6 tips to success in Instagram Fashion Business

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6 tips to success in -Instagram-fashion business01Use high quality photos only02Select the model who matches withYour brand personality03Feed your IG on a daily basisDecoration and settings are always prepared (@atreasurebox)Effective feeding time: 8-9 am (rush hour) and 7-9pm@frontnine_brand always choose feminine and cheerful models04leverage others user base to promote your igFollow & tag promoteshop IG accounts (free or paid)Promotebynt_Promote_shop_allPromotesbybpchPromotebloggClothsicBaggroundjewdiary05Stay on Unique design With reasonable priceTripleb and the Garden, top IG brands whose ave. prices range between 600-1,200 THB, are good examples06And lastly, Go offline sometimes!Popular apparel brand, Stylesyrups, at LOLmarketCreditsIG Brands@pbm_store@thegarden1st@ladyjanebrand@atreasurebox@triplebshop@frontnine_brand@style_syrups@lolmarket_bkkhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/girl-woman-sunshine-person-7307/https://pixabay.com/en/mobile-phone-mobile-smartphone-791644/https://picjumbo.com/iphone-lying-on-macbook-keyboard/designed by presento