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Apple Product Catalog Fall 1993

by cinemafia





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The full line of Apple Macintosh computers, peripherals and accessories as printed in their Fall, 1993 paper catalog.
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# .,-'--*tffi FaIlt993 w TheApple Catalog " -:***t;*' Inside: pages packed innovative 68 with solutions your WJ/,,fr,,ri; for Nowloucan thenewestApple "3 and your home. --andffiffiffiffi#ffimm mw#ffiwffiffif 000r you'll ser frorn publishem-diteGt. Just upyour leading pick phone and diall-800'795'1 grcat SaVingS on hundreds of products, more... And Apple Computeq Inc. reasornwhy goodbusrness seffie: ORDERING Browse pages, through these and you'llfindmany exclusive and deals mone.v-saving available in this offers only You prices catalog. ll alsu great see on hundreds qualiry products. of lBecau:e we're always striving becompetitive to , you may give theprices see have dropped-so usa for prices.) callto check thelatest Shop Apple Tbe Catalog, yougetsolid and value yourdollar. fur we're \Vhen need fast, it happv vou to shipvourorder overnight by air express. youcanorder crucial So a product todav, useit in youroffice and pressing we tomorow.Forless needs, also offer other affordahle en delir Details theOrder Form. services. on \{'erehcrct() sen roLl hours dar e 24 a davs u ct'k. pick thephone l JLrst up ancl ordcr ur rlirect, filloutthe cncltiscrL Fornr fax For Orticl and it, trrlrftonvcnrcne e accept c,ri MSA, \lastcr{rr rrntl .\rierican Express. tl. i thc Derltil:rrr ()rrlel Fornt. orderilBdirectlyfrom TheWCanlogma APPLE ASSURANCE OurnewApple Assurance"' customer policy suppor-t service and makes easier it thanever enjoy to Every vourpurchases. wirh upanLl Apple product comes now n-rnning" suppoft, designed provide to youwithgeneral start-up assistance, troubleshooting, configuration and compatibility infomation, third-panv and support referral aslongasyouownit. Toll-free for assistance isavailable dialing 1-800-SOS-APPL, by Monday Friday, e.u,to 9 p,u. through eastern 9 time. ourone-year And waranty been has expanded include marl-in, to carry-in, on-site or Details theOrder Form. service, on LEASE APPLE BUSINESS Now, youruna business, if the Macintoshaseasy lease it is ro is to as use. \ilith theApple Business . ror.r Lease getconvenient, financing affordable tirr theApple need. solution,vou Details on theOrder Form. Call nowat us 1-B00l9t-100 TheAppleCatalog Newton MessagePad Jot, plan, draw, olganize, faxn and print with our pen-based communicationsassistant. Itlewton MessagePad The smaftest ;ft you assistant held ever in +h- ^^l* ^f L ll L P a r r r l u r vnr rr hend 6 Desktop computing Macintoshcomputersto sen e all your businessneeds. 12 14 Affordable computing Three inexpensiveways to put a computer on your desk. Portable computing PowerBookcomputerc pack a lot of power in a notebook. 20 2* Displays Introducing the first screen for the multimedia revolution. Printers lmaglng assistants-from the portable to the powerful. 30 40 Education soffware Business/Publishing solutions Tools to penruadeyour clients, organizeyour finances, and more. Multimedia Create and interact with a new world of sight and sound. ffi Macintosh 660ry Quadra you TheMacintosh does that exactlvwhat sav Literally, Whatbnew! \fhaft rt8 50 54 E-maiTSelf-training Keep in touch with colleagues; leam the latest softurare. t I oo Workgroup solutions Sharing knowledge-across the hall, across the country. Add-ons Keyboardsand more. TheApple Store Apple apparel and gifts. 14 PowerBook Gomputers yourbusiness more Make trips productive ever-withour than powerful portables. new 63 67 68 Disability solutions Index AppleCD Multimedia Kit A completemultimediaCD-ROM bundle-at one low price. $egg NevvtonMessagePad Vith theNewton" MessagePad* communications you assistant, cancapture, organne,and communicate allkindsof information. meeting Take notes. Format andprintletters. Connect yourdesktop to computer or your access network, Send fax,or even a exchange business electronically-without cards touching a piece paper, combining of By revolutionary Newton " with Intelligence sophisticated communications capabilities, Newton MessagePad youmanage helps the yourbusiness-and life-with uncommon your efficiency, Aseasy useaspencil paper-yetfarmore to and versatile-the Newton MessagePad yourhandreads