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4chan thread

by kpoulsen





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4chan thread
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4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I [a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / vg / vr / w / wg ] [i / ic] [r9k] [s4s ] [cm / hm / lgbt / y] [3 / adv / an / asp / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / hc / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / out / po / pol / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / wsg / x] [rs ] [status / q / @ ] [Settings ] [Home ] Click me! /b/ - Random The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact. Posting mode: Reply [Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [ E-mail Auto] Submit Comment Verification reCAPTCHA Challenge (Required) 4chan Pass users can bypass this CAPTCHA. [Learn More] File Password • • • • • Choose File No file chosen •••••••• (Passw ord used for deletion) Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG Maximum file size allowed is 2048 KB. Images greater than 250x250 pixels will be thumbnailed. Read the rules and FAQ before posting. このサイトについて - 翻訳 File: 1365789120376.jpg-(1.09 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg) Anonymous (ID: HGvpxNN0) 04/12/13(Fri)13:52:00 No.472204432 Replies: >>472204936 >>472205864 >>472206389 >>472206762 >>472206923 >>472207578 >>472207613 >>472207764 >>472208147 >>472208650 >>472208672 >>472209042 >>472209298 >>472209319 >>472209338 >>472209463 >>472210181 >>472210709 >>472210809 >>472210850 >>472210953 >>472211634 >>472211835 >>472212042 >>472212325 >>472212656 >>472212709 >>472213209 >>472213454 Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I go to new river community college in Christiansburg Virgina. 10 minutes away from Virginia tech. I'm gonna give y'all the details because the news never gets it right. Stevens 320 shotgun. Buck shots and slugs 1/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Wanna listen? If tha doesn't work search New river valley public safety. I'm a bit nervous because I've never really handled a shotgun but a few times with the Christiansburg police. Anyways this is not a highscores game but actually a lesson (that's why I'm at school). Wanna see my eportfolio/what I look like? Make sure there is a slash at end. Also pic related I'm here at school writing this. Wish me luck. An heroing is not necessary unless I get fucked out the ass. It's pretty busy >> Anonymous (ID: KwJQCvUe) 04/12/13(Fri)13:55:12 No.472204936 >>472204432 (OP) Screenshotting for hope >> Anonymous (ID: 1MUjDscT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:01:25 No.472205864 >>472204432 (OP) sure op, show us what you look like? Name? Address? >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:02:01 No.472205952 guys... this is going on right now >> Anonymous (ID: EJz5Nhjd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:02:10 No.472205976 File: 1365789730817.jpg-(80 KB, 409x640, Pasta Salad.jpg) Shots fired. >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:03:01 No.472206092 i cant believe this is fucking >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:03:41 No.472206194 Uhhh is this legit? The public safety link is actually on about someone at a college in jeans and a hoody with a shotgun. >> Anonymous (ID: tkGz6jaK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:08 No.472206260 They got him. >> Anonymous (ID: 1MUjDscT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:17 No.472206283 suspect in custody. Nice job OP >> Anonymous (ID: u4GrfiWe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:24 No.472206304 one man down... 2/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: lgfUsKyx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:47 No.472206360 holy fuck , this is the real deal >> Anonymous (ID: nzmFAYB3) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:54 No.472206376 I didn't hear shots but sirens fucking everywhere >> Anonymous (ID: kHLWgkeM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:04:56 No.472206389 >>472204432 (OP) the fuck. holy fuck. dude surrender! its not worth it! >> Anonymous (ID: AJfS+spi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:03 No.472206552 legit check? >> Anonymous (ID: EK4vlHvk) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:06 No.472206561 Only time will show if OP is a faggot. >> Anonymous (ID: sHCBeB4P) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:15 No.472206591 Replies: >>472206706 what's going on??? >> Anonymous (ID: Kol4/71v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:40 No.472206665 Oh great. I guess I better prepare for more liberal rage and another attempted "assault weapons" ban. >> Anonymous (ID: EK4vlHvk) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:54 No.472206706 >>472206591 I say heyeayeayea.. >> Anonymous (ID: aeN0SzZ1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:06:59 No.472206721 Replies: >>472206932 Not hearing shit on the radio aside from a few codes they just sent a few paramedics and fire trucks to the NRV mall >> Anonymous (ID: 0qg6fLKA) 04/12/13(Fri)14:07:08 No.472206741 haha nub >> Anonymous (ID: WY+HLYUx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:07:13 No.472206761 qu'est que le fuck is going on? >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:07:15 No.472206762 Replies: >>472206935 >>472207050 3/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472204432 (OP) ZOMG OP DELIVARED OP IS AN HERO! >> Anonymous (ID: 0qBLD4zy) 04/12/13(Fri)14:07:23 No.472206783 I guess OP really isn't a faggot today. >> Anonymous (ID: L1eCatKL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:14 No.472206923 >>472204432 (OP) Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing...? >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:17 No.472206930 Replies: >>472209897 IT"S HPPAENINGIT"S HPPAENINGIT"S HPPAENING >> Anonymous (ID: 1MUjDscT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:17 No.472206932 Replies: >>472207341 >>472206721 They captured him, they were talking about a guy with a shotgun who shot someone. I think its a recording though because I checked all their local news sites and there is no reports yet >> Anonymous (ID: k2M1HXTL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:18 No.472206935 >>472206762 >ZOMG Do you even know what "an hero" means, faggot? Goddamnit. >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:26 No.472206952 Replies: >>472207025 >>472209485 lol op already got arrested >> Anonymous (ID: lgfUsKyx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:35 No.472206976 michelle obama crying in 3.. 2.. 1... >> Anonymous (ID: sWPa8dqX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:41 No.472206990 Replies: >>472207160 freedom of speech is a hell of a drug. >> Anonymous (ID: EK4vlHvk) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:55 No.472207025 >>472206952 Game over. Insert 1 OP to continue. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:08:55 No.472207026 Replies: >>472211503 posting in an epic thread >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:09:05 No.472207050 Replies: >>472207470 >>472206762 4/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I that's not what an hero means dipshit. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:09:48 No.472207160 >>472206990 >implying he won't be arrested >> Anonymous (ID: egnhMwir) 04/12/13(Fri)14:09:53 No.472207173 posting in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: Sdf5TPUr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:10:21 No.472207247 and here i was thinking that i was going to take a nap >> Anonymous (ID: aeN0SzZ1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:11:00 No.472207341 >>472206932 Lol, I live in Virginia. Nowhere near Christianburg though. Also if the guy only got off one shot, the guy is a fucking loser lol >> Anonymous (ID: AJfS+spi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:11:16 No.472207390 Replies: >>472207761 there taking about something at a mall >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:11:30 No.472207439 he needs to work on his resume formatting >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:11:41 No.472207470 >>472207050 If he isn't, he was clearly doing it wrong.... Nevermind just read "an heroing is not necessary" what a pussy, - 5 points. >> Anonymous (ID: y9l1wH+1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:01 No.472207518 oh shit op what are you doing >> Anonymous (ID: PkTnyR88) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:24 No.472207575 Replies: >>472210223 File: 1365790344338.jpg-(35 KB, 638x472, 1361240853085.jpg) HOLY FUCK MY BALLS Dude, my friends and I were just about to head down there. NOPE. FUCK THAT. STAYING HOME. >> Anonymous (ID: FmSTmkK/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:24 No.472207578 Replies: >>472209689 >>472204432 (OP) 5/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I I hear that if you kill yourself, you become a pony. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:26 No.472207581 i just heard 'how many victims do they have?' >> Anonymous (ID: V1Y2YD/7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:27 No.472207585 Holy fucking shit, this is happening, >> Anonymous (ID: F0FuVBXh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:35 No.472207608 Replies: >>472207745 There are two tweets about it but nothing on the news yet... >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:38 No.472207613 >>472204432 (OP) damn christina and i have the same birthday. cept she was born in 94 and i was born in 92. >> Anonymous (ID: kHLWgkeM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:45 No.472207632 Replies: >>472207808 anyone not understand what the fuck these hill billies are saying? except the girl in the office. she sounds hot UPDATE: HOW MANY VICTIMS: "IM NOT SURE" CHRISTINA INDIA 1994 0117 -----CONFIRMED DEAD?? "WE ARE LAUNCHING LIFEGUARD 11-HELI" "ANYONE GOT MY RIFLE" wtf..... >> Anonymous (ID: bwWJlB/y) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:49 No.472207649 Replies: >>472209962 >>472211156 Op No. Stahp. >> Anonymous (ID: aeN0SzZ1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:49 No.472207651 Heard about one girl who needs medical attention born in 1994 they just arrived at the scene where the suspect was still listening for more >> Anonymous (ID: XpMA0cr+) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:55 No.472207664 Replies: >>472208185 >>472208485 >>472214097 holy shit neil macinnis you are an asshole >> 6/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:12:56 No.472207665 >where the suspect was Im too late. >> Anonymous (ID: 2/p3359B) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:01 No.472207683 holy shit... this is crazy >> Anonymous (ID: V1Y2YD/7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:15 No.472207720 You guys, is Christina dead? Holy fucking shit... >> Anonymous (ID: 0qBLD4zy) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:17 No.472207732 Responders are talking about counting victims on the scanner. >> Anonymous (ID: WY+HLYUx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:21 No.472207745 Replies: >>472208612 >>472207608 link tweets dude >> Anonymous (ID: SxQpfw9v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:31 No.472207761 File: 1365790411273.jpg-(1.01 MB, 3264x2448, 1365789120376.jpg) >>472207390 >> Anonymous (ID: WRh6aF3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:32 No.472207764 Replies: >>472208306 >>472210093 File: 1365790412302.jpg-(64 KB, 600x488, image.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) I am here just to say I was here. >> Anonymous (ID: kHLWgkeM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:47 No.472207808 >>472207632 "20 MORE COMING OUT, IN A LONG LINE" >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:13:47 No.472207810 Replies: >>472207924 >>472212147 File: 1365790427060.png-(334 KB, 551x550, bateman.png) >tfw OP attempts to be Mad Max but only gets off one shot 7/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: EFAWlkjZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:14:25 No.472207902 Posting in Epic thread. >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:14:32 No.472207924 Replies: >>472208059 >>472207810 read the news article. he got two shots off! and it sounds like he hit two people. they were reading off names on the scanner. >> Anonymous (ID: hCNJpQVI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:14:45 No.472207959 Oh my fu,k >> Anonymous (ID: aeN0SzZ1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:14:55 No.472207978 Well that was underwhelming but at least I was there when it happened >> Anonymous (ID: SxQpfw9v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:05 No.472208001 Replies: >>472208809 Did OP already get arrested? >> Anonymous (ID: k2M1HXTL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:08 No.472208010 Posting in epic thread, OP confirmed delivery. Holy shit. >> Anonymous (ID: lgfUsKyx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:15 No.472208029 wdbj7 dot com local newssite that picked it up too says shots fired >> Anonymous (ID: fwtyfRgx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:23 No.472208046 Replies: >>472208380 "I love viewing different web pages and graphics made by people from all over the world." -Neil MacInnis 2012 We should have seen it coming, he's been a retard for a long time now. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:27 No.472208059 >>472207924 8/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I mynigga.jpg >> Anonymous (ID: pmJUNhpT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:28 No.472208061 Holy shit this is real. >> Anonymous (ID: fP+OGKXx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:15:52 No.472208128 Replies: >>472208316 f5 f5 f5 >> Anonymous (ID: hyjzVlSO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:01 No.472208147 File: 1365790561044.jpg-(17 KB, 211x211, 1364871213699.