • Rather than creatinga set of messagesand images thatassociate a companyand its products withemotionalvalues, experiencepioneers will befocused on creatinga business thatdelivers the brand asan experienceincorporating thesevalues. How to Lead the Customer Experience
  • brand as design interactionsexperience connect emotionally foster sense of control build trust and magic outside inmoments relationships help people make informed decisions engage in conversation
  • lifetimeexperience…from the first time they goto our web site through thelast time they ever use oneof our cars and decide notto be a member any more.[We] map that cycle andfollow it.Scott Griffith, CEO Zipcar
  • We don‟t do advertisingany more. We just do coolstuff, it sounds a bitwanky, but that‟s just theway it is. Advertising is allabout achievingawareness, and we nolonger need awareness.We need tobecome part ofpeople‟s lives anddigital allows us todo that.Simon Pestridge, Nike UK
  • You‟ve gotta start with the customer experienceand work backwards to the technology. Steve Jobs
  • what is the experienceyou‟re trying to deliver?
  • ask provocative questions what will the future look like for information rich environments learning aging living a healthy life
  • who is your who?
  • aka the hero (not passive user)
  • consumer of healthsick patient products and services Reframing Health, Hugh Dubberly
  • aging as medical elder problem to managenursing home human habitat (relationships)orderlies, aids, nurses Shahbazimreceive care give and receive care
  • student lifelong learner
  • provider of mentor ofapplications heroesand whoservices to activelypassive chart theirusers own journeys
  • What do they THINK & FEEL & FEAR? what really counts major preoccupations worries & aspirationsWhat do they What do theyHEAR? SEE? boss environment colleagues friends influencers colleagues friends what work offers What do they SAY & DO? attitude in public appearance behavior towards others PAIN GAIN fears | frustrations | obstacles wants/needs | measures of success | obstacles Source: XPLANE and Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder
  • heroes aren‟t Vulcanspeople are ruled by emotion, not logic what does this do? how does this make me feel? how much does it cost? does it provide meaning or pleasure? what are the features? how will it affect me?
  • elder learnerask what value as a mentor you offer your hero as they chart their journey
  • what are theyexperiencing?
  • map the story of their current journey (an experience audit)
  • collect internal insights develop hypothesis research customerprocesses, needs, perceptions analyze customer research map the journey visually Bruce Temkin, Mapping the Customer Journey
  • Map the journey visually desonance
  • Value of Customer Journey Maps
  • nForm
  • Reporting Police investigation Before the trial At court After the the crime trial Positive Reported Identified attacker crime – ‘felt good, this immediately. will be Police ‘very straightforward’ good’ – told Phone him what to conversations do and who with detective was coming. Gave statement – ‘kept in Detective gave him Felt secure in police car – touch’ background to felt were ‘helping accused: first him’ Only communication with offence, had been heldLevel of satisfaction detective. Happy to explain since arrest. ‘Felt a bit situation better’ Called up to Drove him home - identify grateful, but didn’t feel like criminal on Case standard service computer submitted system Judge asked if to CPS. he would like to seemed Unclear Would report a crime again, because found Received call from ‘efficient’ sit – only out defendant had been held for 5 months. detective where next introduction contact Pack from But court experience was a ‘waste of time’ Told to come Witness Service. Neutral from. Had back next day. to ask Personal contact In Not a big detective became formal. Identity parade. No locked problem No information Drove around looking coaching, no witness about process Little contact for attacker – ‘waste reassurance wouldn’t room – Jury is a ‘sea of ahead with anyone – of time’ as in marked Had to go to the meet attacker ‘cut off’ faces’ Worried attacker could car only detective detective – come to house ‘foreign territory’. Gave formal Police station statement. Few days Food terrible – ‘disconcerting’ Worried before had to go out whether trial, still no Called Witness Detective told him ‘You should justice would information Service as have said…’ Too late now be done. on process wanted to speak Barrister not Detective to barrister. Told Didn’t see Witnesses very confidence Accused seemed ‘dim’. to arrive early barrister, a have to be inspiring got off Changed the on the day. nd flexible but Other reason was that a statement Seemed detective judges aren’t detail of appearance had into his own ‘disorganised’ late Asked to (lunch 12-1). changed. Frustrating, ‘knew words Annoying see Didn’t go into court it was him’ barrister at all on day 1. No again. Did Called - court information on – but he room an alien why. Lack of wasn’t situation. From Got off because he had been information most informative Negative frustrating thing a tiny room to a identified on computer theatre. system before line-up (which Everyone else in made evidence invalid. the know Police knew this was a problem, so why didn’t victim? September March Source: DCA, Victims of crime
  • Research the customer personas MAYA Design, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,
  • Identify important journeys to mapactual: travel to an eventtransactional: apply for old age pensionexperiential: live in an old age homeemotional: mental journey experienced over time (aging)relationship building: development of a relationship over time(Shahbazim)rite of passage: major life change (retirement)
  • Break the journey into stages usingyour customer‟s point of view Innovation through Design Thinking
  • Capture each persona‟s uniqueexperience Travel Experiences by Christopher Tallec
  • Capture the backstory that begins before you enter the stage Have a personal mobile phone for keeping in touch with family. Use web at home.past become first use decide to build become championexperience aware how do I get learn experience proficient advocate towhat else I’ve learn about it started? is this working intermittent use it’s how I do othersused for me? things Consult binders of procedures. Poor perception of enterprise apps based on prior Store documents email, person al drive, and shared drive.