writingandtransforms into textasyouwrite,If it youprefer, on-screen an ke$oardletsyoutypein words. Newton The MessagePad cleans even up your rough sketches, straightening and lines aligning objects, Garryan intelligent assistantin the palmof your hand. personal Uke sman a assistant, Newton the MessagePad actively helps yougetthings done by leaming remembering and thespecific you ways work.It comes a notepad, with to-do calendar, list, and file card applications starters. taptheAssist for Just buttonto seea list of taslait knows howto do-from findinga phonenumber address faxing note, or to a formattingletter, a setting a lunch up appointment, or recalling birthday. priorities yourto-dolist, a Assign to check offyourcompleted tasks, theNewton and MessagePad updates nortday's foryou. the list Vith optional accessories (right),yourNewton MessagePad connect can easily telephone to lines, netwods,andwireless computer netwodato send faxes, receive paging messages, into onJineseMces tap or electronic or justprintyourideas, also mail, It connects Macintosh@ with comDuters.MS-DOS or computers running \flindows, transfer to information easily. Runs fourAM on batteries anACadapter or (both included). E2024 TheAppleCatalog Sk t h. sketch. accessories Order Neurton the you tomake the connections, need all right Power Adapter letsyourun Each containscable kit a yourNewton Fax Modem or to andsoftware connect power, adjusts usingAC and yourNewton MessagePad in to justabout voltage any any to yourpersonal computer. country, E2$4 $29 Soyoucaneasily copy Battery Booster Pack Plug frompalmtop desktop to for pack's into thisportable cable your I The fur'ther editing manipulation. Newton and (not Newton, itseightMbaneries inc"iuded) and Kit lets MessagePaddata Connection also youtransfer hours running 82035 add of time, $25 vice into applications-and directly popular computer Rechargeable Battery Pack alternative An to versa-and of translate theminto avarietv formats, NewtonConnectionKit 82028 ForMacintosh 82027 ForMS-DOS tlflindows with Newton Kit Gonnection NewtonPowerAccessories MessagePad Ase lour Newton to "beam' inlormatlontoa MesagePad. Thanks to colleague\ (the built-ininfrared tecbnolog tbat a same tecbnohgt lets remote a control command teleuision), youcanelectronically archange notes, business memos, and cards, sketcb se es-in conds-witb euer out toucbing piece paper. a of $149 $149 $99 rc"rton PrintPack most YourNewton MessagePad supports already printers networked, PostScript:' Apple@ and printers, Print with compatible The Pack comes allthe you hardware software needto useyourNewton and printers: laser, withawidevariety otherparallel-pon of CarryingGases portable inkjet, thermal models; and dot-matrix, and your Protect Newton with otherprinters compatible MS-DOS computers andvouradd-in cards E2031 runningVindows. you when take themon the road. Choose snap-shut from Messaging Gard $eAg Newton nylon zippered leather, or Vhenyoucan't afford beoutof touch, card to this personal tumsyourNewton a complete into wireless messaging capable receiving messages, of text system, phone numbers call, voice e-mail to and and notification. with Compatible mostpaging systemsMessaging frommulticity international-the to Card pages whenit'snotplugged receives stores even and intoyourNewton, E2029 conventional batteries, rechargeable alkaline this with nickel-cadmium pack battery works theBattery Pack Recharger, $19 E2036 PackRecharyer you lets charge Battery one pack Newton. using another your in battery while rechargeable One nickel-cadmium batpack included. is tery E2037 $49 Newton Software themintoyourNewton MessagePad,these and Slip provide withuseful you information, cards additional tools, entertainment: and Fortune500 Guideto AmericanBusiness guide alltheFortune andService A reference to 500 corporations, including many charts graphs, and 500 search sortfunctions. and andextensive $t *g NewtonFaxModem you Thislighm'eight, portable modem fax allows to mail, send receive and electronic connect online to It services, send and faxes anpvhere. weighs 7 only (included) or ounces, uses and either Mbatteries two PowerAdapter. E2030 a Newton E2043 $100 Fodortstg4 TravelManagerTravel information for major cities yourfingertips-plus at interactive U.S, "locator" maps. 82042 $12O StorageGards intoyourNewton MessagePad MoneyMagazineFinancialAssistantCalculation Slip of these one cards its capacity, to back and up to increase storage when templates helpyouevaluate possibilities to the yourinformation. 