ActiveRain Best Tips for Using Print Marketing in Your Real Estate Business

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ActiveRain Community Evangelist, Bob Stewart shares some of the great ideas of members shared for how they maximize their ROI on every dollar they spend on print marketing. Do you send out 'just listed' postcards? There might be a better way. Does your print marketing have a good call to action? We'll share some of the best. People still go to their mailbox, almost every day, so we want to make sure that when they get your message that it's the best possible message you could be sending.


  • 1. Crowdsourcingthe Way toBetter PrintMarketing
  • 2. What isCrowdsourcing
  • 3. Bob StewartCommunity Evangelist@activebobPresenterIdea FactoryYou Guys and GalsActiveRain Community@activerain
  • 4. Does Print ReallyWork Still?
  • 5. 80%+ of people goonline to nd listingsBut Where DoSellers Go to Findan Agent?
  • 6. We All UseThese......
  • 7. Signs Are PrintMarketing53% UsedYard Sign duringInformation gathering process ClarkWarner Robbins GA
  • 8. Your Flyer is PrintMarketing77% of rst-time buyers drove by ahome viewed online ReynoldsClarksville TN
  • 9. DoesYour BusinessCard Pop!? Allan NaggarRiverside CAKathy SchoweLa Quinta CA
  • 10. What We ReallyThink of as PrintMarketing
  • 11. Consistency Ann ClelandBristowVA
  • 12. Fertilizing theGarden GoodeRaleigh NC
  • 13. Know the Farm(10% turnover per year) InvolvedRick SnowEl Paso TX
  • 14. CombineTouches withPrint Marketing KornKansas City MO
  • 15. A Great Place toDrive ThemYou Need a Website DillardAustin TX
  • 16. Find a Niche TodaroFranklin MA
  • 17. USPSEvery Door DirectMail
  • 18. Market Leader ProBuy Lists Based on:AreaIncomeHomeowner/RenterLength of ResidenceEstimated HomeValueAgeLifestyle DataPolitical Afliation
  • 19. What Kind of ThingsShouldYou Send
  • 20. Just ListedJust Sold Bet GottwaldCamp Hill PA
  • 21. Potential Call toActionGet notied every time a newlisting hits the market in ____See WhatYour House Might SellForGet a Flyer for this PropertyTexted toYouGet a FreeValuation onYourHome
  • 22. MarketStatistics*make sure it highlights your expertiseRecent Sales
  • 23. Clear Call to ActionText to Lead SwiedlerNew Milford CT
  • 24. Clear Call to ActionFree HomeValuation HoranSaint Cloud FL
  • 25. Writing TargetedLetters to PotentialSellers BarrettIdabel OK
  • 26. Sending Informationabout a PotentialBuyer CoxDenver CO
  • 27. Questions?