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3 leadership habits all managers should learn from Jay-Z

by piethis



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  • To bring out the best in your team, you have to bring out the best in yourself.
  • Jay-Z consistently out-work everyone and perform at his highest level.
  • Rita Ora once arrived late to a recording session, and Jay-Z made her pay a fine.
  • Instead of making her work harder because of fear, this made her want to impress him even more due to his relentless work ethic.
  • ! Jay-Z is always on time during recording sessions. He memorises all of his lines and never wasted time that leads to any costly re-takes.
  • As the team leader, your actions set the expectations of everyone around you.
  • If you want to push people to work even harder and deliver even better work, start with yourself and perform accordingly.
  • Most rappers only collaborate with other rappers.
  • Jay-Z works with rappers, artists from other genres and even people from entirely different industries.
  • Other than working with Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park…
  • He owns sports teams with Russian billionaires and negotiates hundred million dollar contracts for athletes.
  • Jay-Z find success as a leader because he’s constantly learning from people different than him.
  • This habit gives him a wealth of experiences that he can apply to future business endeavours.
  • When people work with Jay-Z, they know they’re working with someone who will be there for them no matter what comes.
  • Once when a Cristal executive publicly denounce that HipHop was giving a bad impression to their brand…,8599,2032217,00.html
  • Other than a strong press release, he also pulled the champagne from his line of sports lounges and encouraged other rappers to do the same.
  • The comment wasn’t even directed to Jay-Z or his label…
  • But he felt that he needed to defend the entire culture of hip-hop from being slandered.
  • He have defended Rihanna’s controversial choice to get back together with Chris Brown.
  • Not forgetting being by Kanye’s side after that incident with Taylor Swift.
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