1MB The holds to four up card youneed make to many kinds financial of decisions, asmuch data yourNewton; 2MB as the card E2041$40 up to eighttimes much as data. picture-based Golumbo'sMysteryCapersForn' "whodunit" games testyourlogic to skills. E2040 $80 AdditionalNewtonSoftrruare 1-800-795-1000 Call for Newton here, software notlisted titles Order arevolutionary new Macintosh that you helps communiiate effeavely ever more than 66O $zzg9 o,, Macintosh Quadra660nv You'rc looking thefirstof awhole class at new of computers,computer contbines A that the sophisticated capabilitiesmanv of different telecommunicaticlns clevices-far machine, modem. e-mail network, telephone, answering machine-with thesimpliciw theinnritna of N{acintosh interface. A computer connects allsorts that to ofvideo auclio ancl devices plug-and-plav A computer lvith ease. that responds justft)mor.rse andkeyboarcl not clicks taps, butto yourownspoken rurrds,A computer can tltat read aloLrd,l rntrrral tcxr in lrumtn llicc. Introclucing Macintosh the 660,w-a neu', Quaclra'' high-performance Macintosh offers a built-in that vou suite revolutionary of prxvers. communications 1'hc power use yourMacintosh a hands-fi'ce to es speakerphone digital and ansr,vering machinc. l'hc power transfcrm to incoming laes intoeclitahle rcxt ofl 1rog1' taraan. prtvn'er capture, eclit, The r,iew, and t0 export vitleo CD-quality bothhigh-cpralitv ancl audio, Thcpolver automate sorts complicated to all of tasks, ancl have,vour to collplltcf execute withspoken thent commancls. New communication breakthroughs.Traditional business power. Best these ofall, cutting-edge technokrgres mean don't compromising thepower necessary frtrmarnstleam business Because the tasks, inside Macintosh 660,w nvostate-of-theare Quaclra eft pr'ocessol's, A digital pfocessor signal (DSP) manages of thecomputer's manv realtrnre comrnunrcations allowing featur-es, the conrputer's Moturola slvift 68010 engine to chLrm thrrugh processing rNher chures, \\,hat yourworkday likewitha rvill bc r\'lacintosh 660,rv r,our on desk? Imagine Quadra tusinu computer jllstasa prr-rcluctivit), vour not trxrl, l)Llt a slraftteleutmrlunrcations Imagine as center, making klng-distance simply 521,ing, "Phone a call fy Bob." Lnagine receivingfarclirectlv vourscreen, a on editing textto yourliking, frtlwarclingto a the ancl it cross-coLurtry colleague-all a fewminutes, in Imagine crcating dazzling plesentaticln \,'our a on computef, then"printing" ciirectly aVCR for east it to ralte copving clisn'ibution. ancl Imagine letting tour "proofreacl" draft a speech-aloud, conrpLltef the of \ViththeMacintosh 6601v, manv scenarios of Quaclra of conrpLrting's can futute coltetrue-tcldav. Your computel comes buihinhigh-speed with Ethcrnet nenvorking, ofcommunications a host applications extensions, ournewhigh-fidelitv ancl and Apple PlainTalk Nlicrophone. Choose from configurations or without AppleCD300i with an intcrnal CD-ROM cl'ive. .Clc'isnffinur,f, W Til,i2**1;,!;;,T$i,',*a ondpal llt'' j',,n1.; jt '-' " Dece"tbet 'T,:!f!;^;i^i':';', iii lfrl;jr;rilrfutt Your Macintoslr Quad.ra660st tt iti ,. cones u,ltb anr ttt'it \. PlainT ,lIicrolirti t., tlk Tbe AudioVisiott It (page)t t ) dnti Displd.y AppleE\:tended Ket'boarcl (pngei-t t ll dre optbtlstbdl ctlt beordered separatell,. Wq Phonesupportfor as long product. aslou ownlour Apple Plusneutwarrant! seruices, Detailson the OrderForm. a LEASE EUSINESS Grcat financingfor Macintosb busines s0lutions. s As low as $85lmonth. Detaik on tbe OrderForm. Macintosh Quadra 66olv Processor: 2s-N/Flz 68040 Memoryi Disk Storage: Video Support Networking: 8N/Bof RAM 2301\,48 hard d sk w/ InternalGD 2 5 - N / l z6 8 0 4 0 8MBof RAN4 2301\,48 hard disk 3 Pricesmay hauedropped! Callfor latestprices: 1.800.795.1000. 1N/Bof VRAN/ 1N / Bo f V R A M AppleTa k@, Ethernet A p p l e T a i E t h e r n e t k Oder Toll-Frce1-&n-791i-l (X)O Call24hoursaday,7days week. a Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD. TheAppleCatalog 82230 8t230tCD $2,579 Ez23r dourBusinessBundle.add $99 Lease aslittle per month as for $85 (See OrderForrn.fordetaik on leasing.) tbe t.. j.:';-. . s;, . ;'? l'e ; ''*%t ; % ?tu $129 Adapter GeoPortTelecom ff'-.