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) OP isnt a faggot >> Anonymous (ID: W47EiXYc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:07 No.472208170 >posting to be a part >> Anonymous (ID: U+Vzo7aC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:11 No.472208179 File: 1365790571680.jpg-(78 KB, 628x555, bitchnigga.jpg) >hfw he went crazy >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:11 No.472208180,0,3778171.story >> Anonymous (ID: qj8eEkEl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:13 No.472208184 Getting a post in! >> Anonymous (ID: 5Fc3gXEg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:13 No.472208185 >>472207664 Didn't believe it until I saw this. Just, just..... no..... >> Anonymous (ID: ivp1gk5r) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:14 No.472208187 I am 12 wat is dis? 9/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:16 No.472208195 File: 1365790576017.jpg-(13 KB, 136x145, 2013-04-12_141556.jpg) cool links OP >> Anonymous (ID: 02hiwbSb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:20 No.472208213 Replies: >>472211481 mrmrC registering being here.. and wishing I wasn't. and UK's in here + glad we don't have guns? >> Anonymous (ID: cyKd0tB1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:27 No.472208232 posting in an epic thread >> Anonymous (ID: N/s4051Z) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:34 No.472208247 Replies: >>472209509 Why do this?,0,3778171.story >> Anonymous (ID: wzDlgPtl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:40 No.472208259 WHAT the SHIT >> Anonymous (ID: ywlAY+yX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:40 No.472208261 Today, /b/ was good. >> Anonymous (ID: tWzivtcO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:50 No.472208291 he's still a faggot >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:52 No.472208301 Replies: >>472208416 >>472208594 >>472208603 >>472208828 File: 1365790612288.jpg-(63 KB, 395x418, dat ass.jpg) >mfw people actually believe OP did it holy fucking shit kill yourselves >> Anonymous (ID: V7yQGNJw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:54 No.472208306 >>472207764 Yep, pretty much this. 10/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I This is crazy. >> Anonymous (ID: GFYQ+ZtN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:16:57 No.472208316 >>472208128 homo doesnt have auto update >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:01 No.472208327 Did OP shoot up the Old Navy he used to work at?? >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:08 No.472208349 TURN ON CNN FUCK HE WASN'T LYING >> Anonymous (ID: kHLWgkeM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:10 No.472208361 File: 1365790630957.png-(157 KB, 317x213, christians.png) here is our hero. >> Anonymous (ID: EJ2Oy0DQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:18 No.472208380 >>472208046 lol >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:20 No.472208384 Seems like a little faggot to me, he didn't even get one cop. >> Anonymous (ID: oUkOdN7j) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:29 No.472208409 OH SHIT THIS IS GOING DOWN (d >> Anonymous (ID: SxQpfw9v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:30 No.472208416 Replies: >>472208498 >>472208301 I don't know how much more evidence you need... >> Anonymous (ID: giw+lhgF) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:35 No.472208432 Replies: >>472208551 >>472208770 I'm in Sydney, it's 5am. Thought i was gonna go to bed but fuck that. I hope OP gets brutally and horrifyingly murdered and he doesn't kill a single person >> Anonymous (ID: 6BV0i4yN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:38 No.472208440 the amount of listeners on that radio thing is flying up, was about 60 five minutes ago, wow >> 11/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Anonymous (ID: Nu6Bot94) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:41 No.472208449 Michael E. Stewart checking into this thread >> Anonymous (ID: KwJQCvUe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:17:55 No.472208485 >>472207664 LOL >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:01 No.472208498 >>472208416 he posted it after it happened dumbass >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:17 No.472208551 >>472208432 go to bed Ausfag, nobody cares about you >> Anonymous (ID: hLlsJL9u) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:22 No.472208565 OP delivered. >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:30 No.472208594 Replies: >>472208679 >>472208301 hits two news sites and police scanners at the same time OP claims he's starting. Yeah it's just a magic coincidence. >> Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:34 No.472208603 Replies: >>472208679 >>472208301 Chances of OP posting exact story several minutes before it gets out on news. >slim Stop being a fag and enjoy this thread. >> Anonymous (ID: T758Vq5J) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:38 No.472208612 >>472207745 twitter djenningsla thats me and i posted the links >> Anonymous (ID: LiwgAt6B) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:43 No.472208628 Replies: >>472208945 File: 1365790723855.jpg-(248 KB, 1000x1506, 44214268.jpg) Go for the highscore OP! Beat that gook cho! have some ass for effort 12/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:52 No.472208647 HANGS ON BOYS I JUST SAW AN OLIVE GARDEN FUCK DIS LETS GET LUNCH HURRDURRDPHDPEHERP >> Anonymous (ID: +SMQ8Bx4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:18:53 No.472208650 Replies: >>472209107 File: 1365790733353.jpg-(62 KB, 361x345, 1364850523809.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) this shit isn't happening, calling bull. >> Anonymous (ID: 3N58GXxc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:01 No.472208672 Replies: >>472208802 >>472208878 >>472208975 >>472209137 >>472209757 >>472214275 >>472204432 (OP) Wow. I hope someone takes you down right away before this goes any further. You're a scumbag and if you do this, and there's a hell, I'll be glad you're burning there for eternity. But even if there isn't a hell, your name will still be remembered as synonymous with a total piece of shit. Just an hero yourself if it's that serious. Don't make others pay who are innocent. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:03 No.472208679 Replies: >>472209076 >>472208594 >>472208603 trolled hard >> Anonymous (ID: y9l1wH+1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:05 No.472208686 Replies: >>472209137 holy shit dude no why stop this please not today just drop the gun you dont need this no please stop please please please not today no no no no not tomorrow not yesterday never not like this never like this :^( >> Anonymous (ID: SGomEWOO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:06 No.472208694 L2 shooting spree Enjoy prison faggot >> Anonymous (ID: XvZJpdXm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:10 No.472208702 Replies: >>472208816 so, what's going on? >> Anonymous (ID: tb1hFYgB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:22 No.472208731 short and sweet 13/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I goodbye forever anon >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:36 No.472208770 >>472208432 Brisbane here, bro. It's the weekend cunt, let's get fucked up. >rdsperm that dafuq? >> Anonymous (ID: qTDJiwU7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:46 No.472208795 gotta be part of this thread. >posts in epic thread >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:47 No.472208802 >>472208672 >>>/reddit/ >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:50 No.472208809 >>472208001 yes, after like 6 mins... >> Anonymous (ID: y9l1wH+1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:51 No.472208816 Replies: >>472209168 >>472208702 op shot up a mall >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:53 No.472208820 File: 1365790793623.png-(70 KB, 208x193, Oh NOES!.png) Holy shit BATMAN >> Anonymous (ID: hyjzVlSO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:54 No.472208828 File: 1365790794747.gif-(436 KB, 500x281, 1364872169071.gif) >>472208301 >mfw you dont have faith in our hero >> Anonymous (ID: CeKeNhI9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:19:56 No.472208836 Replies: >>472214068 fuck you OP. wanting to kill innocent people. i hope you get your asshole destroyed in prison. >> Anonymous (ID: o9KjJlck) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:02 No.472208854 Replies: >>472209085 14/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I maybe the craziest thing I've ever seen on /b/ OP should've an hero. prison is for faggots >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:05 No.472208863 Replies: >>472208990 >>472209389 >>472209680 File: 1365790805157.png-(20 KB, 181x191, 1365763720321.png) >WHAT THE FUCK >> Anonymous (ID: oUkOdN7j) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:06 No.472208865 he is our hero forever >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:11 No.472208878 >>472208672 Get the fuck out faggot. Go OP. Do something with your life for once. >> Anonymous (ID: f58efXpr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:32 No.472208935 Real nigga shit. >> Anonymous (ID: ZBR+CVVm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:35 No.472208945 >>472208628 Cho is nr. 2 atm btw. >> Anonymous (ID: lgfUsKyx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:36 No.472208947 when i joined the radio stream it was 33 , now 376 >> Anonymous (ID: wzERUTOC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:37 No.472208948 holy shit, anyone know how many he shot? >> Anonymous (ID: L1eCatKL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:47 No.472208975 Replies: >>472209158 >>472209445 >>472210074 >>472208672 It's people like you who have turned /b/ into a soft, tender virgin vagina. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:20:53 No.472208990 >>472208863 holy fucking christ 15/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 1603JX55) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:01 No.472209014 OP's ass is now toy. >> Anonymous (ID: SJ/Qf2LC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:11 No.472209042 >>472204432 (OP) Op you sick man. Rip >> Anonymous (ID: urAie2Rn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:14 No.472209048 SOMEONE HAS CHEESE GOISE >> Anonymous (ID: CbvTtis2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:19 No.472209060 Replies: >>472209308 File: 1365790879804.jpg-(7 KB, 251x186, 1302658242812.jpg) and spiderman thread >> Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:24 No.472209076 Replies: >>472209138 >>472208679 >posts stupid wannabe edgy reply >gets called out >we got trolled You kids need to learn your shit before typing. >> Anonymous (ID: sxCaPZe5) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:26 No.472209079 Was here. >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:28 No.472209085 Replies: >>472209992 >>472208854 naw an heroing is for pussies!! >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:33 No.472209105 Replies: >>472209318 >>472209571 File: 1365790893078.jpg-(21 KB, 640x480, 1365713028491.jpg) >MFW All of these twelve year olds calling this fag a hero >> Anonymous (ID: GFYQ+ZtN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:33 No.472209107 Replies: >>472209803 File: 1365790893883.png-(451 KB, 580x763, anh.png) >>472208650 16/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:46 No.472209137 Replies: >>472209445 >>472210074 >>472208686 >>472208672 Way to be soft, faggots. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:47 No.472209138 >>472209076 trolled hard! >> Anonymous (ID: PCZVNec6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:49 No.472209147 File: 1365790909917.jpg-(52 KB, 428x489, 1365558278649.jpg) >Posting in an epic thread. I applaud you OP, may you forever enjoy your prison rape. >> Anonymous (ID: V1Y2YD/7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:54 No.472209158 >>472208975 get the fuck out of here you edgy teenage cunt. >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:21:58 No.472209168 >>472208816 his CC is in a mall >> Anonymous (ID: Cje+NuTh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:16 No.472209221 File: 1365790936581.jpg-(29 KB, 399x519, muuugshot2b-thumb-400x519.jpg) Found a pic of OP. >> Anonymous (ID: jWek7Bja) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:22 No.472209240 posting in epic thread 17/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I OP is not a faggot >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:33 No.472209267 Replies: >>472209374 >>472209620 i was sixth person on radio stream >> Anonymous (ID: /6kmvJ7g) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:46 No.472209298 Replies: >>472209529 >>472204432 (OP) Good job on being a scrub at shooting stuff Nerd >> Anonymous (ID: CbvTtis2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:49 No.472209308 File: 1365790969771.png-(109 KB, 300x220, 1302657477000.png) >>472209060 i shouldnt have gone to class today >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:52 No.472209318 Replies: >>472209663 >>472209105 >Being this new >> Anonymous (ID: axfN3+c6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:52 No.472209319 >>472204432 (OP) Hahaha holy shit you actually fucking did it >> Anonymous (ID: 8JH2wQ/H) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:58 No.472209338 >>472204432 (OP) Enjoyable thread is enjoyable. >> Anonymous (ID: 7IFSm94T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:22:58 No.472209340 pretty fuckin raw >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:02 No.472209350 Replies: >>472209494 ROADHOUSE >> Anonymous (ID: rAksQ+67) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:03 No.472209351,0,3778171.story >> Anonymous (ID: AJfS+spi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:07 No.472209367 i was third person on radio stream >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:10 No.472209374 18/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I File: 1365790990171.jpg-(8 KB, 206x206, dolan.jpg) >>472209267 i was 1st >come at me bor >> Anonymous (ID: 2drmRLtU) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:12 No.472209381 I've been through that entrance many times. Keep Shooting. Nothing is of value in Cburg. >> Anonymous (ID: Kol4/71v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:14 No.472209389 >>472208863 HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING >> Anonymous (ID: y9l1wH+1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:14 No.472209390 toasting in an epic breadq >> Anonymous (ID: hCNJpQVI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:23 No.472209423 Replies: >>472211331 Op's message did not get across. Maybe he went in yelling some shit like "I HAVE LIMITED TRAINING WITH THIS DON'T JUDGE ME" >> Anonymous (ID: 55x4TC6A) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:27 No.472209432 OP delivered, holy fuck >> Anonymous (ID: 5Fc3gXEg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:31 No.472209445 Replies: >>472210456 >>472210610 >>472209137 >>472208975 Edgyfaggot-pre-summer-wave >> Anonymous (ID: YtTuNIYW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:36 No.472209460 da epic thread postin yo, if only it was super epic, but its not >> Anonymous (ID: euxy4MnN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:37 No.472209463 Replies: >>472210218 File: 1365791017349.jpg-(54 KB, 628x640, My Name Is Khalid Al-Mihdhar.