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SAP Note 454004 Note Language: English PSBW: PROJ and WBSEL conversion exit Version: 5 Validity: Valid Since 14.03.2003 Summary Symptom The system does not display the name of the project or WBS element correctly in a query for the project system in BW. On the selection screen for a query, the default values are initial or displayed incorrectly in the F4 help for the project or WBS element. When you maintain the master data of the 0PROJECT or 0WBS_ELEMT InfoObjects, the system displays the initial technical name of the object in the case of manually created records. The functions of the PROJ and WBSEL conversion exits are unclear. Other terms 0PROJECT, 0WBS_ELEMT, master data, project, WBS element, PSBW, #, PROJ, WBSEL, rsd1, rsa1, conversion exit Reason and Prerequisites The master data may be incomplete in BW. Solution The cause is the PROJ and WBSEL conversion exit for the project and WBS element in BW: There are extensive options to edit the external display of the projects and WBS elements (project coding, edit mask) in the project system in R/3.These features are included in the conversion exit in the R/3 system. This extensive logic cannot be represented in BW.As a result, fields exist in the attributes of the 0PROJECT/0WBS_ELEMT InfoObjects, which contain the external name in each case:0PROJECT_EX and 0WBS_ELM_EX. The PROJ (for 0PROJECT) and WBSEL (0WBS_ELEMT) conversion exit now reads this external name in each case and displays it.If this external name does not exist, the problem described above occurs. Possible causes: o You loaded transaction data into BW and the corresponding master data does not exist:When you load transaction data, the system automatically generates entries in the master data table (however, only the primary key) - the other fields are initial for such entries. Solution: load all master data. You created master data manually and did not maintain the external name 0PROJECT_EX as a result. Solution:maintain the external name for the object. If you want to deactivate these effects, you must delete the conversion exit from the InfoObject - in this case you must always work with the internal name, which makes no difference if you do not use edit masks in the R/3 System. Another option is to only use the external name (0PROJECT_EX, 0WBS_ELM_EX) for the query definition. ======================================================================== o As of BW Release 2.1C patch 15, BW Release 3.0A patch 08, and BW Release 3.0B: If no external name is available in BW, the internal name is displayed. 10.01.2012 Page 1 of 3 SAP Note 454004 - PSBW: PROJ and WBSEL conversion exit Another symptom: Intervals are entered and one of the entered interval limits does not exist in the master data: Entry: Project: A.1 to A.2 (A.1 does not exist) Conversion: A.1 -> A.1 (no conversion) A.2 -> A2 Comparison of the interval limits: A2 < A.1 -> > > selection screen: Interval limits are swapped in the display A.2 to A.1 Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Released for Customer 17.03.2003 07:51:46 German Recommendations/additional info Consulting BW-BCT-PS Project System Valid Releases Software Component SAP_BW SAP_BW BI_CONT Release 21 30 330 From Release 21C 30B 330 To Release 21C 30B 330 and Subsequent X Support Packages Support Packages BI_CONT Release 330 Package Name SAPKIBICP1 Related Notes Number 595094 526203 515580 511938 429092 Short Text PSBW: Performance: Conversion exits PROJ and WBSEL PSBW: Consulting notes on PS content in BW Composite SAP note: Business Content 2.1C Support Package 15 Composite SAP note Business Content 3.0A patch 08 PSBW: Extraction of orders and order costs Attributes Attribute old release old release old release Value 0012.1C 0454004 0013.0A 0454004 0013.0A. BW-BCT BW-BCT BW-BCT 10.01.2012 Page 2 of 3 SAP Note 454004 Attribute PSBW: PROJ and WBSEL conversion exit Value 0454004X 10.01.2012 Page 3 of 3
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