#"m Thisadapter astheinteriace acts between vour Macintosh 660,w an1'stanclard and anabg Quadla phone Plug in,and line. it and can 1or,r send receive with mail, electronic connect elecnonic bulletin boards ancl information serices, andtransfer atspeeds clata Llpto 9600 perseconcl, bits Y u can scncl also and receir,c at9600 bpsftues you're il'orklng when cr,cn rvith or,vilLr're from awav vour another application includcd, E1990 Fax computef. sofnvare Ear $f 19 JABRA PHoNE AV Streamline Thislernarkabl\, c(nxpect incurpurates l both clesign ancl speaker a rnrcrophonc in onelighnverght. com. PlLrg fortablc carlriece it into Macintosh vor:r Quarlra and can 660rv, 1'rnr cnjov harrcls-frec telcphortc glvc c()llversat()ns, \()Llf cornlrutcl rii:e x cotnmancls, ancl cnsurcprii'aclu4rcn voicc listcning voLrr io iligital messagcs, Sophisticated cilcuitrr cmphasizcs vour noisc. increasing the voice nlLsks ancl backgnunil E2208 reliabilitr voicc-rlrivcn of applications, iiiilir''l$ Videolabs FlexGam Plug miniatuLe camerir this rlesktop inftr anci omputer, uscit to Vour imases reconi or captLrfe still-fiame fu1l-motion viclcci stereo cokll ancl souncl tu clisk. k Designed neady bothyourPortable to hold Style\(ri yourentiresystem anda PowerBook, totetakes this almost anl.nvhere. Multiple compaftments organue printer, computer, accessories, documents, othe and necessities. tough The polyester canvas exterior is weatherproof, rubber prevent feet and scuffing and A tipping. removable shoulder makes strap carrying easy comfortable. and 82165 las Affordable ahty er-qu printil€ foryour desktop. Arrr SUZV Winner of tbe /-99J \{acrorkl Vbrld Class Au'ard Inkjet .[rn'Best Pilntet ol tbeYedr andEditors'Choice ALL'AfA. tl Stytewriter printing anaffordable we If you're who high-quality price, someone demands at you invite to examine newApple the Style\flriterpnnter. advanced II Its inkjet technology deliverslaserlike a resolution 360 of dotsperinch, speeds up to at of pages minute. rncluded per provides The improved t\\ro Graldhare software graphics printing-so photographs halftone with even emerge remarkable clarity lets II AndGravShare voushare Sn4e\friter withothers a network, the on you TheStyle\flritercomes virtually thing need begin II with printing: even to printa range typestvles fonts aninkcartridge, TrueType thatlet1,ou of and 39 paper sizes, a 100-sheet for effortless and trav handling automatic and feed. envelope Yetthisprinter fit even smallest can the desktop, it and weighs than7 pounds. peripheral canbepurchased less A cable (see Form List) E1386iY separately theOrder Cable E1081 SryleV/riter ipicrured Bag left1 $49 liue-to-hfe pnntingcolor fordocumentsvivid with impact. #",11,,:J:?iff09 9 l;f' $ I Apple GolorPrinter you 1':rc Apple CobrPrinter ensures thecolors view thescreen thecokrrs that on are \i)Llgeton paper, Cancln Its inkjet provides engine resolution and 360-dot-per-inch speeds up to 2 minutes page. per (included) vour of GravShar-e software lets It paper (r'ecommencled), . ,lleagues theprinter use over network. plintson coated a just paper, transparencies of up to 11bv 17inches,et it consumes 16 in sizes : ..rin clr t br,20.5 inches desk Packed everr,thing need getstarred-{4 r,vith you of space. to 'l'rLre'fype fonts, paper, power sample cord, documentation. and Requires Apple an (see Form SCSI Cable theOrder Cable List) E1382tk printrng Reliable dormatrix for labels, forms-and more. tmasewrirer $*zgto printlabels, letters, tl or eventhosetroublesome If vouneed invoices, memos, yourbusy more muldpam forms, Image\flriter'canmake the II productive. days This printer dot-matrix connects anvApple to computer, either singly, on a network or with theImage\ilriter LocalTalk Option(LocalTalk required). offers range cable It a of for outputoptions bothtextandgraphics, draftmode near-letter-qua.lity from to mode. It handles (up yet continuous multiple to four)paftforms, easily and switches to feed lenerhead. optional Sheet The single-sheet to accommodate Feeder Cut allows loading automatic ofup to 100 sheets of8.5-by-11-inch letterhead label or sheets.* El26l ImageWriter Printer II E1054 ImageWriter localTalk IL{.Q Option E1010 ImageWriterCutSheet II Feeder $429 $l 19 $f 79 F'lew GetftelaserWri pu\cdreatnedoL fr"anun&eamed-d 3 ASSURANCE Phone support as hn3 for as)tououjn lour Apple Drui!, Plusneu' warranty il ct' ser Details the)rderI'ont: on ,.-,r_,r_T ,,n- \bopfor all your pilnter suf)[).: onpage 28.And clon'tmiss,,:, pagt gift offer on the same 3 l lrr I rrrr QUESTIONS? Call our customer seru repreentatiues ice s M-F-, ,t.u.