  • Identify the triggers into theexperience (voluntary or propelled) Captura
  • And the motivations triggeringprogress between stages Home Theatre Journey by Frog Design
  • Inventory touchpoints whereinteractions occurphysicalvirtualhuman
  • Document activities at eachtouchpoint
  • Connect the dots across multipletouchpoints Gianluca Brugnoli‟s Photography Touchpoints Matrix
  • Highlight thoughts and feelings ateach interaction
  • Starbuck’s Customer Experience Little Springs Design
  • Capture questions running througha persona‟s mind
  • Highlight barriers and points ofpain blocking move to next stagevalueproductivitysimplicityconvenienceriskfun & imageuncertaintyawarenesscoststructural
  • Visualize emotional highs and lows
  • Reflect mood of the emotionaljourney Innovation through Design Thinking
  • Map emotional (sensory) clues ateach stagevisualauditorysmelltactiletaste
  • an emotional clue isanything that can bediscerned, perceived or sensed (or recognized by its absence)
  • Highlight moments of truthforms opinionturns cornermakes decisiondetermines theperception ofvalue
  • Mark moments of anxiety Designing for Delight, @gilescolborne
  • Extend with back stage interactions
  • And support processes
  • key journey step a step along the journey place where you interact with or touch the main character - website, phone, product interface, help, face-to- touchpoint face, newsletter, demo, social media, advertisement, event, magazine, reception, parking lot… artifacts content, objects, emotional cues positive experience(thoughts, feelings, acti ons) neutral negative moment of truth what’s the importance of this touchpoint? opportunities ideas for being proactive, great recovery, to combine or eliminate – possible to find a purple cow for wow or breakthrough experience? levers how to move them along to the next step (actions, emotions, touchpoints, other factors) metrics time, volume, action, satisfaction… emotions to evoke how do you want customers to feel?
  • key journey step touchpoint experience (thoughts, fe elings, actio ns) moment of truth opportunities levers metricsemotions to evoke
  • This is Service Design Thinking
  • tell the story of the existing journeyemotional highs, lows, moments of truth
  • how can you reinventtheir experiences?
  • brand experiences as story platform
  • identified fourexperienceenvironmentsto reinvent accident site experience getting an on-line quote experience repair/claims settlement experience share my driving habits experience
  • accident claim high anxiety
  • reduce fraud (disputed claims, high legal fees), shorter cycle timeaccident claim taken care of, reassured
  • research buy Am I getting a good deal? Worry.
  • frees Progressive from money-losing proposition, burdens competitorresearch buy trust, delight, action
  • focus on the lifetime experience… use the cars for the first timereview their online billing for the first time problem on the side of the road refuel the car get into an accident Scott Griffith, CEO Zipcar
  • research sign up but isn‟t it cheaper to own my own car? anxiety, uncertainty
  • research sign up worry alleviated, questions answered, reassured
  • parking parking tickets pay ticket forgetful, unaware
  • parking parking tickets pay ticket co-pilot (improved in-vehicle experience), reminded, aware, educational
  • issue leave unhappy | annoyed | unsure
  • issue complain advocate easy to complain engender trust, delight
  • problem?
