Beautiful japanese washi masking tape for multiple utilization

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  1. 1. Beautiful - Japanese Washi Masking Tape for Multiple Utilization July 30, 2015 Whenever Japanese Washi Masking Tape is referred to, beautiful decorative masking tapes come to mind. These tapes are beautiful and can be used on varying purposes. You can use them for scrapbooks, for interior and exterior decoration. When you are having crafter mind and looking for something innovative to try out, Washi Masking Tape is something will be helping you to try new crafts and designs. You can make some of the coolest things ever and then exhibit it to your friends and family members.
  2. 2. These masking tapes are addressed as Washi and it carries deeper denotation like wa means harmonization and shi it means paper. So washi masking paper is to hint at those adhesive papers which are having some sort of synchronization quality. Unlike western masking paper washi is prepared from Japanese shrubs and nearly from any plant they can be prepared but fundamentally they are made from kozo, mitsumata, ganpi and hemp. Washi feels so light as its texture is very soft and this is one of the basic differences that make them stand apart from the common range of masking tapes. You will see wonderful designs printed over the tape.
  3. 3. For different kinds of crafts Japanese Washi Masking Tape can be used as you will find no grain in the paper. So you can tear the paper in any direction and it will go on performing, right the way you want. If you tear a paper or any other tape, you will find unevenness or one end being torn nicely with the other torn hideously, it is because of their inflexibility and grain problem. But washi is not like that it has strength and optimum flexibility to boast. This tape is for multi utilization. Japan Lovely Crafts will get you wonderful horde of masking tapes, which you can use for varying purposes. They are inexpensive and good to be used nearly at any time. Washi hardly leaves any gluey layer. So you can easily stick the tape on your copy or calendar or anywhere and later pull it out without making the area sticky. You can use the tape on computer, desk, wall, cupboard on your wrist watch, shoes, bed stand everywhere.
  4. 4. Some of the fantastic variations offered by Japan Lovely Crafts are Pink Polka Dot Tape, DECO Series, Japanese mt Washi Paper Masking Tape, Colorful Flag - Japanese Washi Paper Masking Tape, Lace, Japanese Washi Paper Masking Tape, Pegasus White, Mina Perhonen - Japanese mt Washi Paper Masking Tape - Scrapbooking, Collage, Gift Wrapping. Ribbon Bow Pink R - Japanese Washi Paper Masking Tape - mt ex - Scrapbooking, Kawaii Collage, Gift Wrapping, Decor Art Sticker.