-l1r : u 8 for belp: .\at., 10tu4rn. ET. $oes PersonalLaserWriter300 Nowl'oucanhar,e clualitt conr,enie of true the ancl nce l.aser\\iriter'" printing theprice aninkjet for of printer. Designed snrall fbr ctffice personai the ancl use, Personal Lascr\ijter deln'en sharp, the 300 clear, olLtput need-at a 300-ckx-pcr-inch 1ou rcmarkablv affordable . price Vrithitscompact, lighm'eight clesign. the printer easilv anv fits on desktop.comes It with39scalable TrueTrpe fonts highfor qualitv in a niderange text ofstl-les sizes. and For maximum flexbilitv,uses stanclald it a 100-sheet cassette thatcanholdpaper differ-ent and trav of sizes a manual-feed forprinting othermedia: trav on rnrc1ope.. iabclr. lransnaren( and ic\. TheApplc Catalog t: Tltestars.Jnrbol ptui:, indicdtes tbcttthis \tLy ilt(tctt htl l ttL'tg' Powet'consen tt: It',L . ,^? (,n tpqtttt(rJtutli.tpktils tbeUrderForn. I +snftware driuerslbat enabletbel.dserYriterSelect 300 and J10 kt meet Starreqrircments are federal Energl' auailable .lpplereseller by callin3 or from 1'ou autborized 1-8OO-SOS.APPL. A sharable printer at a personal price. The Personal laser'\Vriterfeatures GravShare 300 software,innovatil'e an technobgr, gives the that lou abilttr, sharcourprintef to acrossnetwork. a t GrarSlrlre th:livcls ll.o ca.\-lo-use ilnagc grarscale scaling enhanced and printing graphics, to capabilities sharp for And, consene energy, automatlc an on/offfeature keeps printer a standby u,hen the in state not in use. \Xhen read1,1s fie print, vou're $49 stvt"writer and Personal LaserWriter PrinterDriverUpdate LS If I'ouownanoriginal StvleVlrter Personal or Laser\{'riter printcr, softrvare t ou allthc LS gives thrs adr,antages ncu'GravShale of oul technologt-inclL gr:Lr.scale ingsharper printing urages, for chafts, an, graphs; printer sharing a networkl 39TrueTr r,ia ancl scalable for maimumtvpequalitv. fonts E2259 printer quicklv po\\efs up-to deliver tofourpages up perminute81945;; , $99 xensington LaserStand TheLaserStand ancL stores organizes paper two casse Extra 1OO-Sheet Universal Paper tworeams oaoer. of Cassette holds U.S. A4, leuer, and 85, execurive powef enr,elopes, andnetwork cables, printer and papersizes, $eg BZZIS accessories printer, also undel,vour It rases vour Laser\flriter a comfortable to height.E1348 Twice speed, the Four timesihe res0lut10l'1, 1 ,. $tsee Select360. New.LaserWriter pouerful member theIeser\iriter Selcct Themost of orit Select cranks 10pagcs familr,, Laser'\\,riter 360 the perminute-twicc speecl theLaser\Xlntcr Select thc of 6t)f orJ 10. itl\rfr'irtt5ltt lt ) I lctntlLllrht'islr 11,4s r J00 perinch-foLu times resolutiontheuther the of printers, u'ithitsaflbLclable And Laser\\ijter Selcct (available aitthortzetl Fiu ettuur PostScript Option Carcl sencling as Apple resellef can not'k a fu nrachirtc. also , it piainlalrer fir-rcs 9600 persccond, at bits rcceiving anci contpatibilrtv Ancl t.aser.\riter 360 the Scicct oiiels errtl Its its ltnrl to match speetl claritr', ur.rtocurulation ports to conncctionsN'{acintosh, multiplc actir,e prcx,irle With conrputcrs, 6+built-irr \{'inclxvs, NIS-DOS rnd l.o'cl megabltcs RA,\I, Post-Script 2,thc of ancl fonts, 7 nrccts litcl that Laser'\X Sclcct isari'olkhorsc clLsily 360 i: worklrr'oup. E1948 of thencerls l clcmlntling with optioncil cassettes t oncl feeders, 1r ut t' Ldsc \\'t'i l cj .\t'lct'l t'tut l.vuttlla trp lo li00 sltt(lr (l l)il1)ci' Add finesse the ofPostScript, ... ._,. t $a+g LaserWriter Select310 tirc Select and gain Choose LaserWriter 310, ior.r the ofbuilt-rn Adobc PostScript, anrndustrt arlvantages high-qualitv ancl text standard technologr, offers that graphics compatibility allmajor ll'ith applications ancl 'fhe for Laser\rriter Select isdesignecl personal 310 r.rse-lvith plLrg-in srmplicit',,-with either With \'lacintosh orViindorvs computers. its processor, Laser\Xlriter RISC thc Select built-in of speeds througir publication the 310 . )ll\. grfplrs rclr{ lrltcls.( hlft\. :rnd ffitrtffi 250-Sheet Feeder/Gassette your feecler noLurts This shect unilcrncath papcr-hantlling Laser'\Xlritcr plintel adcl Sclcct to exna u,ithout , consuming space clcsk abilities or 250 Itsremovable tteholcis lcttcr-sizeA4 casse E1514$149 sheets 500-Sheet Feeder/Gassette rour mounts l'hissheet feeclcr undemeath paper-handling riter abilitics Laserl{ Select addextra to Its cassettc without clesk consunring space, rcmolable 81515$299 holds leuer-size sheets. orA'i 500 250-Sheet Letter Gassette E1517$79 Hokls 250leuer-size sheets. 