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How the Brain Works

by amanda-hector



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How the brain impacts on sales mindset
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  • 1 How the Brain Works
  • 2 The human brain is a remarkable organ. Every moment it takes in a massive amount of information and organises it into patterns that we can recognise and understand. However, the brain can only process so much information at one time.
  • 3 So in order to make sense of the world, it engages in three specific activities: 1. Deletes 2. Distorts 3. Generalises
  • 4 When we decide to focus on something, the brain automatically selects out information that does not support that area of focus.
  • 5 We start seeing more of what we're looking for and less of what we aren't looking for.
  • 6 The danger comes when we start looking for the wrong things. If we look for problems, we will find them!
  • 7 Conversely, if you start focusing on your goal and vision, you will see every opportunity that comes your way.
  • 8 On problems and you miss the opportunity. On opportunity and the problems will vanish.
  • 9 They key to success is to delete problems, not solutions. That's why setting goals and having a vision is so important.
  • 10 The human brain also has a tendency to distort or exaggerate the truth to make the good things better and the bad things worse.
  • 11 Distortion is characterised by the use of extreme words such as "never" or "always.“
  • 12 ‘’That client never accepts my calls’’
  • 13 ‘’I’ve always been rubbish at sales’’
  • 14 ‘’Every time I call they are rude to me’’
  • 15 ‘’No one is hiring at the moment’’
  • 16 Distortion puts us in disempowering mental and emotional states, and focuses on the problem rather than the solution.
  • 17 Generalise
  • 18 Generalisation is the process through which our beliefs are formed. This is where we draw global conclusions based on one, two or more experiences.
  • 19 At its best, generalisation is one of the ways that we learn, whereby we take the information we have and draw broad conclusions about the world based on one or more experiences.
  • 20 At its worst, generalisation is how we take a single event and make it into a lifetime of experience. This is a common occurrence in sales!
  • 21 Support your brain to improve your sales: 1. Focus on the positives 2. Mind your language 3. Don’t hallucinate!
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