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ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz

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ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz
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  • Get now! ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz Link to ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz Service Manual ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz for free ELL 240 Week 4 DQ 2 ( Quiz Your Classmate ) 2 Different Answers A + Work With References Chapters 16, 17, and 18 provide a cognitive progression of Sheltered Instruction and English as a Second Language Instruction as they are used to lead to effective language acquisition. In this discussion post, read the three assigned chapters and complete each of the tasks below. In your own words, summarize one of the following main ideas from the reading: Asher’s Total Physical Response Sheltered Instruction English as a Second Language vs. English Language Learners Be sure to include descriptions, definitions, comparisons or any other
  • information that will help a first-time reader have a working understanding of the topic you choose to summarize. Create five questions about the topic you chose. Summarize and list the questions in an organized fashion so one of your classmates can answer them. Â Â INCLUDES TWO ANSWERS TO HELP YOU SCORE BETTER NETW 240 Week 4 Quiz Description 1. (TCO 4) When one directory contains another directory, that relationship is expressed by calling the first a _____ and the second a subdirectory 2. (TCO 4) This command line tool is used to determine if a particular network device is reachable 3. (TCO 4) Which of the following actions should be performed first? 4. (TCO 4) The _____ option for the useradd command specifies the number of days after the password expires until the account is disabled 5. (TCO 5) When using useradd, if you create an account called amoffett, the home directory will be _____. 6. (TCO 5) Which service allows an administrator to dynamically assign IP addresses to host computers on a network? Related Products MKTG 522 Week 1 Course Project Topic Proposal HOSP 330 Week 7 Assignment You Decide MGMT 592 Week 1 Assignment Leadership ECET 110 Week 2 Quiz LAWS 310 Week 7 Homework JADM 340 Week 1 Homework GSP 115 Week 2 iLab Product Description To make curriculum accessible to English language learners (ELLs), teachers must be able to integrate strategies to help them develop social and academic language skills in English and provide support by using comprehensible input and scaffolding. Accommodations should be based on current theories and research in language and literacy development, and they should address the interrelationship between culture and language. For this assignment, you will read the "Classroom Scenario" from Pathways to teaching series: Practical strategies for teaching english language learners. In a five- to eight-page paper, complete the following: PART 1: Analysis Analyze the scenario by addressing the following:  Identify the strategies used in the scenario to help ELLs develop social and academic language skills in English. Explain if these strategies are effective. Why or why not?  Explain how instructional input and scaffolding are used to support ELLs.  Discuss current theories and research in ELL development. Give specific examples of how the teacher used theory and research to support his practice. Provide specific examples to support your points. Make sure to discuss the teacher’s or students’ actions in the scenario, and align them to specific concepts learned during the course. Whenever appropriate, use course vocabulary to demonstrate your knowledge of how it is applied and activated in the field. PART 2: Action Plan Discuss next steps the teacher should take to best facilitate effective language development for the ELLs in his classroom. Be sure to properly cite sources of information that support your suggestions. Your action plan must include the following components:  Identify and describe at least one, but no more than two, standards. You may either use Common Core Standards or state ELD standards.  Describe three to four standards-based interventions/activities based on student data as described in the scenario. Explain why you’re suggesting the intervention/activity.  For each intervention/activity, explain how you used fundamental theories of ELL instruction to inform your thinking. Get now! ELL 240 Week 4 Quiz
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