Add zing to your craft with japanese washi masking tape

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  • Add Zing to Your Craft with Japanese Washi Masking Tape

    In craft blogs and forums, you might have hit upon random references to Washi Masking Tape

    and have seen it numerous times on Pinterest, some of you must have used it even, to meet

    varying purposes. Nevertheless, have you ever thought of knowing it more closely, like, what

    washi tape actually is, how it has made its position in art and craft, where it can be acquired?

    Well, I bet you never have or never got time enough. However, this endearing, versatile thing

    needs little exposure so that people, who are not aware of it, may start using it right away.

    The Tape and its Origination

  • Although, such tape is widely acknowledged as washi tape, it originated in Japan, and it

    is more like a masking tape, so no wonder why people at large, address it, as Japanese

    Washi Masking Tape.You will find it excessively cute and agreeable to look at, these

    masking tapes are out and out paper made but not at all fragile. These tapes are resilient,

    strong, and available in several patterns and designs. Crafters and artists use them largely

    and apply it with love and obsession.

    Well, obsession is not an overstatement, as the moment you start using it in creating

    different artifacts and design, like, simply wrapping gift, decorating notes, scrapbooks,

    journals, you will literally fall in love with it. You will keep on doing using it, as if you

    are in some kind of trance and be entirely forgetful about time. These tapes are available

    in varying width so you do not have to compromise on your designs and generate

    anything, whatever you are having on your creative psyche.

    Where to have them

    For last couple of years Japanese Washi Masking Tape has taken market by storm and

    almost every craft manufacturers and Etsy store is concentrating on etching their designs

    on washi mt masking tape. Although the roll price is variable depending upon width,

    quality design and texture but they are available for minimum $5.

    You will find variety of designs while browsing through Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy

    store. There are solid color tapes, polka dots, animating tapes, beautiful Norway

    Designtapes and many more. If you are thinking of initiating your crafting venture at the

    moment, you will find polka dot washi tapes as the finest alternative, paving an easier

    way for you to have your washi craft expedition started.

    If you are having penchant for collage, you will get opportunity to take pleasure in 30

    wonderfully created collages with Collages with Japanese Washi Paper Masking Tape,

    Japanese Craft Book, available on Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy store. The book will

    motivate you, draw out your creative self, sleeping inert. So if you are into handmade

    projects or some art work or on gift wrapping project, this book will work as a preamble.

    Some Brilliant Ideas to get started with your Washi Tape

  • Instead of ribbon, you can use washi tape and wrap the gift. It looks impressive and you

    do not have to be scared, thinking about factors like symmetry and synchrony. No matter

    how you use them, the outcome will be stunning.

    Facing hitch while dealing with your day planner or calendar, these washi tapes will help

    you stay organized out and out. There are transparent tapes, which will help you locate

    the important dates; all you have to use the tape and write upon it and your job is


    If you are a craft aficionado or a scrapbook enthusiast, washi tape is going to swoon you with

    variety of ideas. You do not need anyone to tell you how to use it, as you can devise ways to

    eternalize memories and generate something unique something unexceptionally good.

    Add Zing to Your Craft with Japanese Washi Masking Tape