The Delivery & Transportation Management System (DTMS) for MS Dynamics NAV

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  1. 1. Delivery & Transportation Management System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Getting Started
  2. 2. Contents • Inroduction • Installation • Setup • Resources: Drivers & Vehicles • Delivery (Transport) Order • Transportation (flight, haul) • Allocation & Routing • Contacts
  3. 3. Inroduction • The Delivery & Transportation Management System (DTMS) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a functional prototype of business solution for delivery department in the distribution, manufacturing or service companies that have their own or outsourcing transports and drivers. • You can free download source code of DTMS for testing, implementation and modification for your own solution development ( • Current version of the DTMS is for NAV 2009 (W1 R2) Classic Client.
  4. 4. Installation • For installing and testing the DTMS you must use Microsoft Dynamics NAV license for development. The most of the C/SIDE objects of this solution have 1234567xx-numbers. Also, you may renumber objects in range you need.
  5. 5. Installation • Warning: during the DTMS testing you must work in a database for testing but not in your enterprise database. • Import objects from file:
  6. 6. Objects. Tables
  7. 7. Objects. Forms
  8. 8. Objects. Reports
  9. 9. Objects. Codeunits
  10. 10. Objects. MenuSuite
  11. 11. Setup “Target Company For Processing” - the setup parameter to determine company name where Delivery (or Transport) Orders are processing.
  12. 12. Resources. Driver
  13. 13. Resources. Vehicle
  14. 14. Delivery Order. Doc-sources Purchase/Sales Invoice, Purchase/Sales Order, Purchase/Sales Credit Memo, Purchase/Sales Return Order, Transfer Order are the document-sources for Delivery Orders.
  15. 15. Delivery Order. Create In the DTMS’s prototype, there is processing only report for making Delivery Order. In the real system you may integrate function from report with different document-sources (orders, invoices and so on). Also, you may create Delivery (Transport) Order manually.
  16. 16. Delivery Order
  17. 17. Transportation Journal
  18. 18. Allocation & Routing Delivery Orders and Transportation Planner (DOT-Planner) More information on - Automatic heuristic script which compares set of delivery orders and set of vehicles, and allocates ones between others, and plans routes for minimum costs.
  19. 19. Contacts Alexander A. Stepanov e-mail: for consultation, support and training


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