250-Sheet Legal Cassette (For Select Hokls legal-size 250 sheets. Iaser\\'rriter 2 E1519$79 requlres5NIB RAI\,I,) of 310, Envelope Gassette 81518$89 Holds business-size errvclopes. 30 per printing to fivepages minute at up per fonts Its dots inch. 13scalable 300 -r space. Helr,eticait inclucle popular stanclarcls asTimesio to such Install PhotoGrade a Upgracle print pdntable sizes from at ranging au,hrsper Courier, images orcr90levels ancl with ., scamrecl j can And of fcrr Option expanded to a scream. its1. megabfies memory or -r.1\'r anAdobc PostScript to Apple easilv expandecl5,5megabfies accommodate be to (Both arailable t ourlocal from ::rprtibilitr,. are -rllcr.)Perfect indi',,idualsmall-buslness graphics. Endou'ed the n'ith morefonts complex and use, for or paper-handling the capabilrties cousin, asits frorn same : l;Lscr\''riter 300 youchoose 39 Select lets Select also range Laser\Xlriter 300, Laser\Vriter 310 Seiect the fcrnts TrueType andprintthemin au,icle .,..1b1e .:r'1cs, anv l ou like-fromfootnotes features same flexible options--cxpanding io the in vour size paper-handling po\\efs up to 800 of"enecl to sheets 2i0 of ,.ilines.standard A cassette holds sheets tray paper eases jobs nedia. 81511* ,:'cr, a manual feed small that and ;.rrre personal 81510* attention. Tray Multipurpose sheets 5 or N'lounts theside feed letter-size on to )0 enrekrpes, 81516$25 business-size Ultra-high-resolution results for worlgroups lrgh with erpecations, LaserWriterPro 6tr;'f*i" $t69e LaserWriterPro 600 Thelaser\(/riter 500 a newstandard print Pro sets in qualrtt, delivering unsurpassecl at500 output per dots rnch-foultimes resolution most the of conventional laser printers. forshared bybus,v Ideal use workgroups, Laser\ilriter 600 a 68030 the Pro has proccssof and8 megabltes RAr\'l-tnough of pow'er churn to out consistent\, superior results. up to eight at pages per rlinute . \(/ant great graphics scanned ancl photographs? rvhat See Apple's built-in PhotoGrade technolog,v can show,,,our de clear, tailecl images up to 91lelelsof rvith gray-the cqun alent 1,000 perinch, of ckxs Ancl Apple's FinePrint tecl.rnokrgv smrxxhes jag3ed the edgcs ofbothtext lineaft, out and Merge it into any computing environment. pro Best all,thepcrformancetheIaser\(/ritcr 600 of of ismatched itscompatiltilirr,. by Encktlved multiplc rvith ports(LocalTalk, parallel, serial), printer ancl this offers plug-in srmplicit,vApplcl ncrwrtrks for alk and Macintosh, I,'lS-DOS, \X/indolls and c(ntputefs. All polts active stay sitrultancousl,v-so tltcprrnter can jobs accept fromalltvpes contputers, multiple of on nctworks, Laser'$/riter 600 uses latest The Pro also the larsion Adobe of PostScript 2 software Hp Lel,el ancl lase{et (PCt IIP 4+) emularion, crearewide To a range documents. of choosc fntmthe6.1 TrueTvpe fonts theincluded in Apple FontLibranor anyo1hs1 , pro TrueType PostScript TheLasedX,'riter500 or fons. comes twoversarrle tfays n'ith papef (100-and 250sheet capacitv) supports totalpaper and a capacitv of 850 sheets (withtheopturns availablerigh| ar Et52t* Thestar s1mbd indicates thal tbisproduct n meets [ederal Energ'Stl r pouer conseruation . a***17 / /^ requiremenls. Detailson tbe OrderFonn. *Softuaredriuers tbat enabletbeLaseAVriter pro 600 and 6J0 to meet are federal Energ,tStar requirements auailable Applereseller by calling or from your autborized 1-8OO-SOS.APPL. rc)S sW_ U tJr]\ ;JN\... 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High-performance nehuorking with simplicity. Materercompurers work you with, the Iaser!/riter 630pror,rdes plug-in Pro rhe simplicity need increased you for productivity, Connect easily high-speed to Ethernet networks, tapinto alncalTalk or network, Parallel serial and ports you let connect MS-DOS \findows to and computers, SCSI while ponsgive the you option ofattaching exrra an harddiskfor large-capacnv srorage. ponssray font All active, youcan so bombard printer the with allsorts documents of without having to changesingle a setting, thelaser\flriter like Pro600, laser\friter 630 the Pro comes with twoversatile paper trays anarray and of paper-handling (ight), 81522* options 500-Sheet Feeder Thissheet feeder mounrs your underneath LaserXflriter to addpaperPro handling abilities without consuming space. desk Its removable universal cassette 500 holds letter-size, legal-size.or 85sheets. A+. E1525$399 500-Sheet Universal Gassette Holds 500 letter-size, legal-size, or 85sheets. A4, E152S$l 49 250-Sheet Universal Gassette Holds 250 letter-size A4, 81529 $99 , legal-size, or 85 sheets. Envelope Feeder Mounrs theside feed on to 75 business-size envelopes, E1527$399 Shop all yourprintel supplies for onpage Anddon'tmiss 28. our giftffir ontbe page. same \W !c:Iopm .'