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) 19/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 4uvGnsZY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:40 No.472209470 File: 1365791020466.gif-(483 KB, 145x150, 1358028779930.gif) >> Anonymous (ID: lGObLSEX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:41 No.472209473 File: 1365791021834.jpg-(29 KB, 246x245, 1351463984146.jpg) Holly shit. >> Anonymous (ID: 9kOHAADh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:44 No.472209480 Replies: >>472209563 >>472209589 >>472209786 >having a mall attached to a community college >> Anonymous (ID: 0bAIPsO2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:45 No.472209484 guess we will know if OP is legit when they release the name >> Anonymous (ID: 3N58GXxc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:45 No.472209485 >>472206952 GOOD. >> Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:46 No.472209494 >>472209350 This >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:51 No.472209509 >>472208247 for teh lulz 20/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: EFAWlkjZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:55 No.472209520 Hey Bon and Jacob >> Anonymous (ID: wPXN4Tca) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:57 No.472209527 File: 1365791037736.jpg-(55 KB, 500x332, 1329714972226.jpg) >mfw op >> Anonymous (ID: CXaPV+q8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:58 No.472209528 Replies: >>472209854 >>472210831 >tfw 3 shots fired and no one injured >tfw op is going to federal ass pounding prison for no reason Thats the only entertaining part about this thread >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:23:59 No.472209529 Replies: >>472209853 >>472209298 >scub and you're calling him a nerd? go back to playing WoW. >> Anonymous (ID: SxQpfw9v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:04 No.472209545 Replies: >>472210461 I WAS NUMBER 1 ON RADIO STATION >> Anonymous (ID: EJ2Oy0DQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:05 No.472209548 Replies: >>472209942 Was op really caught? >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:08 No.472209563 >>472209480 'murica >> Anonymous (ID: hyjzVlSO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:12 No.472209571 File: 1365791052160.jpg-(74 KB, 440x482, fuckyou.jpg) >>472209105 >mfw that bitch has a fucked up smile 0/10 >> Anonymous (ID: n+Mf5zyg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:14 No.472209576 21/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Posting in thread >> Anonymous (ID: k2M1HXTL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:16 No.472209581 >>472209309 You say that like you've never heard of this before... >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:19 No.472209589 >>472209480 >Virginia >> Anonymous (ID: sb/DOcYD) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:25 No.472209608 /b/ always suprises me on Fridays >> Anonymous (ID: tYVll274) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:28 No.472209618 File: 1365791068542.jpg-(66 KB, 354x361, ogrerated.jpg) >> Anonymous (ID: WY+HLYUx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:28 No.472209620 >>472209267 this is most radio traffic that station has ever seen >> Anonymous (ID: lGObLSEX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:39 No.472209649 File: 1365791079184.jpg-(17 KB, 288x287, top.jpg) OP is fucked >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:40 No.472209652 false flag >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:44 No.472209663 Replies: >>472209949 >>472210151 >>472211264 File: 1365791084556.jpg-(294 KB, 1406x2037, niggadatbefake.jpg) >>472209318 >MFW Twelve year old calling me new 22/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:50 No.472209680 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >>472208863 >> Anonymous (ID: 3N58GXxc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:53 No.472209689 >>472207578 I heard you get 72 sea urchins >> Anonymous (ID: /6kmvJ7g) 04/12/13(Fri)14:24:58 No.472209696 23/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472209309 There are several in VA as far as I know They're more like small technical places Niggers >> Anonymous (ID: /2CKHUC/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:10 No.472209727 i wonder if his posting on /b/ will make the news or if reporters will realise that maybe that's not such a good idea >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:22 No.472209757 >>472208672 LOL moralfag >> Anonymous (ID: 02hiwbSb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:30 No.472209772 Replies: >>472210038 Coming soon: idiots blaming 4chan for shootings in America >> Anonymous (ID: nsRdmCcA) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:31 No.472209773 Replies: >>472210186,0,3778171.story Holy crap balls Batman, Its legit! >> Anonymous (ID: 2drmRLtU) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:37 No.472209786 >>472209480 The college was moved into the mall, which is kinda sad yea but it's a helluva lot better than a derelict piece of real estate just collecting graffiti and the homeless. >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:37 No.472209787 Replies: >>472210929 Future Goals: I plan to continue taking classes after I earn my degree. One day I hope to work in New York, or another big city. I want to make websites for a living and make graphics in my spare time. Our prince will never get to live his dreams... >> Anonymous (ID: +SMQ8Bx4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:39 No.472209803 >>472209107 shit man i take it back. >> Anonymous (ID: qyNXwTQ5) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:48 No.472209830 This shots fo real Epic Thread >> Anonymous (ID: P9CrmLrH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:56 No.472209850 Replies: >>472209964 24/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I lol why the fuck is there a mall built into a community college >> Anonymous (ID: XvZJpdXm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:56 No.472209851 File: 1365791156621.gif-(602 KB, 320x213, 1364502005659.gif) > see thread > feel unsurmountable need to signal my presence in said thread >> Anonymous (ID: /6kmvJ7g) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:58 No.472209853 >>472209529 Get leld Nerd >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:25:58 No.472209854 Replies: >>472210162 >>472209528 one girl was killed/injured >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:08 No.472209885 Bennybro toasting in an epic thread. Thank go the life of a NEET has no worries of this. >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:09 No.472209894 File: 1365791169149.png-(338 KB, 615x409, image.png) IT'S HABBINGING >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:11 No.472209897 >>472206930 i let this happen >> Anonymous (ID: tb1hFYgB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:25 No.472209929 Replies: >>472210009 File: 1365791185165.gif-(453 KB, 210x210, 1344679452192.gif) this thread needs to die before the news gets a hand on it >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:28 No.472209932 Replies: >>472210117 sending this thread to the fbi, you are fucked op >> 25/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Anonymous (ID: ZBR+CVVm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:31 No.472209940 Replies: >>472210073 >>472210287 ITT: Edgy teenagers approving of massmurder. >Get a life. >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:30 No.472209942 >>472209548 yes >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:33 No.472209949 Replies: >>472210190 File: 1365791193385.jpg-(109 KB, 492x600, 1356662010391.jpg) >>472209663 >mfw an eleven year old calling me twelve. >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:37 No.472209962 Replies: >>472211883 >>472207649 fucking whitekight faggot >> Anonymous (ID: g1W1fcfc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:37 No.472209964 >>472209850 'merica >> Anonymous (ID: 1kjvEuHd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:42 No.472209979 Posting to post. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:43 No.472209983 Replies: >>472210078 >>472210351 File: 1365791203032.jpg-(197 KB, 1601x576, 2013-04-12_142232.jpg) we were here fuckers >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:49 No.472209992 >>472209085 an hero is for everyone. Its the final boss test of any good shooting spree >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:55 No.472210009 File: 1365791215023.jpg-(32 KB, 532x471, 628x471.jpg) >>472209929 already reported it 26/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 68YzNhdg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:57 No.472210019 ....what the fuck op? >> Anonymous (ID: IxLp8TXe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:26:59 No.472210027 Hory shit >> Anonymous (ID: eB+CQFrq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:04 No.472210038 >>472209772 But no one is going to leak this from /b/ are they.... >> Anonymous (ID: dOKp2PpC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:07 No.472210054 How did the news get a picture of the entrance with people responding so quickly? >> Anonymous (ID: AlEJXT3K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:11 No.472210064 Holy shit. OP delivered. >> Anonymous (ID: p1x9WH00) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:12 No.472210069 Replies: >>472210250 >>472210449 File: 1365791232423.jpg-(142 KB, 1024x1816, BHq72efCUAAmd-C.jpg) captcha: ednuant avenging >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:14 No.472210073 >>472209940 >edgy >not realizing 4chan likes this kind of shit for a long time idiot >> Anonymous (ID: 5Fc3gXEg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:15 No.472210074 File: 1365791235250.png-(382 KB, 698x696, GIDOFFITR.png) >>472209137 >>472208975 27/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: KwJQCvUe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:16 No.472210078 Replies: >>472210362 >>472209983 Lmao 1st reply. GOML >> Anonymous (ID: XHnpRmmn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:21 No.472210093 >>472207764 same here. Can't believe this is happening >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:28 No.472210117 >>472209932 implying he isn't already caught retard >> Anonymous (ID: e98TPwcw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:30 No.472210124 SHEEEEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OP THIS IS FOR YOUUUUUUUUUU >> Anonymous (ID: yiUdQTMb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:36 No.472210136 posting >> Anonymous (ID: zKQ76gvq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:39 No.472210147 Replies: >>472211708 File: 1365791259306.png-(60 KB, 200x136, 0e5.png) FUCKING EPIC THREAD >> Anonymous (ID: hyjzVlSO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:39 No.472210151 Replies: >>472211186 >>472212030 File: 1365791259967.gif-(1.17 MB, 291x260, 1333649979382.gif) >>472209663 >mfw when all you do is mfw get the fuck outta here newfag, or shut the hell up and listen 28/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: R58TNwZr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:42 No.472210161 Ramtin jat khalie! >> Anonymous (ID: CXaPV+q8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:42 No.472210162 >>472209854 That was never confirmed. Read the article again >> Anonymous (ID: epqYPbYn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:50 No.472210181 >>472204432 (OP) Well, Fuck. >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:51 No.472210184 Replies: >>472210286 >>472210623 File: 1365791271519.png-(27 KB, 248x200, OP is a faggot 25.png) >I'm at school writing this >gets to mall, shoots, and has it on the news within 10 minutes riiiiight. >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:52 No.472210186 File: 1365791272383.jpg-(18 KB, 406x406, 1344045443387.jpg) >>472209773 WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK >IT >IS >FUCKING >GOING >DOWN >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:52 No.472210190 Replies: >>472210675 File: 1365791272671.jpg-(168 KB, 1280x852, 1365778785820.jpg) >>472209949 >MFW 12 year old calling me 11 >> Anonymous (ID: lGObLSEX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:27:53 No.472210196 Replies: >>472210249 >>472212451 File: 1365791273978.jpg-(1.08 MB, 3264x2448, 1365789120376z.jpg) >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:00 No.472210218 29/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472209463 This dude flew his plane into the pentagon. get it right. >> Anonymous (ID: fuE6mSLb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:02 No.472210223 >>472207575 Holy shit dude, better go to church >> Anonymous (ID: jsYKbrzm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:09 No.472210238 File: 1365791289079.jpg-(55 KB, 260x260, 1335720453839.jpg) >> Anonymous (ID: J1e+W4g1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:09 No.472210241 >>472209309 it means OP is killing niggers and spicks our hero >> Anonymous (ID: 8DH7pD8n) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:10 No.472210246 Faggot Fun Friday's with Op >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:11 No.472210249 >>472210196 too soon >> Anonymous (ID: Nu6Bot94) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:12 No.472210250 File: 1365791292833.jpg-(3 KB, 125x109, 1354481799457.jpg) >>472210069 >> Anonymous (ID: HK0qaCTe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:25 No.472210279 i was here >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:29 No.472210286 >>472210184 school is next to the mall dumbfuck 30/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:29 No.472210287 >>472209940 >forgets this is 4chan >nobody gives a fuck >> Anonymous (ID: tb1hFYgB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:32 No.472210295 got caught too quick tho >> Anonymous (ID: MNEYSBtY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:33 No.472210303 anyone do a facebook search? I see a guy dressed as the joker is that OP? >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:39 No.472210312 Replies: >>472210424 >>472210553 >>472210760 >>472210940 >>472211201 >>472211267 >>472211352 >>472211561 >>472213052 File: 1365791319509.png-(124 KB, 1535x565, g.png) Reported You are now toastin in an FBI thread >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:28:57 No.472210351 Replies: >>472210975 File: 1365791337815.png-(189 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png) >>472209983 earlier screen shot >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:00 No.472210362 >>472210078 third is still god tier >> Anonymous (ID: dE7AQ0n5) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:01 No.472210364 what a shithead. I know this whole this is going to get treated like a big joke, per usual around here, but who doesn't wish they'd seen this earlier to call the cops and try to stop this from happening sooner. >> Anonymous (ID: +zbpFc5H) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:03 No.472210378 aww shit nigger op actually fucking did it >> Anonymous (ID: a48iIZVK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:11 No.472210404 Well OP I hope it's worth it. >> Anonymous (ID: 6BV0i4yN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:13 No.472210413 his facebook: /NeilAMacInnis 31/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: u0CsnPRV) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:15 No.472210423 File: 1365791355189.png-(4 KB, 147x133, AvatarFacey2.png) Wow. I can't believe this is happening. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:15 No.472210424 >>472210312 bismuth.jpg >> Anonymous (ID: hyjzVlSO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:22 No.472210449 Replies: >>472210639 File: 1365791362869.jpg-(109 KB, 480x360, meh.ro5772.jpg) >>472210069 post moar >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:23 No.472210451 INb4 v& ya'll >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:25 No.472210456 Replies: >>472210653 File: 1365791365113.jpg-(10 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpg) >>472209445 Americans, and I'm supposed to care? Try again, pal. >> Anonymous (ID: VZBwP+e3) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:26 No.472210461 >>472209545 He was number 1! >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:28 No.472210468 Replies: >>472210682 >>472211054 >>472211449 File: 1365791368473.jpg-(2 KB, 255x197, arrow.jpg) 0412,0,3778171.story 0412,0,3778171.story,0,3778171.story >HE >WASN'T >FUCKING 32/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >JOKING >THIS >SHIT >WAS >FUCKING >REAL >WHAT >THE >> Anonymous (ID: kBauyo3e) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:33 No.472210489 File: 1365791373595.jpg-(10 KB, 456x628, 1365647228888.jpg) Well shit. >> Anonymous (ID: nITPa8Dq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:35 No.472210496 OP is a faggot. >> Anonymous (ID: O8SVSOfT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:36 No.472210504 File: 1365791376839.jpg-(193 KB, 520x853, 1362847825234.jpg) Special ops inbound! Call in an airstrike! >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:38 No.472210509 ban 4chan >> Anonymous (ID: eyerDo/0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:47 No.472210539 File: 1365791387642.jpg-(75 KB, 750x600, 1064362.jpg) OP was not a total faggot today after all, posting in this epic thread. will discuss with you later on Rul >> Anonymous (ID: f1ZWpRdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:49 No.472210549 Well ill be damned >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:50 No.472210553 >>472210312 33/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >implying this thread proves anything except some random anon timing this perfectly to seen like the shooter when in fact he might NOT be the shooter >> Anonymous (ID: 5CSkAxts) 04/12/13(Fri)14:29:50 No.472210554 this shits gay Should have gone out with a bang not get caught like ten minutes later >> Anonymous (ID: yqWySBHg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:02 No.472210589 File: 1365791402252.png-(200 KB, 413x345, 1364150683348.png) Is this really happening? >> Anonymous (ID: BGKazu+8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:07 No.472210604 toasting in epic bread -vacielli >> Anonymous (ID: tb1hFYgB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:10 No.472210610 File: 1365791410817.png-(180 KB, 418x358, dave.png) >>472209445 dammit i almost forgot about summer fuck >> Anonymous (ID: J1e+W4g1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:13 No.472210623 >>472210184 nigger do you even news? they can get stories relatively quickly especially something like this. >> Anonymous (ID: p1x9WH00) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:18 No.472210639 >>472210449 Not mine, #nrvmall hastag >> Anonymous (ID: 5Fc3gXEg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:24 No.472210653 Replies: >>472211551 >>472210456 No. But It doesn't change your faggotery >> Anonymous (ID: 97HJp2zD) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:28 No.472210671 File: 1365791428737.jpg-(567 KB, 3264x2448, breaking.jpg) 34/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:30 No.472210675 Replies: >>472211674 File: 1365791430605.jpg-(280 KB, 900x600, 1359773262142.jpg) >>472210190 >I didn't call you anything >Maximum autism >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:31 No.472210682 >>472210468 I doubt that shit >> Anonymous (ID: 21WDL9oG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:40 No.472210709 >>472204432 (OP) You are a fucking bitch, bitch. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:55 No.472210760 Replies: >>472210928 >>472210312 FAGGOTT WHITE NITGHT GET OUT >> Anonymous (ID: uqNwQOty) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:58 No.472210769 his fb looks fake poorly shopped pics >> Anonymous (ID: 5p2zbEdp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:30:59 No.472210771 File: 1365791459708.jpg-(28 KB, 450x293, 1358059555526.jpg) holy shit >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:01 No.472210774 should i report this under illegal content? >> Anonymous (ID: e98TPwcw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:08 No.472210809 File: 1365791468725.png-(116 KB, 288x258, EdgyVille.png) >>472204432 (OP) OP is a liar. He didn't do SHIT! 35/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 3N58GXxc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:13 No.472210831 Replies: >>472211856 >>472209528 Here is what I'm wondering though. Did this happen first, and then OP posted to pretend he's the shooter and play a joke? Obviously this happened but I'm not convinced OP is actually the guy who did it. >> Anonymous (ID: hCNJpQVI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:17 No.472210840 Replies: >>472211349 >be me >be at school >be waiting at financial aid desk >some fuck with yellow sperrys and pink doc martins comes in with a shotgun >screams WWJDYOLO >hauled ass out back door slingin bitches out the way. My question is if I hurt a classmate or 2 running out can I catch any sort of assault charge? >> Anonymous (ID: OoCy02mW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:19 No.472210850 Replies: >>472210968 >>472211007 >>472211112 >>472211174 >>472204432 (OP) It's people like you that ruin society for others. I know this is /b/ but honestly fuck you. Confirmed for edgy faggot. >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:39 No.472210912 Replies: >>472211369 I don't understand. Are we supposed to just listen to New River Valley Public Safety? >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:42 No.472210917 Replies: >>472211225 >>472212295 File: 1365791502138.jpg-(91 KB, 324x216, me.jpg) Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio. My name is Neil MacInnis and this website was made for you to view my projects, and resume. My current area of study is Computer Graphics and Web Design at New River Community College. I love viewing different web pages and graphics made by people from all over the world. My favorite site to view these designs is "Deviant Art". This website uses HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets, I also used photoshop to create the banner, background and buttons. Make sure you check out each page to get the full view of who I am and what I do. -Neil MacInnis >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:45 No.472210928 36/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472210760 I don't think that means what you think it means. >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:45 No.472210929 >>472209787 So sad. If only he'd been able to move to another big city and make websites, all of this could have been averted. Good night sweet prince. >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:49 No.472210940 >>472210312 He is already caught dumbass. you basiclly just cost the fbi to waste even more money on things that already happened. get out >> Anonymous (ID: yteV0O/b) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:50 No.472210946 Replies: >>472211206 what the fuck… can anyone confirm post was before the shooting? >> Anonymous (ID: 1WDKjkG+) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:51 No.472210953 File: 1365791511726.jpg-(296 KB, 1054x753, 1336520289661.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) Hoping this is a troll but, if not, godspeed with whatever is going down. Have a dolan comic. >> Anonymous (ID: 6P9RyBhv) 04/12/13(Fri)14:31:56 No.472210968 File: 1365791516887.jpg-(36 KB, 264x373, baww.jpg) >>472210850 Shut the fuck up. >> Anonymous (ID: klnmw0hY) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:00 No.472210975 Replies: >>472211287 >>472210351 god damn this is fucked up, never head of anything like this actually happening on b >> Anonymous (ID: wzgEiN7e) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:06 No.472210997 Replies: >>472211410 >"her son was threatening 980, believe it's related" what? >> Anonymous (ID: O8SVSOfT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:08 No.472211005 Replies: >>472211452 THREATING 980 MOM FOUND THE THREAD 37/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:08 No.472211007 Replies: >>472211606 >>472210850 new here? Fuck humanity. Misanthropy or gtfo >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:11 No.472211018 we need to find out the time that the shots were fired. if it was after OP's post, he is telling the truth. >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:22 No.472211054 File: 1365791542478.jpg-(17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) >>472210468 HOLY FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK >> Anonymous (ID: X73xGoj9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:24 No.472211059 File: 1365791544486.gif-(996 KB, 150x148, 1357988499849.gif) both shots probably recoiled into his nuts >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:26 No.472211069 Replies: >>472211261 >>472214063 File: 1365791546781.jpg-(71 KB, 477x640, 286674e3082feb7e5afb92777(...).jpg) Is this real life >> Anonymous (ID: XGr5ScL0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:33 No.472211080 File: 1365791553641.jpg-(32 KB, 576x576, 35krs4.jpg) Toasting in epic bread! >> Anonymous (ID: EEIlTAqc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:36 No.472211096 Holy shit the kid went back home apparently calling his mom. OP Delivered 38/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: EAwL3L/A) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:40 No.472211107 NIGGER PANTIES LEL 2edgy5u >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:42 No.472211112 File: 1365791562371.jpg-(21 KB, 277x363, gg.jpg) >>472210850 >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:32:57 No.472211156 >>472207649 HAHAHAHA. >> Anonymous (ID: 92dgv2am) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:00 No.472211161 The fuck is this? >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:06 No.472211174 File: 1365791586301.png-(77 KB, 395x273, 1284836255689.png) >>472210850 >> Anonymous (ID: uZSrfAsR) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:08 No.472211179 toasting in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: 6Nq0gYhw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:08 No.472211184 What did I miss? >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:09 No.472211186 File: 1365791589345.jpg-(102 KB, 768x1024, 1365170547165.jpg) >>472210151 >MFW Twelve year old calling me a newfag >MFW Been here since 1842 >> Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:12 No.472211201 Replies: >>472211437 39/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I File: 1365791592751.gif-(684 KB, 283x161, 1365746399024.gif) >>472210312 They dont check tips as soon as theyre submitted. Youre a fag btw. >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:13 No.472211206 Replies: >>472211298 >>472210946 yeah it was i was in here >> Anonymous (ID: lGObLSEX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:21 No.472211225 Replies: >>472211335 File: 1365791601890.jpg-(18 KB, 386x384, 1352857717563.jpg) >>472210917 not OP >> Anonymous (ID: MEckKVvO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:35 No.472211261 >>472211069 Yes its real, it tasted like chicken. >> Anonymous (ID: fuE6mSLb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:37 No.472211264 File: 1365791617027.jpg-(25 KB, 184x184, 1208977033068.jpg) >>472209663 >mfw your girlfriend has a grandmother's vagina for an arm pit >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:38 No.472211267 >>472210312 >Be Scottish >FBI can't even come 500 miles near my land. Infact I could just admit to a load of crimes and they can't do shit. I once kipnapped and murded 3 FBI officers and sent their neatly cut-out rectums to their mothers on mothers day. >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:46 No.472211287 >>472210975 I know people have threatened to do this I don't think anyone carried it out before though 40/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:47 No.472211293 File: 1365791627294.jpg-(38 KB, 321x353, 44433.jpg) lol using a shotgun, you get a whole 6 shots, boy op you are really going to fuck those mall goers up eh? should of got an AR-15 i here those are quite usefull in these types of situations >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:48 No.472211298 Replies: >>472211418 >>472211206 pics or it didnt happen >> Anonymous (ID: FDus0ZD8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:51 No.472211310 File: 1365791631860.png-(891 KB, 753x600, 1364337304091.png) lel >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:52 No.472211312 File: 1365791632993.jpg-(18 KB, 491x404, 1361033778126.jpg) >> Anonymous (ID: mM+2rw9v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:33:59 No.472211331 File: 1365791639971.jpg-(35 KB, 400x300, 35 KB.jpg) >>472209423 fucking lolled o my god. SHit >> Anonymous (ID: BqJGjxJR) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:01 No.472211335 >>472211225 fucking idiot. >> Anonymous (ID: VNm3hfsa) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:04 No.472211349 >>472210840 10/10 41/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: EEIlTAqc) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:05 No.472211352 >>472210312 By the time the faggots see the tip, this thread will be dead. >> Anonymous (ID: JT3Jdduv) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:11 No.472211369 >>472210912 yes -- the shit seems legit. Police are at the mall have Command Center at the Food Court (where else?), waiting for a SWAT team also they just dispatched a cop to visit a home where a "mom has information that may be related to the incident at the mall" >> Anonymous (ID: A6+rihgH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:19 No.472211396 IN >> Anonymous (ID: y7gSr5Va) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:20 No.472211402 File: 1365791660388.jpg-(118 KB, 730x504, QQWm3oW.jpg) Lel posted in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: THSAX+2P) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:22 No.472211406 Modesto 2.0 >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:23 No.472211410 Replies: >>472211524 >>472211723 >>472211761 >>472210997 the fuck is "threatening 980"? >> Anonymous (ID: VadTPZ5K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:25 No.472211417 File: 1365791665900.jpg-(105 KB, 493x540, BULGARIA.jpg) NIGGERS TONGUE MY ANUS! I'M HERE MOTHERFUCKERS! >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:25 No.472211418 >>472211298 check ID >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:34 No.472211437 Replies: >>472211706 >>472214302 >>472214696 42/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472211201 this thread is evidence that can be used in court against OP proving pre meditation, I capped the whole thing and sent it to them >> Anonymous (ID: sixfd6uB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:33 No.472211438 Moralfags flip their shit if someone so much as posts a jailbait picture. But this happens and everyone watches. I'm laughing my ass off at what 4chan has turned into >> Anonymous (ID: euxy4MnN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:38 No.472211447 File: 1365791678168.png-(69 KB, 227x166, Gasp.png) "I just put my fish in the helicopter. We're leaving now. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:37 No.472211449 File: 1365791677339.jpg-(7 KB, 249x251, 1349153871132.jpg) >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 43/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >>472210468 >> Anonymous (ID: Sn0dc82B) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:39 No.472211452 >>472211005 That doesn't really make sense but yeah i heard that too. 980 means theres a dead body, idk how you can threaten a dead body >> Anonymous (ID: MUMhv+nn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:48 No.472211481 >>472208213 hell yes... >> Anonymous (ID: Sr6CMf5O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:50 No.472211482 Posting in epic thread >> Anonymous (ID: wzgEiN7e) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:57 No.472211496 I find these guys impossible to understand. >> Anonymous (ID: yqWySBHg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:34:58 No.472211503 File: 1365791698913.jpg-(84 KB, 600x615, 1365757155716.jpg) >>472207026 > dbtg >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:05 No.472211524 Replies: >>472211701 >>472211410 rape >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:12 No.472211551 >>472210653 clearly you're too good for us here. enjoy your reddit. 44/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 2qSLhboX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:15 No.472211558 the asian kid was here. G.L :D >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:17 No.472211561 Replies: >>472212080 File: 1365791717587.jpg-(17 KB, 300x228, cyberpolicebadge.jpg) >>472210312 party's over /b/ros we've been reported to the cyber police >> Anonymous (ID: TnMGfZ3f) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:20 No.472211570 File: 1365791720309.jpg-(19 KB, 349x361, 1355088750219.jpg) Aaand this is one of the main reasons I still come to /b/. Sometimes you find out about shit like this before/as it happens. OP wasn't a fag today >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:20 No.472211571 Replies: >>472211681 His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. His name was Neil MacInnis. >> Anonymous (ID: yiUdQTMb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:24 No.472211582 File: 1365791724282.jpg-(8 KB, 200x180, Anonymous_Delivers.jpg) guess it's tru what they say... >> Anonymous (ID: kEO973/0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:24 No.472211583 holy shit man.. >> Anonymous (ID: bBp5J8uf) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:25 No.472211584 Toasting in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: 3ZAAGgUh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:29 No.472211598 45/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I History. >> Anonymous (ID: OoCy02mW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:33 No.472211606 >>472211007 No actually. >> Anonymous (ID: 9GIT2WhM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:35:44 No.472211634 >>472204432 (OP) LOL I LIVE IN RADFORD AND I JUST HEARD ABOUT THIS I WISH YOU DIDNT GET ARRESTED YOU'RE A HERO THAT MALL SUCKS DICK >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:01 No.472211674 Replies: >>472211887 File: 1365791761492.jpg-(103 KB, 610x760, 1365639102078.jpg) >>472210675 >MFW Madbutt ducks >> Anonymous (ID: tb1hFYgB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:06 No.472211681 >>472211571 HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS HIS NAME WAS NEIL MACLNNIS >> Anonymous (ID: AlEJXT3K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:06 No.472211684 Guys, they have him in custody. Look at this link: and scroll to pic 5/5. That's Neil getting his ass bent over the sheriff's car. >> Anonymous (ID: zHGfQfNl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:07 No.472211691 OP delivared! >> Anonymous (ID: 4Nx1ego/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:08 No.472211701 File: 1365791768201.jpg-(215 KB, 846x846, IN RUSSIA.jpg) >>472211524 >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:10 No.472211706 46/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472211437 arent you the edgy one >> Anonymous (ID: IJ8la5bq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:10 No.472211708 File: 1365791770842.jpg-(30 KB, 363x544, 1362815550025.jpg) >>472210147 AWWW YEAH THIS'LL SHOW THEM NIGGERS >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:16 No.472211723 >>472211410 980 is a term for "Dead on Arrival" 980 is the unit number of the Medical Examiner there be bodies yo >> Anonymous (ID: FDus0ZD8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:32 No.472211761 >>472211410 Sexual violence >> Anonymous (ID: 5eX5VSeQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:36:55 No.472211813 Threading in epic post >> Anonymous (ID: tH1U/AK0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:02 No.472211831,0,3778171.story,0,3778171.story the college is in the mall >> Anonymous (ID: b6/aR1w6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:03 No.472211835 Replies: >>472211937 >>472213073 File: 1365791823182.jpg-(7 KB, 227x222, slowpoke.jpg) >>472204432 (OP) DON'T DO IT OP!!!! >> Anonymous (ID: Nu6Bot94) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:05 No.472211840 47/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I lawls at the /b/tard trying to get pics >> Anonymous (ID: O8SVSOfT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:05 No.472211843 Replies: >>472211974 Whose the white button up creeping in? >> Anonymous (ID: dOKp2PpC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:08 No.472211856 >>472210831 Had to be. How else would the news have picutures and put them in an online article within 20 minutes of OP posting? >> Anonymous (ID: LB/jc8vG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:19 No.472211883 >>472209962 he's a white knight until you're the one in the mall >> Anonymous (ID: yiUdQTMb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:21 No.472211886 oh shit they went to morse >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:24 No.472211887 Replies: >>472212389 File: 1365791844802.jpg-(9 KB, 214x160, 1324677388854.jpg) >>472211674 >I bet you don't even have a /b/ folder >Being this new >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:31 No.472211917 Replies: >>472213260 File: 1365791851936.jpg-(43 KB, 400x500, 1362420114783.jpg) OH SHIT OH SHIT Female officer found a white male in the parking lot who seemed very upset when told to leave. IS THIS OP? >> Anonymous (ID: eSg2D2fI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:33 No.472211923 Replies: >>472212000 >>472212062 >>472212086 >>472212325 >>472212414 >>472212445 >>472213596 File: 1365791853971.jpg-(106 KB, 400x300, DSC_20130412.jpg) Soup /b,/ remember this is a lesson right? Ready for round 2? Stand by for reports of an accomplice. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:38 No.472211937 48/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472211835 hahahahahhhaahahah >> Anonymous (ID: AlEJXT3K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:51 No.472211974 Replies: >>472212086 >>472211843 ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. >> Anonymous (ID: aKM91h1Y) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:53 No.472211975 Replies: >>472212234 >>472212937 >Josh Brown from Dublin, a student at NRCC, said he was working on a computer near the classrooms when the shots were fired. “I heard one gunshot, and I didn’t know what it was,” he said. “I saw people running out.” >He got up and ran out. “I’ll be scared to come back to school,” he said, and started to cry. “What’s wrong with people? Who would do something like this?” What a fucking faggot. >> Anonymous (ID: CwmG0Muf) 04/12/13(Fri)14:37:57 No.472211986 Wut.. >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:02 No.472212000 >>472211923 do it >> Anonymous (ID: N/s4051Z) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:08 No.472212023 Replies: >>472212357 Did you hear that? Some /b/tard with a flannel shirt is there carrying a laptop >> Anonymous (ID: XvZJpdXm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:11 No.472212030 >>472210151 > mfw when > my face when when shame on you. >> Anonymous (ID: tH1U/AK0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:13 No.472212036 Replies: >>472212081 >>472212190 >>472212526 >>472212843 >>472213225 im not going on this website anymore you people are broken and after 6 years of being here seeing stuff like this doesnt sit well with me >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:16 No.472212042 >>472204432 (OP) May you Rest In Peace OP. 49/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Regards, The United Kingdom. >> Anonymous (ID: FDus0ZD8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:24 No.472212062 >>472211923 OH SHIET k;bjsafdrzgbjl;qweran'glwfrtdgh >> Anonymous (ID: cTJ+KDA7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:31 No.472212080 File: 1365791911849.jpg-(106 KB, 600x712, the cyber police.jpg) >>472211561 >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:34 No.472212081 >>472212036 Mom, I told you to stay off my laptop >> Anonymous (ID: Ng6GQaqZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:38 No.472212086 >>472211923 >>472211974 HORY SHEET >> Anonymous (ID: AEp3mop/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:41 No.472212103 Oh shit, they just reported that he had a shotgun. >> Anonymous (ID: O8SVSOfT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:38:46 No.472212108 He's headed to Christenburg (?) PD >> Anonymous (ID: nHYy2rjT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:03 No.472212141 wat. >> Anonymous (ID: GnxjUiYw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:06 No.472212147 >>472207810 He said it wasn't a high score run. Just a lesson to be taught. >> Anonymous (ID: XGr5ScL0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:11 No.472212161 File: 1365791951254.jpg-(293 KB, 1536x2048, CAM00011.jpg) 50/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: lGObLSEX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:23 No.472212190 Replies: >>472212557 File: 1365791963469.jpg-(26 KB, 367x338, 1352513860724.jpg) >>472212036 >> Anonymous (ID: 68YzNhdg) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:24 No.472212192 I hope op gets raped in prison >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:26 No.472212201 Replies: >>472212304 >>472212536 >>472212589 >>472212631 >>472212639 >>472212669 >>472212817 >>472212918 >>472213051 >>472214354 File: 1365791966406.jpg-(35 KB, 620x437, 345dsfgsdt3425.jpg) lold >> Anonymous (ID: iZrait1Z) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:26 No.472212202 2 bodies so far >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:38 No.472212225 File: 1365791978934.jpg-(44 KB, 308x427, 1361418794458.jpg) good thing i know morse code. >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:39:42 No.472212234 Replies: >>472212556 >>472211975 >Dublin >The pussy side of Ireland Everyone knows the real men are from Northern Ireland. 51/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: NSz2Yff0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:11 No.472212295 >>472210917 >,0,3778171.story who tha fuck? >> Anonymous (ID: Kol4/71v) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:14 No.472212304 >>472212201 EEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEE >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:21 No.472212325 >>472211923 >>472204432 (OP) OH SHIT NIGGER ITS HAPPENING ANONYMOUSE DELIVARS >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:34 No.472212357 >>472212023 they said white button up... >> Anonymous (ID: 02hiwbSb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:35 No.472212359 TWIST: Neil didn't do it. He posts thread, chickens out, /b/tard lurker takes advantage. The perfect crime. >> Anonymous (ID: ooQrWKMq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:39 No.472212379 Replies: >>472212784 >>472212892 Neil MacInnis 40 Florence Drive Christiansburg, VA, 24073 540/239-8715 [email protected] >from his resume: >> Anonymous (ID: wfQCufH9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:42 No.472212389 File: 1365792042614.png-(70 KB, 295x341, 1321792064366.png) >>472211887 >MFW having b folder considered oldfag coolfag newfag goldfishfag, prease brodda prease accurate ofactro fuck me in my butthole >> Anonymous (ID: Q4+FpYGb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:54 No.472212414 >>472211923 >implying 52/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 6fj4A2LT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:40:56 No.472212418 toasting in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: 93dZewUQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:00 No.472212429 Is this legit? I'm hearing shit about "at the mall, no additional casualties" if this is legit the OP is shit. >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:06 No.472212445 >>472211923 >ill be there in 30 minutes >> Anonymous (ID: WRh6aF3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:08 No.472212451 >>472210196 >being this new >> Anonymous (ID: e0/FFPXu) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:15 No.472212463 Replies: >>472212840 THAT SONG. WE GOT TROLLED. WE LOSE >> Anonymous (ID: d0clQuxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:26 No.472212492 I BLAME THE GUN >> Anonymous (ID: yyOaK+75) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:36 No.472212521 Hey, someone should call the mall and see who