Ragging is a crime

by raziv-hasan



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  •  A traditional & systematical human rights abuse practiced by seniors upon fresher's . It can be physical & mental.
  •  The ragging problem is a legacy of the BRITISH.  BRITISH imported the practice to India from elite public schools back home.  Started in its mild form in the 8th century A.D. during the Olympics in Greece.  Affected countries –USA,INDIA,BANGLADESH
  • MILD RAGGING  Mild ragging helps in breaking the ice between the seniors and juniors.  It provides a platform for the juniors and the seniors to interact. SEVERE RAGGING  Ragging which leads to mental trauma ,or instills a fear in the minds of the juniors.  Sometimes ragging can also be the cause of deaths & mental illness.
  •  Some people believe that ragging is a way to build character.  Mild ragging makes college life exciting.  It provides a platform for the juniors & seniors to get to know each other.
  •  Ragging can result physical injury due to beating.  It is an abuse of rights.  Sometimes students are so affected by ragging that they drop out of college.  Can also result in death.
  • MYTHS  Ragging makes a student bold and prepares us for the difficult circumstances in life. It makes us strong  Ragging helps in developing friendship between senior & junior. FACTS  Boldness as instilled by ragging is a weak acceptance of fate by victims.  Ragging divides the students on the lines of caste ,region ,class etc. It sets mob mentality in the students.
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  •  DIED IN: March 8, 2009  REASON: Beaten by the senior students & caused death.  DIED IN: June 14, 2007  REASON: Committed suicide for mentally tortured by the seniors .
  • Serious psychological trauma. It leads to mob mentality and violent mindset. Forceful initiation to alcoholism, drugs. Running away from college & hostel. Post traumatic stress disorders. Fear, anxiety, depression. Group violence. Can also result in death.
  • AT COLLEGE LEVEL  Sensitization programs for both the fresher and the seniors.  Promoting cultural events for fresher- senior interaction.  Pro-active checking in the hostels and anonymous surveys of the entire fresher batch. AT GOVT LEVEL  Firstly to implement anti-ragging guidelines.  Task force to monitor the activities.  National level awareness campaigns , promotion of social science research on ragging.
  • In some countries ragging has been banned, but still we hear many incidents every year. Let us join hands. Let us make a difference. Let us put a stop. Don’t rag ….interact.....and behave.
  •  Ragging is nasty manifestation of popular culture. It means teasing or abusing or playing practical joke on any student or asking forcefully any student to do any act, or perform which he/she don’t willingly perform. 1.Massive nationwide awareness 2.Ragging needs to be established as a social taboo. 3.Need to train faculty to handle it. 4.Strict law enforcement for Ragging. I Think-
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