--: :cL U |Vc Jdl Udy +*\ ,fu l , Soldon page25 Sod on page25 Soldon page25 (lett) Soldabove Soldabove 300dpiw th FinePr nt and PhotoGrade 300 dpi 600 or300 with dpi dpi FnePrint Photocfade and 600dpior300dpiwi1h FinePrlnt Photocrade and Bppm 100-sheet 250-sheet trays standard; optiona 500-sheet and75-envelope cassettes 64TrueType (35 Postscript inRON/) pt Adobe Postscr Level 2 HPPCL 4+ 68030 25lvfz,ASICs at Concurfent Ta k, Loca parale , sera E1521 $1,699 600dpor300dpwth FlnePrint Phoiocrade and I ppm 100-sheet, 250-sheet trays standard; opilonal 500-sheet and 75-envelope cassettes 64TrueType (35 PostScrlpt 1n ROM) AdobePostscript Level 2 HPPCL4+ 68030 25 [/Hz,ASICS at standard; onal opt second 250-or 500-sheel multpufpose cassette standard optlonal second 250-or 500-sheet multpurpose cassette standard optiona second 250-or 500-sheel mutipurpose cassette TrueType (39 abe) sca . lraww thGrayshare with QuckDraw Grayshare pt Postscroption ASIC l - - : c e e ds e fa H gh-speed a ser RS-422 PostScript (13 calable) s AdobePostscript Level1 64TrueType (35 Postscript inR0lV) AdobePostScript Leve2 HPPCL5 AtvD 29005 RSCprocessor parallel RS-422 serial AN/D 29005 processor RISC Concurrent Talk, Loca parallel, serial E1948 51,599 Concutrent LocalTalk, parallel, Ethernet serial 11945 5689 Ersr0s799 Et5tl s849 E1522 $2,149 $69 l.ageWriter ll ColorRibbon (magenta, yellow, Four-color ribbons cyan, black) snap that rightintoyour ImagenflriterThese II. ribbons you allow to printnearly anrthing candraw or vou devise yourscreen, glorious on in color Thetypical of these life ribbons 1 is per million cl.raracters color [email protected] sx) of AppleGolorPrinterGartridges 81404 Black Cartridge Ink 81405 Yellow Caftridse Ink Replacement canridges theApple ink for Prinu Color @fuse- E liil Sg Sg 81407 CyanlnkCartridge AppleGolorPrinterPaperSupplies YourApple Printer versatile is Color enough use to paper almost kindofpaper, coated any but is recommended best yourchoice for results. Order t,: high-quality paper transparencies . coated or belol Paoer: Coated I $49 lmageWriterand ll BlackRibbon you Thebest ribbons when is timeto order spare don'tneed And ribbons them, even though these can prjnt to 2 million up charrt ls.rlrev weal te do out, \V1.r1, order boxtoday? not a E1267 (Box six) of LaserWriter Toner Gartridges Through Apple The Catalog, essential often (vet forgonen) products tonercartridges like for yourLaser\flriter printer simple are to replace, 81524 LaserWriter Pro $ttg lmageWriter GolorRibbon LQ (magenta, \'ellow, black) These four-color cvan, and your libbons LQ allorv Image\(/riter printer printin to E1270(Boxofsh) color, E1481 Legal (200sheets) size E1482 11"x17" (200 size sheets) 81483 A3size(200sheets) $3 $al $51 $r4e Transparencies: $89 lr"geWriter LQ BlackRibbon These durable ribbons designed lasta long are to time: Image\ilritel black An LQ ribbon a typical has life ofl million But must characters, allgood things come to anend*andreplacements easilv when are available voucaIIThe Apple Catalog E1269(Box six) of 81523 Laserlfriter 300, 360 $89 E1484 Letter (50sheets) Select 310, size 81368 laserVriter I] $r 05 E1485 A4size(50sheets) 81370 Laserwriter/Laserl(riterPlus ee $ 81946 Personal LaserVriter 300 $51 $51 n1369 PersonalLaserWriter $6e $7e DesktopBinderyReportCovers $49 ScribeBlackRibbon Gassette Yes, canstillgetribbons yourtrusty \,ou for Apple you printer. fact, cangeta dozen them Scribe'i' In of fora very price. reasonable E1271 (Box melve) of Thisoptional Cassette allows Base automatic feeding up to 250 of sheetsmorethanthrte times many the as as Personal IaserWiter printer's original cassette. Required addition for ofthetwo Personal laserVriter cassettes below. 