picks up (540) 381-0004 >> Anonymous (ID: OoCy02mW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:37 No.472212526 Replies: >>472212712 >>472213119 >>472212036 this. This isn't the /b/ i remember. Inb4 /b/ was never good. >> Anonymous (ID: eSg2D2fI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:40 No.472212536 >>472212201 it's like he's looking into the camera and looking into each one of our eyes... >> Anonymous (ID: A1SSrQbl) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:46 No.472212551 Replies: >>472212835 >>472213832 Guess he wasn't trained in Gorilla Warfare 53/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: CwmG0Muf) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:46 No.472212556 >>472212234 Go die in a fire. >> Anonymous (ID: tH1U/AK0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:47 No.472212557 Replies: >>472212727 >>472213213 >>472213250 >>472213263 >>472213729 >>472212190 ya ya deal with people watching a live feed of someone shooting people at a mall full knowing whats going down because they were told about it before hand thats not really the best idea and after this im done this isnt entertainment its bridging the gap between the internet and real life the two are becoming one in the same and its not looking good for people as a whole >> Anonymous (ID: sUDs6jmR) 04/12/13(Fri)14:41:58 No.472212589 >>472212201 huehuehue >> Anonymous (ID: yiUdQTMb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:13 No.472212631 >>472212201 lol looks like op was indeed a fag on this one >> Anonymous (ID: IgkzlIIv) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:13 No.472212634 Oh my oh my. I love teenagers Also. hello news >> Anonymous (ID: k2M1HXTL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:15 No.472212639 >>472212201 >>472212201 >>472212201 >>472212201 LOLOL >> Anonymous (ID: r60MxJqI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:19 No.472212648 Replies: >>472212879 >>472212939 >>472213306 >>472213582 I don't know if anyone else did, but I called the Christianburg PD and gave them the address to this post. >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:25 No.472212656 Replies: >>472212813 54/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472204432 (OP) OP. IS THIS YOU? Right now we're following breaking news about reports of a shooting at the New River Valley Mall. According to security, a shooting suspect has been taken into custody. We're told it happened near the New River Valley College facility at the mall in Christiansburg. We've contacted a number of stores near the college center at the mall. They confirm that businesses are locked down and at least one employee reports hearing gunshots. Any injuries are unknown at this time. >> Anonymous (ID: Qwk9A3a6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:25 No.472212657 did he do it? >> Anonymous (ID: urAie2Rn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:25 No.472212658 How do get to special ops channel >> Anonymous (ID: 3uZfRGfr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:30 No.472212669 >>472212201 OP there you are, we've been looking all over for you! >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:30 No.472212672 lol red lobster >> Anonymous (ID: cs8Fk0Wr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:45 No.472212709 >>472204432 (OP) Kill em all nigger >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:45 No.472212712 >>472212526 hey guys, a genuine oldfag doesn't approve. Time to shut /b/ down. >> Anonymous (ID: pI0+9seZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:49 No.472212727 Replies: >>472212858 >>472213041 >>472212557 Umm, GTFO White Knight you will not be missed >> Anonymous (ID: P9CrmLrH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:50 No.472212729 Replies: >>472212782 >>472212934 >>472213038 >>472213212 to be honest I'm more interested in this mall/community college in one building. that sounds awesome. 55/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: ONUaWNUn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:42:52 No.472212736 File: 1365792172169.jpg-(180 KB, 333x500, photo.jpg) epic sled is epic sled >> Anonymous (ID: VZBwP+e3) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:00 No.472212757 IT IS CONFIRMED THEY HAVE A RED LOBSTER >> Anonymous (ID: 8CZLFJmT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:13 No.472212782 Replies: >>472213613 >>472212729 Confirmed for at least 1 hit "CHRISTIANSBURG, Va.— Christiansburg public information officer Becky Wilburn will be giving a statement at 3 p.m. Traffic on Peppers Ferry Road is backed up. One person has been airlifted to the hospital. Check back soon for more updates." >> Anonymous (ID: 9kOHAADh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:13 No.472212784 >>472212379 >drama club what a fag >> Anonymous (ID: D2kuhNZi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:16 No.472212795 Replies: >>472212947 posting in epic thred >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:22 No.472212812 RED LOBSTER, REPORTING IN >> Anonymous (ID: O+mMI4iP) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:22 No.472212813 Replies: >>472214764 >>472212656 >,0,3778171.story I heard something about a helicopter airlifing someone >> Anonymous (ID: yzoo5R24) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:23 No.472212816 sloot is at rock lobster eating and not doing patrol 56/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:23 No.472212817 >>472212201 leleleeleleleleel >> Anonymous (ID: JH2vhLBe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:25 No.472212824 greetings from manila >> Anonymous (ID: yiUdQTMb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:31 No.472212835 >>472212551 if only he had a scuba tank nd a horse he coulda gotta way >> Anonymous (ID: kHLWgkeM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:33 No.472212840 >>472212463 faggot spongebob style is from /b/ not the radio station. >> Anonymous (ID: NtNh/8DO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:35 No.472212843 Replies: >>472213114 >>472212036 Agreed, these people are fucking disgusting. I wouldn't doubt if the majority of them were still in high school too. >> Anonymous (ID: +zbpFc5H) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:39 No.472212858 Replies: >>472212995 >>472212727 nigger gtfo that's not even what white knight means >> Anonymous (ID: Ng6GQaqZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:40 No.472212861 Replies: >>472213409 GUYS look at OP's "ABOUT ME" section on his site. Nigga talks about his cat within the first few sentences when describing his life. It must have been him, no sane person would do that. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:43 No.472212879 File: 1365792223156.jpg-(14 KB, 180x327, boom ya pregnant.jpg) >>472212648 >address to this post was it 123 Edgy Avenue? >> Anonymous (ID: fxjv/Wiy) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:47 No.472212886 Posting because real. >> Anonymous (ID: M2x9RHxE) 04/12/13(Fri)14:43:50 No.472212892 57/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472212379 Worst resume 2013 If I had a resume like that I would start killing people too. >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:00 No.472212918 >>472212201 >OP crying as he gets arrested >> Anonymous (ID: 9GIT2WhM) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:09 No.472212934 >>472212729 it sucks bro, it sucks so bad. there's another campus but there's a section in the Mall that the CC owns. Like I don't blame this dude, I've thought of it before. >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:11 No.472212937 >>472211975 Why doesnt anyone ever question a btard after something like this.: >"When asked about the shooting, the student, identifying himself as "Faggy McLolcats" put on an orange hazmat suit and replied "Shjimmy simmy ya ya shimmy shimmy yay" >> Anonymous (ID: cs8Fk0Wr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:12 No.472212939 >>472212648 Basement batman saves the day >> Anonymous (ID: kOiqUAIf) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:15 No.472212947 >>472212795 lolololol >> Anonymous (ID: Fi1AARQ7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:19 No.472212959 File: 1365792259193.gif-(680 KB, 231x189, 1359779064841.gif) What. The. Fuck. OP is a fucking idiot >> Anonymous (ID: k0uusSVG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:25 No.472212980 File: 1365792265216.jpg-(34 KB, 487x415, 135168461.jpg) >mfw op isn't a liar and is going to fuck up my freedoms even more 58/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: /JeFMbrs) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:25 No.472212983 File: 1365792265481.jpg-(137 KB, 635x462, 1365044679780.jpg) I WAS HERE. >> Anonymous (ID: xO7+WyJ0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:28 No.472212994 File: 1365792268226.jpg-(224 KB, 1200x819, joke_eel_template.jpg) Posting to post. >> Anonymous (ID: pI0+9seZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:28 No.472212995 >>472212858 Having sympathy for others over the internet, or coming to the aid of one over the internet. Sounds pretty white knight too me newfag. >> Anonymous (ID: N8R8FgIx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:39 No.472213021 toasting in epic bread >> Anonymous (ID: kdW/gNcQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:43 No.472213028 File: 1365792283722.jpg-(250 KB, 600x450, 1359593725284.jpg) awww shit >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:48 No.472213038 >>472212729 they have a red lobster AND a panera. Seriously I need one of these malls. >> Anonymous (ID: tH1U/AK0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:50 No.472213041 Replies: >>472213117 >>472213359 >>472212727 get fucked you dummie man child lol if it was your school you wouldnt think its so epic bread toast etc would ya faglord 59/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I get some empathy and once you get a little older you will see the errors in your ways right now i dont think you are going to understand the gravity of what this all this >> Anonymous (ID: jQEc6yQZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:54 No.472213051 >>472212201 Could it be? Could it be, OP? >> Anonymous (ID: XvZJpdXm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:44:54 No.472213052 Replies: >>472213191 >>472210312 1. I'm in the middle of yurop 2. How is this incriminating in the first place? >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:00 No.472213073 File: 1365792300048.jpg-(14 KB, 259x195, images.jpg) >>472211835 >wow what a retard 2 hours late >look at slowpoke picture >my fucking sides. >> Anonymous (ID: xJ0d6f7T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:00 No.472213074 Replies: >>472213178 >>472213231 >>472213281 >>472213341 >>472213363 >>472213381 >>472213394 >>472213404 >>472213407 >>472213450 >>472213465 >>472213495 >>472213562 >>472213583 >>472213648 >>472213686 >>472213739 >>472213760 >>472213802 >>472213862 >>472213863 >>472213942 >>472213952 >>472214048 >>472214057 >>472214058 >>472214171 >>472214295 >>472214353 >>472214569 >>472214589 >>472214818 Hello everybody, I'm a reporter from News Channel 7 in Roanoke and would like to ask a few questions for a background story I'm writing in the event that the shooter is indeed Neil MacInnis. I'm not giving you my name because I've been warned about that. Here are my questions: How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? I will monitor this forum for your answers. Thank you. >> Anonymous (ID: J1e+W4g1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:16 No.472213114 Replies: >>472213612 >>472212843 >>472212843 enjoying 9 fag are we? >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:17 No.472213117 >>472213041 0/10 >> Anonymous (ID: AlEJXT3K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:17 No.472213119 60/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472212526 You're wrong. This is exactly the /b/ I remember, and it was always good. >> Anonymous (ID: YZJbM4fB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:24 No.472213146 not sure if posted yet but >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:36 No.472213178 >>472213074 DESU DESU DESU >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:41 No.472213191 >>472213052 >it isnt >> Anonymous (ID: pQnyAE3y) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:47 No.472213209 File: 1365792347632.gif-(726 KB, 300x168, 1364586811738.gif) >>472204432 (OP) >> Anonymous (ID: 5gMpcE9g) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:49 No.472213212 File: 1365792349083.jpg-(133 KB, 1024x1024, od.jpg) >>472212729 Must be one small ass community college >> Anonymous (ID: nSvBzySQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:49 No.472213213 >>472212557 watching? it's a link to a police radio dispatch. so not watching. and you didn't even HEAR anyone die. just police discussing shots fired, location, etc. >> Anonymous (ID: mIAwBcNA) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:49 No.472213215 File: 1365792349715.jpg-(160 KB, 1920x1080, 1365672422997.jpg) AM I LATE?! >> Anonymous (ID: aR1y+7qJ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:51 No.472213225 >>472212036 61/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Good, we could use less 12 year old virgin white knight moral faggots >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:53 No.472213231 >>472213074 We are Legion. Expect us. >> Anonymous (ID: QY606wOu) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:53 No.472213234 Replies: >>472213505 Has this been proven to be bullshit yet? >> Anonymous (ID: lMQHo6VX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:45:54 No.472213236 POSTING TO SAY I POSTED >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:00 No.472213250 File: 1365792360425.jpg-(92 KB, 604x358, DanBackslide-405348_604_358.jpg) >>472212557 >>472212557 Bye! >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:03 No.472213260 >>472211917 OP already went in and started shooting. He is already in custody. >> Anonymous (ID: dHew7wI3) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:04 No.472213263 >>472212557 Sure it is, the more you faggots become an hero, the more room there is for my children and their children to live. Over population is a bitch, thank you anyone willing to give up their resource hogging slot. >> Anonymous (ID: k2M1HXTL) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:10 No.472213281 >>472213074 Provide proof of your employment. Timestamp with ID card, cover your name if you need to keep it hidden. >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:18 No.472213306 >>472212648 fucking whiteknight faggot >the cancer that is killing /b/ >> Anonymous (ID: vj6At1+6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:22 No.472213320 OP where is this accomplice at? >> Anonymous (ID: jhx72hS1) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:30 No.472213340 Replies: >>472213385 Real??? I'm not hearing anything about a shooting in the feed. 62/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:30 No.472213341 File: 1365792390957.gif-(21 KB, 455x364, why boner.gif) >>472213074 >implying anyone is gonna believe you >implying anything here is credible to report without anyone laughing at you >> Anonymous (ID: jlcCRIES) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:32 No.472213342 Op delivered. AN HERO EVERYONE NEW WORLD ORDER! NEW WORLD ORDER! >> Anonymous (ID: VxRRLcz0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:36 No.472213350 what the fuck man >> Anonymous (ID: pI0+9seZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:39 No.472213359 >>472213041 No, I still would think it was awesome, I work full time and do online classes, so it's not like I would be there. LOL >> Anonymous (ID: 9kOHAADh) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:41 No.472213363 >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? All my life >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? No >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? I frequently saw him sucking dick in between class time >> Anonymous (ID: BrPHM0d8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:49 No.472213375 NEWFAGGING IN AN EPIC BREAD >> Anonymous (ID: VadTPZ5K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:51 No.472213381 >>472213074 Actually, yes, we raised him from a spawnling to commit atrocities against the human race. Also, NIGGERS TONGUE MY ANUS! Also, TITS or GTFO News Channel 7. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:53 No.472213385 63/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472213340 you're too late son >> Anonymous (ID: epqYPbYn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:46:57 No.472213394 >>472213074 haha..anyone have the stick FBI .jpg? Party van is on the way! >> Anonymous (ID: QaA19xNH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:00 No.472213404 File: 1365792420521.gif-(254 KB, 261x200, orly.gif) >>472213074 >> Anonymous (ID: r60MxJqI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:01 No.472213407 Replies: >>472214730 >>472213074 I hope you are joking, prepare for a shitstorm of info that will not help you at all. He is the LEADER of anonymous. He has called for a nationwide school shooting wave. PS - read the post at the very top of the page...the one that says "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact." Awesome journalistic creds if you are trolling a site like this for info... IF TROLL I lose. fuck me. >> Anonymous (ID: IVeZQzHW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:02 No.472213409 >>472212861 >deviant art account >attempts shooting that'll be all the evidence we need >> Anonymous (ID: CaeEBNeR) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:08 No.472213429 File: 1365792428367.jpg-(8 KB, 200x199, 1358534193955s.jpg) F.A.M. was here 20 n s >> Anonymous (ID: ORgCL9fw) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:09 No.472213432 File: 1365792429866.jpg-(13 KB, 233x216, images (8).jpg) op interview after incarceration 64/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: 4T0zMv5h) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:18 No.472213450 >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? Since about 2001, he was a pretty cool guy eh >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? yeah, he has shells on pentagon boxes and has entered many backdoors >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? he gave me a jelly and blancmange with a bullet inside >I will monitor this forum for your answers. Thank you. ok bbz >> Anonymous (ID: q0iG52qG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:18 No.472213454 >>472204432 (OP) toasting in horseshit thread >> Anonymous (ID: ag6vTSzB) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:22 No.472213465 File: 1365792442200.jpg-(88 KB, 900x726, 01e640d817100896ca94a297c(...).jpg) >>472213074 Really? You come to /b/ for legit answers? >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:33 No.472213495 >>472213074 tits or gtfo >> Anonymous (ID: P9CrmLrH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:37 No.472213505 >>472213234 babbys first troll >> Anonymous (ID: EXsCuguH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:40 No.472213510 File: 1365792460357.jpg-(123 KB, 700x525, haters.jpg) >> Anonymous (ID: wzgEiN7e) 04/12/13(Fri)14:47:40 No.472213512 65/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I "i'm outside the building... i don't know what the outside looks like" implies more than 1 got shot? >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:01 No.472213562 >>472213074 Tits or gtfo >> Anonymous (ID: YkO30i1B) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:05 No.472213576 >community college >only retards killed >> Anonymous (ID: a0Q855sO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:07 No.472213582 >>472212648 It was a website called le nine gag we have been framed >> Anonymous (ID: kPCcgA6A) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:07 No.472213583 File: 1365792487825.gif-(863 KB, 500x281, Revelations Mother Fucker.gif) >>472213074 >> Anonymous (ID: G87PQcAO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:13 No.472213596 >>472211923 can you imagine if people all over start coming this place with guns the police would be shitting bricks >> Anonymous (ID: xJ0d6f7T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:14 No.472213603 Replies: >>472213726 >>472213780 >>472213848 >>472213849 >>472213875 To the person asking me to show my ID, I'm not falling for your trickery. I've been warmed not to tell you anything but ask the questions. >> Anonymous (ID: NtNh/8DO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:17 No.472213612 Replies: >>472214294 >>472213114 I don't enjoy people randomly killing other people. I guess that makes me a newfag. Fucking edgy troglodytes, you love the violence as long as its not directed towards you. >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:18 No.472213613 Replies: >>472214764 >>472212782 Where is this information? 66/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: p7ONR0A0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:28 No.472213636 File: 1365792508577.jpg-(16 KB, 339x149, imgres.jpg) REPORTING IN FAGGOTS STAND BY ME >> Anonymous (ID: 4Nx1ego/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:33 No.472213648 File: 1365792513783.jpg-(20 KB, 200x200, fuckdamnit.jpg) >>472213074 get fucked >> Anonymous (ID: GiaSrp+E) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:46 No.472213682 Replies: >>472213819 Any chance OP heard about this on the news and posted afterward pretending to be the shooter? >> Anonymous (ID: TzSkKtAe) 04/12/13(Fri)14:48:47 No.472213686 >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? All my life >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? No >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? I frequently saw him sucking my dick in between class time >> Anonymous (ID: eCw4u4je) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:04 No.472213724 Replies: >>472213892 Am I the only one that has noticed there isn't zip about this in the news? >> Anonymous (ID: Mzuqtwoi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:08 No.472213726 >>472213603 tits or gtfo >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:08 No.472213729 >>472212557 OH MY GOD ! IF THE INTERNET LEAKS INTO REAL LIFE EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK FAT GUYS WILL BE FALLING OVER IN SLOW MOTION, CATS WILL BE DOING PEOPLE THINGS, RICK ASTLEY WILL MAKE A COMEBACK! >> Anonymous (ID: Edzh3mjt) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:12 No.472213739 Replies: >>472214234 File: 1365792552020.png-(341 KB, 1056x1146, ron-paul-revolution.png) 67/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472213074 I was MacInnis's friend He did this because Ron Paul didn't get elected. He was a die hard libertarian. Every other sentence out of his mouth was about how 'The government ain't takin my guns, man' I should have seen the signs sooner. I messed up. >> Anonymous (ID: lsdwsNX9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:16 No.472213760 File: 1365792556164.jpg-(419 KB, 1920x1080, 1363731135197.jpg) >>472213074 >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:23 No.472213780 >>472213603 >warmed were you chilly? troll detected, i would hope they don't employ illiterates as reporters >> Anonymous (ID: D2kuhNZi) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:30 No.472213802 >>472213074 fuck off faggot >> Anonymous (ID: Jvm7AlcX) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:31 No.472213806 can someone tell me in a nutshell what happened? >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:38 No.472213816 >He said instinct took over. JAJAJJAAJAJAJAJAJ >> Anonymous (ID: yIPFVzXd) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:39 No.472213819 >>472213682 The thread was posted before it started, the first few people including myself heard the radio as it happened. >> Anonymous (ID: QaA19xNH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:40 No.472213821 Replies: >>472214204 they updated the page 68/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I 0412,0,3778171.story#tugs_story_display >> Anonymous (ID: ZtOoSM3L) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:44 No.472213832 Replies: >>472213946 >>472213980 >>472214000 >>472214091 >>472212551 Guerilla you retard. >> Anonymous (ID: EXsCuguH) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:47 No.472213848 File: 1365792587518.gif-(1.07 MB, 147x120, fucknkids.gif) >>472213603 >>472213603 Tits or G T F O, cause you sound like a bitch. >> Anonymous (ID: epqYPbYn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:48 No.472213849 File: 1365792588329.jpg-(52 KB, 566x549, 1363834054297.jpg) >>472213603 >> Anonymous (ID: tH1U/AK0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:49 No.472213853 like you guys think you are doing some deep internet detective sleuth work here or something but it really isnt half of you people here even doubt this is actually happening and need to be convinced otherwise and thats fucked up enough in itself that you cant tell the difference between fact and fiction right when its staring you in the face this is stupidity >> Anonymous (ID: 93dZewUQ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:51 No.472213862 File: 1365792591655.jpg-(80 KB, 482x636, 1365639987689.jpg) >>472213074 huehuehuehue This fucking guy >> Anonymous (ID: 16/pQ8Ge) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:53 No.472213863 File: 1365792593229.jpg-(8 KB, 261x193, 1363634320725.jpg) 69/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472213074 >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:49:56 No.472213875 >>472213603 tits will suffice -anonymous >> Anonymous (ID: fxjv/Wiy) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:02 No.472213892 >>472213724 >> Anonymous (ID: /v83Y0RS) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:08 No.472213910 today op was a good boy >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:11 No.472213919 Replies: >>472214186 >>472214314 File: 1365792611762.jpg-(87 KB, 720x720, 184393_10151284231828869_(...).jpg) not shure if troll fb / NeilAMacInnis >> Anonymous (ID: n4OcGS3o) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:20 No.472213942 >>472213074 I believe he is the current leader of anonymous >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:23 No.472213946 File: 1365792623708.png-(126 KB, 300x295, 1363019122049.png) >>472213832 >> Anonymous (ID: PZtLWiay) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:25 No.472213952 >>472213074 1: about 20 minutes. 2: probably, because only hard cunts are anonymous 3: yes, about 2 minutes before it started. 70/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Also, I don't know how relevant this is, but he said something about "loving huge cocks" and made mention of "lol niggers". >> Anonymous (ID: 02hiwbSb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:28 No.472213961 File: 1365792628011.jpg-(42 KB, 400x400, 1349433508168.jpg) Are there any nearby public-accessible webcams? A stream would be interesting. >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:36 No.472213980 >>472213832 0/10 >> Anonymous (ID: urAie2Rn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:44 No.472213997 Replies: >>472214223 How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? Fuk yu Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? Maybe suck my dick and ill tell you Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? Look at the post nigger >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:44 No.472214000 >>472213832 you literally just found this site from this story, didn't you. that is literally the only excuse for being that new >> Anonymous (ID: XExzyNXq) 04/12/13(Fri)14:50:59 No.472214048 >>472213074 People post threats on here every day, but 99% of the time, it's a load of crap. I don't think anybody here knew about it beforehand. >> Anonymous (ID: G87PQcAO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:00 No.472214052 simply saying Shotguns are just not good if you want to fire into a crowd, pistols are waaaayyyy more effective and faster can kill way more people >> Anonymous (ID: eyerDo/0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:02 No.472214057 File: 1365792662436.jpg-(3 KB, 152x152, 6846840.jpg) >>472213074 71/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I shame on you trollin >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:03 No.472214058 >>472213074 I knew him, he helped me out breaking into a base in Alaska last year. I think he was a pretty cool guy, eh? knew his APIs and wasn't afraid of anything. >> Anonymous (ID: 0mZp9/JG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:06 No.472214063 >>472211069 is this just fantasy? >> Anonymous (ID: GeB5B9O0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:07 No.472214068 >>472208836 I hope he gets his arsehole destroyed before he gets a shot off, but then any dump called "Christiansburg" deserves it. >> Anonymous (ID: hq1M8gG8) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:15 No.472214082 OP you're a poppie head >> Anonymous (ID: eBdQYYIr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:18 No.472214091 File: 1365792678018.jpg-(11 KB, 326x232, gorilla warfare.jpg) >>472213832 no u >> Anonymous (ID: OydJyoxT) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:19 No.472214097 >>472207664 quote: A classmate, Lucas Wilt, 19, also of Blacksburg, agreed. “We got down on the ground, away from the door,” he said. >something about a dinosaur >> Anonymous (ID: cQpckgSb) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:20 No.472214103 posting in epic thread 72/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: