NCECA 2014: Lisa Hammond, Mark Hewitt, Mary Ann Steggles, Tony Clennell

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Panel: Where Are the Studio Potters? Where have all the potters gone? What is causing a decline in studio pottery? Lack of training? No interest from young people? Government cutbacks? Answers and challenges by panelists look at positive ways to save the studio pottery movement! Lisa Hammond Mark Hewitt Mary Ann Steggles Tony Clennell


  • 1. Where Have All the Potters Gone? Last Gasp or Rebirth? Mary Ann Steggles With Mark Hewitt, Lisa Hammond, Tony Clennell

2. Valerie Metcalfe worries about young persons entering career path 3. Threats Chinese ceramic imports Costs to attend major sales High rent of prime sales/studio locations Rising costs of land Problems getting a mortgage Change in tourist patterns Cut back in government grants 4. Hurting Sales in Canada.. Implementation of the passport [2008] Value of the Canadian $ in relation to the US $ 9/11 Rise in price of petrol Recession and stock market crash [2008] 5. Cathi Jeffersons Studio Duncan BC 6. The Snowball Effect Fewer students registering in programmes Programmes being cut Lack of comprehensive training 7. Change is Occurring! 8. At the University Of Manitoba Newly designed curriculum Matches strengths of faculty/instructors with students 9. MARK HEWITT 10. Kizaemon O Ido Tea Bowl 11. North Carolina Brown Mug 12. Mark Hewitts Mugs 13. Adopt a Potter Introduction 14. Yasuko our 10th adopted apprentice. Throwing practice with host potter Akiko Hirai 15. Lucas passing on skills to Darren the next apprentice. My apprentices are funded by myself, But like to get involved in the charity too ! Darren who is now working independently is now a Trustee 16. Anna Simmons Learning Kiln Building Jeromy has taken Anna on at his own cost for a second year of training 17. Fleen and Micki wood firing Fleen is now working independently as a potter and has also become a trustee of AaP ! 18. My Apprentice Ellie helping to raise Money for Adopt a Potter Apprentices 19. The Adult Tsunami Tony Clennell 20. Isaac Button A strong foundation 21. Clay Making Clay doesnt grow on plastic bags 22. Throwing Skill Building 23. BENZ Pottery is alive and well 24. Pinecroft Pinecroft Centre for the Arts 25. Studio North Island College Professional Potters Certificate Program 26. Keep on Truckin