5 Ways to Procrastinate NOW

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So you have been finishing your work on time, spending quality time with your family, keeping your boss and peers happy? Whats wrong with you! Its time to Start Procrastinating Now! This tips will help you perform poorly at work and shake up your perfect work/life balance.


  • 1. ways to startProcrastinating Procrastination is defined as the act of delaying or postponing.Postponing is defined as to cause or arrange to have something to take place at a time later than was first scheduled.Schedule is defined as a plan for carrying out a process or procedure,givinglists of the intended time one will take.Taking one's time is defined as procrastination. Look Up Definitions of Wordswww searchengine cornSc rch En inc I dene:procrastination SearchLooking up the denition of words using Google www. goog| e.comEspecially words you already know can res y help to keep you from dc rig whatever it IS you are supposed to be doing,unless you are supposed to be looking up the denitions of words you alreacy know.IF which case.movedirecty to the next item in this listThe lntemet is a great source of procrastination wwwnyancatcomand remember that you do not need to ml:ycurse He just one search eng ne.See what the top hits are for thesame key words on crfferen:search p atforn-rs,Do-es chang rig rhe word order or ycu' search change the resu ts2 _ Worry About Things You Have No control overFixate on the negative until you are completely paralyzed,which will effectively make it impossible for you to tackle things that you canaccomplish. Worries,and fear of failure,are thekeys to successful procrastination. Do not wait.If you wait to startprocrastinating you may find that J R you have already done everything 0 0you need to do,and so there isat I" '1Without time-sensitive things to do pROCRAS| |NA| E left undone,procrastination Nbecomes pointless and unnecessary. nothing to postpone. Be Easily overwhelmed Bite off more than you can chew whenever you open your mouth.Take on others workload,and then resent and complain about it.Resisthelp from those who offer it. Never delegate,or if you must,makesure to micromanage every actionthey take. 5_ Distractions Distractions Distractions:comes on your phone!Gaming apps are a great way to procrastinate.That next level isnot going to complete itself!TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE GO TO:nt: p.. -'. "bcug. t~: I~: -:. wv3rln rurrr. -'5.-w; iystartprr; c'aStInatIng-"owl"FOR MORE TASKWORLD INFOGRAPHICS GO TO: rilip . -. -'Lir; rs, has-