  • opportunity to build relationships with customers average increase of more than 10% in "Recommend to a Friend" scores teachable moment delight, more value out of card xx
  • Mapping a Path to Better Health Care Jason Severs
  • Reframing Health, Hugh Dubberly
  • visit visitdoctor doctor what should I be watching out for? should I be concerned?
  • visit monitor visitdoctor progress doctor empowered | reassured | listened to Mapping a Path to Better Health Care Jason Severs
  • What does the redesigned journeylook like?
  • think of thememories youwant to evoke, thendesign for thosememoriesNOT what messagesto communicate orwhat media shouldcarry them
  • Look for opportunities to relieveanxiety, anticipate needs, orsurprise expectations UK Design Council
  • Ask yourself, what would make amagic moment? magic moment Where would it be? What would it involve? How would it be staged? How would it be remembered? How would it be retold?
  • beginning middle end then, like any good story, ensure you design a clearly articulated beginning, middle, and end for the magic
  • Mapping out a wow experience We understand what is and what is notimportant to thecustomer in that experience and then we design a „wow‟ experience to improve it.Richard Stollery, LEGO
  • What are they thinking as they How will we measure the experience?begin the interaction? What does the customer value at this value moment? What adds to the experience? what could plus make it better? magic What subtracts from the experience? minus<hear> <see> <touch> <smell> <taste>What emotions do we want to evoke? What will people remember and talk about after theHow do we want them to feel? experience?
  • order arrive how long before it arrives? (uncertainty)
  • order arrive reassurance | fun
  • travel input trips I should get around to entering my trips…
  • nudged towards completeness, increase usetravel input trips surprised, delighted
  • research buy I‟d like it right away, is it available in the store?
  • research buy empowered | ready to act
  • first 90welcome days overwhelmed, uncertain
  • enroll onboard empowered member Beyond Chaotic Bombardment – Enhancing the Client Experience through Information Design
  • sign up insights anxiety, overwhelmed
  • sign up insights hope, loyalty, moments of self-realization that change behavior Aaron Forth | Why Good User Experience and Design are Essential
  • insights instant understanding while shopping of where at financially
  • Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Google
  • become research aware
  • Snake and ladders, desires and needs
  • write the new journeyorchestrate a series of clues designed toprovoke positive emotional reactions and lever persona to next stage of journey
  • what‟s the impact ofexperience?
  • elder 50% reduction in infections71% drop in daily prescription-drug costs 26% lower turnover in nurses‟ aides Talking with Bill Thomas
  • person with a story, wanting to complainant move on with contract their lifeinstructed analysts to call the • 80% drop in spending on independent medical evaluationspeople seeking disability benefits • settlement time fell from 8 weeks to 4and interview them for a half- • boosted revenue by marketing higher- value disability management productshour to learn more about them… • claims ending in litigation dropped fromLeslie McMillan, Industrial Alliance 12% to 7% • employee satisfaction shot up
  • economics is (now) about emotion andpsychology Robert Shiller, Professor of Economics, Yale University
  • Branding in 2009, Part 2 Loyalty Helge Tenno
  • Branding in 2009, Part 2 Loyalty Helge Tenno
  • Branding in 2009, Part 2 Loyalty Helge Tenno
  • From products to people (experience driven) customer customer value value managing the customer relationship (CRM) designing interactions building emotional bonds Idris Mootee Customer Experience Design Talk
  • Both outside-in & inside-out (brand experiences) inside- outside-in out deep understanding of customer purpose, vision, brand building emotional bonds
  • wrap
  • ask provocative questions
  • Who is your hero?Do you have a strong situation & plot (what is thecustomer experience you want to deliver)?Have you set the stage?Are emotional cues for the emotions you want toinvoke in place?Have you staged the interactions?Do you have a clear understanding of the value youcreate for the customer and for your organization?
  • journey mapping is a journeyeach map you createenlarges your realityenlarges the reality of your organization (callingits belief systems into question)infuses itself into the myths that shape yourorganization‟s understanding of the world
  • keep in [email protected][email protected] (email) (blog) (Adoption Community)
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