2008 Web Based Trends

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Presentation from HTC Starting a Web-based Business Seminar on 1/30/2008 by Josh Tabin


1. 2008 WEB-BASED TRENDS HTC Web-based Business Startup Seminar Joshua Tabin, Startup Houston 2. STARTUP HOUSTON Startup Houston ( www.startuphouston.com ) advocates and supports technology based startups in the greater Houston region by bringing local entrepreneurs and developers in contact with the greater marketplace through blog articles, sponsorship of social networking events and education of the startup process. Our team: Kurt Stoll, Chief Technology Evangelist Josh Tabin, Chief Rainmaker 3. DISCLAIMER Forecasting is an imperfect science The only guarantee I can make you is that I am wrong; the questions is how wrong am I? The following are my personal thoughts on what are important trends on the web based on my own research and review of other, and smarter, peoples lists 4. TOP TRENDS Mobile, mobile and mobile Social network and profile management Hyper-targeted advertising The global economy gets small Deconstruction of internal IT 5. MOBILE EXPLOSION Mobile web usage is poised to take off in the US as it is already quite prevalent overseas Multimedia content from and on mobile devices The success of the iPhone shows us the desire of consumers to mobilize their content; Googles Android could accelerate mobile web as well as 3G deployment; Companies that leverage mobile platforms to allow ease of distributing content as well as receive more robust services like video and gaming should do well Location based services that mashup with social media should bring usage to new levels 6. KEEPING UP WITH SOCIAL Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter etcwho can keep up? OpenID should become ubiquitous with recent adoption by AOL and Yahoo allowing for easier profile management Web based services should begin a migration to the desktop as Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight gain traction Consolidation are overdue but can valuations hold up 7. ADVERTISING SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Time shifting (podcast, DVR) has made attention a elusive item for advertisers Bartering your attention to advertisers is being tested with peer-to-peer ad supported downloads (SpiralFrog, Qtrax, MySpace) User defined ad profiles will allow individuals to structure their interest so advertisers can deliver relevant ads instead of the historic shotgun approach Location based advertising should begin to enter into the market as retailers test mobile couponing based on proximity to a location 8. HYPER LOCAL Peer-to-peer eCommerce: small business growth should accelerate as the macro economic conditions worsen Niche social communities: special interest communities will pop up at a more rapid rate allowing small business the ability to compete for business with larger enterprise Micro-blogging: applications like Twitter will enable increased dialogue and information sharing with a broader audience, providing small business with a new medium for having conversations with their market 9. WHAT DONT YOU OUTSOURCE? There is little that cannot be outsourced from an IT perspective today, making it more of a commodity than ever Software as a Service: more standard software packages will have an online, utilitarian model turning the traditional licensing model on its head CRM (SalesForce, SugarCRM, Highrise) ERP (NetSuite) Business tools (ZoHo, Google Apps) Cloud/utility computing Amazon Web Services Content delivery networks 10. BIG PICTURE I expect a significant slowdown in the global economy in 2008 which will hamper growth; Companies with an advertising based model will need to prepare for a pullback in spending, enough to weather a storm of potentially significant proportions; Venture investing will continue in web tech but have to demonstrate strong long-term returns when compared to hot industries: Nanotech Green tech Healthcare 11. JOSH TABIN [email_address] [email_address] WWW.STARTUPHOUSTON.COM


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