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The Things They Carried

by derek-liu





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35 of 50 questions Q. Who is afraid of the Dentist? A. Curt Lemon Q. Who breaks his pact with Lee Strunk? A. Dave Jenson Q. What is yellow mother? A. A Game where they toss around a grenade after pulling out the pin to see who chickened out first Q. Why does Curt Lemon have a healthy tooth pulled? A. To prove that he was a man and wasn’t afraid of anything Q. Who dies as a result of yellow mother? A. Curt Lemon Q. First Soldier to die, carried tranquilizers A. Ted Lavender Q. Does Martha send Jimmy mixed signals? A. No Q. How is Vietnam different from checkers? A. Checkers is a organized game where things can be predicted while Vietnam was a war of unexpected circumstances and never knowing what could happen at any moment. Q. What happens on the chapter “enemies”? A. Lee Strunk steals a jack knife from Dave Jensen Q. The name of the medic? A. Rat Kiley Q. The machine Gunner A. Harry Dobbins Q. Does curt lemon’s sister respond to the letter she receives? A. NO Q. What is the emergency Fund? A. The emergency fund is the money Elroy gives O’Brien so that if O’Brien went to Canada he would have money so that he could start a new life in Canada. Q. Who steals a Jack Knife? A. Lee Strunk Q. Who is Mark Fossies GF? A. Mary Anne Bell Q. Does she have an Affair? A. No Q. Who are the greenies? A. The war-loving soldiers who became animals mentally due to the war Q. The “RTO” give Norman Bouker the thumb of a VC corpse, who am I? A. Mitchell Sanders Q. Carries Guilt for Ted Lavenders death A. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross Q. Why Does Tim cry on the boat with elroy? A. He knows that he cannot go to Canada because he couldn’t face the shame of being called unpatriotic and shameful to the country. Also he could not truly decide what he wanted to do. Q. Carries an illustrated New Testament A. Kiowa Q. The Elements of a true war story A. Never moral, no virtue, no rectitude (Morally correct behavior or thinking; righteousness),absolute and uncompromising allegiance to obscenity and evil, embarrasses you, difficult to separate what happens from what seemed to happen, can have lies added to it, never seems to end, and the moral is there is no moral. Q. The things they carried refers to the ____________ and ____________ burdens the soldiers carried on a daily basis A. Physical, and emotional Q. What are the freedom birds? A. They are basically army helicopters that pick people up to take them away from the war Q. What is important about the story of Mary Anne? A. Vietnam and war changes people really fast Q. Where is Mary Anne from? A. She is from Cleveland Heights Q. Why does Tim’ O Brien d decide to go to war? A. He couldn’t face the embarrassment of running away from the war and so he submitted and decided to go to war. Q. Does Martha mention the war in her letters, Why or why not? A. She never mentions the war in her letters because she doesn’t want to think about the war. Q. How does Martha respond when Jimmy says he loves her? A. She kept walking, didn’t answer back, and then looked at her wrist watch and said it was getting late ___________________________________________________________________________________ These questions I am not sure of the answers to. Q. What are some of the intangible things they carry? A. They carried the unweighed fear , love, and all other emotions. Q. What is Martha a symbol of? A. Q. What is a wheel chair wound? A. Q. Why do the men use hard vocabulary? A. They used a hard vocabulary to contain the terrible softness and their own emotions about the war. Quotes: “His mute watchfulness, he made it real, he was the true audience. He was a witness, like god, or like gods,who look on in absolute silence as we live our lives, as we make our choices or fail to make them.” Describes Elroy Berdahl and said by O’Brien “Hear that quiet, that quiet, there’s your moral” Mitchell Sanders said this to O’Brien
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