81011 $99 personalLaserWriter 250-Sheet These covers rvork withthe1stImpression Desktop GasselteBase lpage to create Bindery professional-quality boun 37) reports. come perpackageyour They 20 in choice ofcolors spine (Ze" and sizes spine holds sheets; spine 15-30 1-15 %" holds sheets;spine 31-60 holds Z" sheets; %" spine 51-120 holds sheets). ReportCovers, 81i"x11" size: width,Zr" Spine Spine width,%" 81550 Vhite Sl7 E1551 Vhite 81,554 Black $19 E1555 Black Letter Gassettes PerconalLaserWriterHolds sheets, 250 Requires CassetLe described Base aboveE1009$65 LaserWriter Holds sheets. ll 200 E1015$75 LaserWriter/LaserWriter Holds sheets. Plus 150 81018 $59 Legal Gassettes PersonalLaserWriterHolds sheets. 250 Requires Cassette described Base above. 81016 $65 LaserWriterll Holds sheets, 200 E1007 S75 LaserWriter/LaserWriter Holds sheets, Plus 150 E1017 $59 $r $z width,Z" Spine 81,552 Vhite $tg 81556 Black $Zt Spine width, %" E1553white $z E1557Black $zl SMe\flriter SMeWiter printer, II or E1266 E1396 Style'{flriter Cartridge Stylelflriter Cartridge II $19 $19 ReportCovers, size: 9"x11." Spine width,%" Spine width,Z" 81558 Slatc $Zg E1559 Slate $Zt Wesbip ouemigbt modest for fees. Soltou can order it toda.1, and useit tomorrow. Details on tbe OrderForm. TheAppleCatakrg i i i i I your ways An ard'winnng toteach children, -E@ {ja*i i E [email protected]$&$f6. $40 ersaerbund The Treehouse Together child(age r,our 6 andup)andanonpossum screen will companion spend hours The exploring Treehouse-while gaining Brsderbund The Playroom $ss i i $3e The Lost Tfibe r .icrngame strategy in a prehistoric of set world, r:t l' - .., Tribe helps (ages andup)to learn children 8 . , ,,.itLrclies lessons anengaging in multi-media Users lead must their from .' r'rliment, tribe awav a '-....:'.rl disaster toward new and a homeland, travelng ' .,qh of sx challenging ant scenarios of images, full - .:,, sound-and intriguing random events. the As ' .::'.ev progresses, children learn valuable lessons :-, ,.itribal societies build and leadership, decision' -:rq.and conflict-resolution skills. tl-+5 Macintosh 81650 Apple IIcs \(/inner sh earlr, of The education anards, Plairrooma place is (ages where children learn love to 3-6) ell snrts nflrnorrqoe leaming, Wlile exploring music, arithmetic and thiscolorful electronic skills, Using Apple softwarc, this IIe learn fun with ther,'ll environment Pepper Mouse, friend their ancl lacts (and about dozens guidethe,v laluable gain ofneighborhood critters the lessons letters, about , sounds make); they wend math, theirwaythrough musical nnmbers, reading, telling a and The time, maze; create (butcomplete) practice Plavroom funny sentences; develops thinking computer both and addition, subtraction, mathematical and strategl,; read skiils-and teaches,voungsters that educatbn bea can heros heroines; sing about and even along an with adr turful rnture. included audiocassette. E1551 81654 Macintosh E1792Apple lk;s S4O erooerbund Where in America's Brsderbund fh, nrir I'FEhn$ Past ls Garmen Kid Pix Sandiego? KrdPx isthemultiTheimmensely popular awarcl-winning Carmen Sandiego series paint Macintosh program just continues this with that's ascreative as rollicking adventure that childr:n Designed are, kids sends sleuthing to encourage aftistic past, America's through exploration, rtallows krds theAcme Detective Agenqr and to use setof painting a tools-fingerpaints, crayons, Join chase notorious the rubber Carmen her and stamps, brushes, magical erasers, special gang thev as roam nine through periods effects-rvithout making mess. even, has And a tool its history ofAmerican frompre-Columbianou'nclistinctive from sound, squeaks splatters, kids to so times thepresent, withgraphics, can Rich listen theirmastenvorks to to paint.81652 asthey includes sound, music, program and the people. over1.200 about clues famou. $30 grsOerbund inventions, events-and 1,300and a Kid PixGompanion page reference to helpdecipher book Erpand powers the ofKidPix an*l$ r{fd.qrdftd pH*&.ddthd those clues. (above) itsnewartistic wrth ForApple or Macintosh IIe . nrc49 Companion, SlideShow The feature kds turna series lets of KidPixdrawings afully into realized nanative, complete past withgraphics sound Ember Gobets and explores Amerlca's tuitb CarmenSandiego. effects. SlideShon's be can saved, replayed, edited, and sent friends floppy to on I(d dnks, Pk Companion also features infinitely an reusable electronic coloring book, andrecorded r,oices inspire withdrawing that kds For suggestions. Macintosh. 81653 w $+o Oder Toll-Frce-gn-795-l 000 1 Cill24hoursa day,7days aweek. Dialtoll-free 1-800-755-0601 for TDD. ah N| l\4irudl
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