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PowerPoint PresentationRise Above the ExpectedTHE FUTURE OF THE SMART CAR ERA The Electro RevolutionIt started 15 years ago, now this is where we are.75%79%80%100%50%According to Marie McGehee4, 14 automakers control 80% of the global car marketeach one has a connected car strategy. Connected Car StrategyAccording to a 2010 study1 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicular communication systems could help avoid 79% of all traffic incidences. Driverless cars are here to save us! Check out Googles2.SafetyThe 19 trillion dollar3 IoT opportunity is the contemporary gold rush. The automotive segment is growing 50% per year, 10 times more than the unconnected car branch. Industry Growth By 2020, BI Intelligence estimates5 that 75% of cars shipped globally will have the necessary hardware to allow people to stream music, look up movie times, be alerted with weather and traffic conditions, etc. Check out this infographic6to learn more. Fast DevelopmentNow is 100% the right time to get involved in this industry. Soon we will see how Apple and Android got involved. TimingMy First TemplateAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Due to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), cars will become much safer and more efficient as they grow increasingly aware-of and react-to the surrounding driving environment and conditions. 010203Adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, night vision, lane-keeping assist and collision warning systems with automatic steering and braking intervention FeaturesDesigned to prevent accidents by taking partial control of cars movements. PredictiveThese automated safe systems are paving the way for tomorrows fully autonomous cars. Freescale7FutureMy First TemplateContext Awareness in 4 Steps 01020304A good computer system that is able to sync contextual-activities measures of the sensors and their intercommunication is needed. Syncing Contextual-Activities MeasuresIntegrating technologies into an embedded control unit (ECU), with its own computer software would complicate the process, so we need Open Source Techs. Embedded Control Unit (ECU)A centralized approach and an open source framework is key. Systems are becoming more complex and even more technologies are going to be developed. Open Source FrameworkOn one hand, they act as a funnel with a common approach that a developer would love. On the other hand, their flexibility lets different vendors provide information that is consumable by any driving controller. Open Source TechsMy First TemplateAndroid Auto vs. Apple CarPlay If CarPlay supports on Apples native messaging application, it will fall behind Android Auto. Apple CarPlayAndroid Auto features full support for integrating third-part messaging applications like Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, and more. For absolute breadth of apps, Google takes the lead without a hitch. Andoid AutoA Connected Auto Challenge My First TemplateShifting Gears Atoomas RoleAtooma EntersNow is the time to enter the IoT scene and Atooma developed a technology that would be the key enabler. Where We LookWe look toward a future where the car puts in all the important information, automates it and leaves the driver to just turn the steering wheel. The BenefitsAutomating information provides major benefits of safety and pleasure to the automobilist and useful customizable sets of data. The GoalThe goal is to peel off all the annoying and unnecessary parts of the driving experience turn it back into its essence: the travel and its charm. My First TemplateObjectivesHow We Aim to Help Automotive Related Businesses Objective One:Suggest a preset of use cases (email, weather alert, etc.) that involve the drivers objects and apps in this keep-on-synchronizing process to accommodate daily needs. 1Objective Two:Bring context and object awareness to inanimate objects, with intelligent reactions and suggestions based on the drivers needs or routines. 2My First TemplateRELAX. LET ATOOMA DO IT. LOW FUEL LEVELDid a sensor revel that the fuel level is low? This information will be taken and sent to the navigation system, which will instantly display the closest gas stations.LUNCH TIMETheres a nice restaurant that cooks the car owners favorite dish just around the corner. Suddenly, a notification appears. BREAKING NEWSWhat to know the breaking news while driving to work? Hear it read directly from the car speakers from the drivers favorite agency feed. Atooma takes sensors, collects their live data, analyzes them and consequently reacts in a smart and useful way. Give it a try. Not Just For ConsumersWe Talk Business Too. INTEGRATIONWith more than 80 sensors, devices , and apps on mobile and wearable devices. READY TO USE Vertical smart actions based on two years of data from the app. SUGGESTION ENGINE APITo deliver intelligent smart actionsWHITE LABEL INTEGRATIONFor partners (automotive, brands, device manufacturers)My First TemplateRISE ABOVE THE EXPECTEDVisit our Blog and Read the Full ArticleShare on: RISE ABOVE THE EXPECTEDConnect with us. 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