vj6At1+6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:30 No.472214126 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? Since he started sucking dicks in school for money >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? He is a general in the Anonymous hacker group army >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? All OP did was suck dicks, so no. >> Anonymous (ID: xJ0d6f7T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:44 No.472214162 Replies: >>472214282 >>472214319 >>472214406 >>472214436 >>472214476 >>472214481 >>472214482 >>472214483 >>472214524 >>472214793 >>472214829 OK, I get it. Everybody is a "troll" here. I understand that. I've done my share of hanging out on "cool" Web sites. This isn't my idea. My boss got an email from somebody and told me to check out this link. I've heard about this 4chan place before so I guess I should expect the worst. But if anybody could please just give me some extra links to shed some light on this. Please. >> Anonymous (ID: qigMPkOj) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:47 No.472214171 >>472213074 He is my brother, our father abused us by making us dress up in our power rangers costumes and jerk him off in the shed in our yard. We grew up on a diet of raccoon meat and squash. >> Anonymous (ID: IgkzlIIv) 04/12/13(Fri)14:51:53 No.472214186 >>472213919 Mowww is such a qt3.14 >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:01 No.472214204 >>472213821 > 30412,0,3778171.story#tugs_story_display alright, who's the fucking whiteknight who posted the thread as a comment? get the fuck out you piece of shit >> Anonymous (ID: epgUeiwp) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:01 No.472214207 Replies: >>472214289 >>472214389 >>472214424 >>472214495 >>472214579 >>472214636 >>472214652 Good Evening folks, This is the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and we're here in lieu of recent events that have been brought to our attention by numerous members of our organisation. After a fair bit of searching, we were capable of tracing the messages back to its source, "/b/ on 4chan". Anonymity is not important to us now, we are more interested in the events surrounding the situation. Do you think you could possibly provide us with additional information regarding these events? Thank you. Kind Regards, BBC. 73/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: wzgEiN7e) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:03 No.472214212 audio feed stopped? >> Anonymous (ID: VadTPZ5K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:07 No.472214219 Replies: >>472214369 Some fucking cunt posted a link on their website to this very thread. John Martin1 at 2:27 PM April 12, 2013 EAT SHIT NIGGER. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:08 No.472214223 >>472213997 Newfag doesn't know how to reply >> Anonymous (ID: QY606wOu) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:13 No.472214234 >>472213739 Fuck. We probably should have elected Ron Paul. >> Anonymous (ID: z3wN89UJ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:14 No.472214237 Are you guys ready for the near future when someone with a camera headset, not unlike google glass, decides to livestream his fucking shooting rampage? "Okay guys, connect to this stream in 20, I'm going to be shooting up the place. Someone better record this." >> Anonymous (ID: vW0a03aN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:26 No.472214275 >>472208672 fucking die faggot >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:28 No.472214282 >>472214162 >> Anonymous (ID: nHzT/Go/) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:29 No.472214285 File: 1365792749705.jpg-(38 KB, 300x300, 1360561474799.jpg) Is OP dead yet? > Inb4 they burn the whole fucking mall down... 74/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: daoZ6sx0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:31 No.472214289 >>472214207 DESU DESU DESU >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:32 No.472214292 Replies: >>472214813 GET THIS THREAD DOWN NOW fucking whiteknights are posting links to it >> Anonymous (ID: OoCy02mW) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:31 No.472214294 >>472213612 >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:32 No.472214295 >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? Since birth >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? No >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? He was well know throughout campus for molesting his cat, 'Mowww' >> Anonymous (ID: VbN/1a5l) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:35 No.472214302 Replies: >>472214565 >>472211437 Dude, taking a shotgun to a mall is all you need for pre-meditation. >> Anonymous (ID: lsdwsNX9) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:37 No.472214308 Replies: >>472214439 File: 1365792757756.jpg-(13 KB, 480x360, 1365781855373.jpg) I hate to be that guy, but someone should screencap this, I think. >> Anonymous (ID: Wpl60XdZ) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:41 No.472214314 >>472213919 cute cat. would pet. >> Anonymous (ID: iqBAebgm) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:42 No.472214319 >>472214162 75/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >extra links >implying we haven't been clicking the F5 key on that one webpage we have been given. >> Anonymous (ID: oZrgdxVx) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:57 No.472214349 File: 1365792777199.jpg-(15 KB, 544x656, 1351228711809.jpg) MORSE MOTHERFUCKING CODE NIGGERS >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:58 No.472214353 >>472213074 >Come on b. >Sore from the anal sexings so sit down for >day of computing >Mother message >Son, Macinnis is kill >NO >> Anonymous (ID: eSg2D2fI) 04/12/13(Fri)14:52:58 No.472214354 >>472212201 Maximum Troll >look at the angle of the light >look at all the bystanders just walking in the background of a "shooting" >look at all the niggas trolled in this thread >> Anonymous (ID: 8rz/kNc2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:01 No.472214359 File: 1365792781406.jpg-(94 KB, 720x540, 398938_10150436437923869_(...).jpg) Hai guiz how do i shotgun? / NeilAMacInnis >> Anonymous (ID: eyerDo/0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:03 No.472214364 here is an updated info only a minute ago >> Anonymous (ID: XrJFpbv4) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:04 No.472214369 >>472214219 Give us a link to the fourm >> Anonymous (ID: eBdQYYIr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:11 No.472214389 >>472214207 fuck off britbongs 76/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: /yNFcYFC) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:16 No.472214406 >>472214162 Provide tits or ID and we'll colaborate. >> Anonymous (ID: VadTPZ5K) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:22 No.472214424 >>472214207 Now we have BIG BLACK COCKS trying to milk us for information. TITS or GTFO >> Anonymous (ID: O+mMI4iP) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:28 No.472214436 >>472214162 No one will give you shit unless you prove that you are legit. >Rhymes >> Anonymous (ID: PkTnyR88) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:30 No.472214439 File: 1365792810163.png-(149 KB, 1247x620, holyshit.png) >>472214308 lrn2printscreen >> Anonymous (ID: DV37Hnne) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:33 No.472214446 Tired to look at CNN, they are bitching about a glee episode that had school shooting in it. >> Anonymous (ID: utnHbS+T) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:42 No.472214476 >>472214162 proof of identity you fuckstain >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:44 No.472214481 >>472214162 what do you want to know? >in after I was trolled >> Anonymous (ID: qigMPkOj) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:44 No.472214482 >>472214162 see >>472214162 our home is rigged with explosives as well, enter at your own risk pigs >> Anonymous (ID: epqYPbYn) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:45 No.472214483 File: 1365792825453.jpg-(31 KB, 400x300, jjj-spiderman.jpg) 77/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >>472214162 >> Anonymous (ID: Bk58lDsr) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:46 No.472214485 Matt Miller in Madison MS is a huge gaylord. >> Anonymous (ID: MEckKVvO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:48 No.472214495 >>472214207 Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio. My name is Neil MacInnis and this website was made for you to view my projects, and resume. My current area of study is Computer Graphics and Web Design at New River Community College. I love viewing different web pages and graphics made by people from all over the world. My favorite site to view these designs is "Deviant Art". This website uses HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets, I also used photoshop to create the banner, background and buttons. Make sure you check out each page to get the full view of who I am and what I do. -Neil MacInnis >> Anonymous (ID: ifuh1kVV) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:51 No.472214501 Replies: >>472214609 1. 2. 3. 4. get fax numbers inside mall send tons of pictures ??? profit wheres the oldfags at? >> Anonymous (ID: vj6At1+6) 04/12/13(Fri)14:53:58 No.472214524 >>472214162 Okay fine, sorry. Mr. MacInnis is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, he even google search engine. >> Anonymous (ID: KVThiwlG) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:13 No.472214565 >>472214302 #trolled >> Anonymous (ID: kP7RpaoN) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:13 No.472214569 >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? this board is anonymous (not the group, but the status), which means that we don't know anybody here... every post is uniqe, your Id gets reseted in every thread. regardless how many years he was browsing 4chan, he is still unknown to all of us 78/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? anonymous is neither a group, nor are there hackers, reffering themselves to any organization. anonymous is a brand, open for use for anybody who seeks to use a widely distrivuted network of sites to recruit eople for his specific own cause. if you know any IT-terms, it's a ad-hoc network, open for anybody. therefore nobody is part of it, but everybody can join. about the question if he was part of it: depends how often he reffered himself as part of it. simple as that. >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? again, the community of 4chan is anonymous (the status), therefore we can't know if there were previous indicators for his specific behavior. but one thing is for sure: It#s the first thread, concerning this specific school and this specific person. But neither is sure that the original poster of this thread is actually the shooter in question, nor can anybody know for sure if such a threat is serious or not, since there are hoaxes regarding this topic on a daily basis. >> Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:17 No.472214573 i cant belive this is appening >> Anonymous (ID: qTDJiwU7) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:20 No.472214579 >>472214207 you're the news = go do the research yourself and btw you could just read the thread dummass >> Anonymous (ID: pTFSvjTO) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:26 No.472214589 File: 1365792866317.gif-(588 KB, 240x180, 1365739346673.gif) >>472213074 >forum Gtfo. >> Anonymous (ID: Oqik2Wy2) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:33 No.472214609 >>472214501 fucking /thread >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:39 No.472214636 >>472214207 >we're here in lieu of recent events troll harder nigger >> Anonymous (ID: IgkzlIIv) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:44 No.472214652 >>472214207 THE ANONYMOUS LEGUN IS GOING TO KILL EVERYONE >> Anonymous (ID: 83SNzz6Z) 04/12/13(Fri)14:54:59 No.472214696 >>472211437 Aren't you a good boy or girl.......You really shouldn't come here. 79/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: eyerDo/0) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:07 No.472214721 i see potential >> Anonymous (ID: Jz+lCFEK) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:11 No.472214730 >>472213407 Didnt he say he was ALSO a member of the trench coat mafia? I recall him saying that in a previous thread. Anyone have screencaps? >> Anonymous (ID: MOTKBQe3) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:20 No.472214764 >>472213613 See >>472212813 >> Anonymous (ID: 7EciTc9O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:21 No.472214772 File: 1365792921848.jpg-(56 KB, 500x431, 1365629020101.jpg) MFW this was legit. >> Anonymous (ID: QY606wOu) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:32 No.472214793 >>472214162 If anyone hasn't figured it out yet, this anon is full of shit. >> Anonymous (ID: HqqFOPVA) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:33 No.472214796 File: 1365792933619.jpg-(177 KB, 1024x768, proof.jpg) sdasdjkaiposjdoasd; here >> Anonymous (ID: IyO7zN3O) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:38 No.472214813 >>472214292 it's going to be in the news anyway, it's not like deleting it will help >> Anonymous (ID: qs8kAUfA) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:38 No.472214817 File: 1365792938730.jpg-(78 KB, 540x720, 29237_122378937783726_100(...).jpg) Posting because kramfors is watching 80/81 4/12/13 /b/ - Hey /b/ it's time. My name is neil Macinnis and I >> Anonymous (ID: N/s4051Z) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:40 No.472214818 File: 1365792940653.jpg-(32 KB, 640x360, url.jpg) >>472213074 >How long have you known Mr. MacInnis? A few years now >Is he part of the hacker group Anonymous? Yes, he is 2nd in command to our great leader (pic related) North Korea is best Korea. >Did he give you any previous indications that he might do something like this? Yes, our fearless leader wanted to detonate his nukes there. Mr. MacInnis didn't want any repercussions from the US to happen to our great leader, so he took it upon himself. >> Anonymous (ID: fKbbvZ3N) 04/12/13(Fri)14:55:45 No.472214829 >>472214162 Nigga, we don't know shit [Return] [Catalog] [Top] [Update] [ Auto] Delete Post [ File Only] Password •••••••• Delete Report Style Yotsuba [a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / vg / vr / w / wg ] [i / ic] [r9k] [s4s ] [cm / hm / lgbt / y] [3 / adv / an / asp / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / hc / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / out / po / pol / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / wsg / x] [rs ] [status / q / @ ] [Settings ] [Home ] Click me! - futaba + yotsuba All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster. 81/81
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