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Why You Need a Life Insurance Cover

by bajaj-allianz





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Life comes with risk. Unforeseen circumstances can upset all your plans and put your family's financial well-being in jeopardy. Life insurance is the best weapon you have to protect your family from the consequences of such unforeseen situations. This brief presentation will tell you more about why life insurance is an absolute necessity for everyone.
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  • 1. Why You Need a LifeInsurance CoverLife comes with risk. Are you protected?Powered by
  • 2. • Anyone who has financialliabilities.• Anyone who does not haveenough assets to fund theirretirement adequately.• Anyone with life goals thatrequire them to take a loan.Who Needs a Life Cover?
  • 3. Risks That You Face• Dying too early• Living too long• Becoming disabled/critically illand losing your earningcapacity
  • 4. How Life Insurance Can Help - I• They cover the risk of dyingby paying a lump sum to thenominee (usually a familymember) on death of the policyholder.• This money is generally usedto honour your outstandingdebts, preventing the liquidationof family’s assets.
  • 5. How Life Insurance Can Help – II•They channel your savings intovarious assets to create long-term returns.• The steady savings help youto finance your life goals.• Some plans give you a regularincome during retirement,ensuring that your lifestylestays the same.
  • 6. Thank YouLife comes with risk. Are you protected?Powered by
  • 7. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you by
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