Virtual Goods: Why & How They Work

by amy-kim





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  • Amy Jo Kim CEO, Shufflebrain Virtual Goods Why & How they Work
  • What are Virtual Goods (vGoods) ?
  • Digital Items w/Contextual Meaning
  • Decorative vGoods DO NOT affect stats or gameplay
  • Functional vGoods DO affect stats or gameplay
  • What ACTIVITIES are enabled by vGoods?
  • Socializing Express your identity with a customized avatar
  • Decorating design your own room, restaurant, garden, farm, fishtank
  • Shopping experience the pleasure of browsing/choosing/using new stuff
  • Gifting express your respect/love/good wishes with a social gesture
  • Enhanced Gameplay Pay More  Get Ahead Faster
  • Why do vGoods WORK?
  • People are impatient (time == money)
  • People want better stuff
  • People want to feel important
  • People want to express themselves
  • People want to build relationships
  • People want to show they care
  • People want to feel good about themselves
  • vGoods work because Social Context provides meaning and emotion…
  • Online …
  • … and Offline
  • Virtual Goods let you monetize your most engaged players
  • 5 Key Steps for Launching Virtual Goods
  • 1. Create a meaningful context
  • 2. “Prime the pump” with free goods or currency
  • 3. Create demand for premium content
  • 4. Offer fresh content at a range of price points
  • 5. Make it EZ to purchase currency
  • So remember…
  • Virtual Goods evoke real emotions…
  • … in a well-understood social context
  • Virtual Goods enable self-expression…
  • … and enhance social activities
  • Virtual Economies drive ongoing use…
  • … and turn a game or website into a service
  • Thank You - Any Questions? [email_address] @amyjokim on Twitter
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