Hells angels motorcycle club

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  • Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

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  • Publisher : Merrell

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  • ISBN : 1858944074

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  • Photographer Andrew Shaylor was given unique access, over several years, to the secret world ofthe Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He set out to assemble a truthful depiction of this muchmisunderstood group, and the result is a remarkable collection of photographs. Now available inpaperback for the first time, Shaylor's powerfully honest portraits show the diversity of the club'smembers, while images of important HAMC events give fascinating insights into a club that hasremained closed to outsiders...until now. Over 300 stunning photographs - including new imagesappearing for the first time in this edition - reveal the rich diversity of the HAMC. It features HAMCevents, members' motorcycles, clubhouses, over 100 incisive portraits and a multitude of details thatuniquely define HAMC culture. It contains a specially commissioned foreword by Sonny Barger,internationally well-known and respected member of the HAMC.

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