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  • Here we look into and get out of bed what are known as The Innovations Pipeline and pump into it with these thoughts in here. To make Innovations more. To push Innovations through the pipe.
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  • "Creativity is that which is thought of then made and that, especially in the marketing of things and products. Innovation is when you do that and call it something else, and the meaning is in the word, but you don't know it."
  • Top Level Obligatoriness
  • This robust funnelling will ensure deep retention and a future- lookwards thinkspace for everyone at all times on everything wherever possible or required.
  • R&D
  • They are an R&D. Together, however, they are more than that. Individually, they are just an 'R' and a 'D'. Quite simply, an R&D.
  • It makes sense. Always on R & D Always an R&D. You are an R&D.
  • Innovating This, in itself, is through the pipe You make them meaning.
  • of this'. the 'thisness and embodify actthink You need to
  • By beifying the whole holistic superposition, i.e. to use analagous ones, like mineral, water, tree, the fishes and so forth, we clearly infuse into the daily body from the very first dialoguing experience outwards to deliveration and beyond the box mindthoughts.
  • By actually creating time— by putting new hours into the day so that instead of 24 hours per day there are now, for example, 35— we will be able to innovate. This is what we call "Creatnovating": thinking of something, imaging it out in a smart Blue Universe Hacklympics,
  • Talk at everyone about The Innovation Pipeline and how it works when it is pumping with flow. Use all the social networks and everything and repeat, quote and copy everything that mentions Innovation no matter what.
  • You will inculcate a positive- wise feeling matrix in everyone who believes it or just doesn't know anything, hence ensuring a 99 percent literal uptake.
  • Here we establish the role of the KPI Officer and how they can use their KPIs here. These are useful and should be monitored at every stage. They allow us to Innovate and underpin this with their usefulness. A KPI Officer can officiate along the whole pipeline as throughput is pushed along and out in a positive, smart and robust flowforth that does not just spray willy nilly but is a tight, strong stream. There must be KPIs.
  • All of this is just nonsense, of course, unless people not only accept, but believe it to be true. There are many many ways to achieve this— just take a look at all of the articles and interviews on the subject of Innovation in advertising. All of them must be right because they say so.
  • You can get somebody to come in to your agency and talk about Innovation.
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  • They will also be able to adeptly disguise gimmickry, ruses, artifice, stunts, gizmos, widgets, ploys, and imposture as
  • Innovation through massive, intense Pipeline pump- through.
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