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Dynamic Sectors of The Effi-Cycle • • • • Transmission System Braking Systems Suspension Systems Misc. Dynamic Parts Involved Sectors Discussed • Early self driven locomotive systems used to have the driver right above the wheel for manually powering it. • Leonardo Da Vinci with his innovative idea of chain and sprocket(cog). • With this it was possible to have the driver in the middle of the two wheels for better balancing and comfort Transmission Systems Chain and Sprocket Drive with Derailleur System • Components • • • • • • • • Pedal (extendable) Cranset Chain Cogset Derailleur Gears (Front/Rear) Shifters Bowden Cables Chain Tubes Chain and Sprocket Drive with Derailleur System Contd.. • This is a conventional system used in every mechanically driven locomotion systems. • The chain alignment and their spacing can be done according to our trike design. • The chains and can be extended from the pedal to derailleur using chain tubes and sprocket pulleys. Chain and Sprocket Drive with Derailleur System Contd.. • Since efficient braking system is also evaluated in the competition and also its one of the most important component in the trike, Disc Brakes. Braking Systems Braking Systems Contd.. • These are very important for smooth ride • Their locations will be at some key places for almost all the designs. • Only their orientations and dimensions may vary according to the chassis design • Key spots are • Head Tube Forks • Wheel to Chassis Zone • Seat Stay to Hub Suspension Systems • Usually for front and rear two different types of suspensions are used • Front : Simple Spring • Rear : Spring with a damper • The suspension systems specifications will be a standard set. • We need to use according to the simulation results Suspension Systems Contd.. Suspension Systems Contd.. Suspension Systems Contd..
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