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PowerPoint PresentationBringing the organisation with youCare UK intranet case study13 October 2015Susan Quain - @susan_quain | #IntranetNowWho is Care UK?@susan_quain | #IntranetNowA few facts about Care UKLargest independent provider of outsourced health care services to the NHS.In the top five care home operators in the United Kingdom, measured by the number of beds available.Across over 70 locations, our health services are concentrated in two service lines: Primary care which spans GP medical practices, out-of-hours centres, offender health, urgent care centres and the 111 non-emergency helpline.Operates almost 300 facilities across the United Kingdom and employs approximately 24,000 people including surgeons, GPs, nurses and care workers.@susan_quain | #IntranetNowWhy do we need a new intranet?@susan_quain | #IntranetNowWhy do we need a new intranet?@susan_quain | #IntranetNow5Impact of restructure@susan_quain | #IntranetNowKey dates leading to restructureIntranet project lead appointed - April 2014Agency appointed - July 2014Discovery phase - September 2014Design phase - October 2014First round of restructure November/December 20144,000 jobs lostIntranet due to launch March 2015@susan_quain | #IntranetNowGetting senior management buy in again@susan_quain | #IntranetNowHighlight the issues that are letting the business downSell the benefits of what the new system could do for the business revise success criteria in line with the restructure. Eg: 2 policy managers made redundant. How will this process/content be managed on the new intranet.8Objectives rethink:People and content@susan_quain | #IntranetNow@susan_quain | #IntranetNowPolicy manager template to allow owners to manage all their policies in one place. Most used area and important to make as self-sufficient as possible, given the cuts.10@susan_quain | #IntranetNowTemplate for owners to add new policy.11Getting the organisation on board again@susan_quain | #IntranetNowPresent the necessary research to evidence reasons for new intranetBenchmark intranet with similar organisations (Worldwide intranet challenge)Network and attend relevant industry groups that will inform and inspire you Create allies and surround yourself (where possible) with respected employees who support your viewAlign your evidence with the corporate strategy12Critical factors for successGreater emphasis to launch a site that is accessible anytime, anywhere and by anyone based on direction of the business.To build a digital workplace to help staff complete key tasks for their company; and help to address skills gap.To establish the digital workplace as a business tool that creates greater efficiencies in the business.To engage the workforce better through improve internal communications with workforce more widely spread and fewer at management level to cascade information.Greater emphasis to boost morale - To foster a sense of community (and a bit of fun) through the use of news and social media so hard-to-reach employees feel more connected to the business. @susan_quain | #IntranetNowRebuild steering group@susan_quain | #IntranetNowOriginal slide of the steering group, with strikethrough to show staff who lost their jobs.Set up a project board and team select your members from a cross section of the organisationAssign responsibilities to each memberGet your project management documentation in place.14Representative project team@susan_quain | #IntranetNowOne of the success criteria was to reach operational employees who didnt have access to old intranet.People nurses, doctors,caregivers, chefsWorking in: residential care homesTreatment centresWalk-in-surgeries111 call centres15Make the project count@susan_quain | #IntranetNowStakeholder engagement plan16Maintain momentumDevise a project plan that delivers in the short term, not just the long term.Use the project team, stakeholders and digital workplace championsGive mixture of, short, medium and long-term targets Assign leads to the different components with reporting responsibilities into PMLink to the engagement strategy so milestones are clear and communicated@susan_quain | #IntranetNowRebuild your engagement strategy@susan_quain | #IntranetNowProduce a communications plan at the start of project a good comms plan is needed to launch your engagement strategy. Share it with heads of department colleagues across the business. Get them to input and sign it off.Make scope of project crystal clear - Make sure you quantify and qualify with colleagues what the project will (and wont!) deliver and get them to sign off.Manage expectations! Unclear scope will lead to lack of faith in the project and engagement will take a hit.Recruit business champions - Who are the influencers (come allies) in the business and how can they help you achieve the main aims of your project? Eg. Mobile platform will lead to digital transformation of the business. Create informal networks and get different areas talking about and selling the benefits in their team meetings, internal newsletters etc. Get them to sell the benefits of whats coming and the impact it will have on the business. Eg: social media features creating the opportunity to open up social media in the organisation and loosen some of the existing restrictions.Create champions across the businessGet sign off from the board!18Monitor and measure your progress Using the success criteria, set a number of targets to achieve throughout the project Set project milestones against this (and track them with the relevant tools/software)Get them signed off by the project board.Keep the project user focused - consult staff and subject matter experts throughout project to ensure objectives are whats expected and will provide real benefits Use the staff engagement programme again and again@susan_quain | #IntranetNowEngagement hotspots@susan_quain | #IntranetNowDiscovery - Try to involve a cross section of the organisation and pick your participants carefully.Initiation Take on board what is realistic from Discovery, industry best practice and known issues. Manage expectations!Design Set up a sign off committee at the beginning of the project and the time devoted to sign off.Implementation Make sure a senior person is on the project board. IT may slow you down and put stumbling blocks in your way.Content migration is the time where people get very territorial about their content.Rollout Agree a plan early with internal communications colleagues. Allows you to keep the lines of communication open throughout the project.Evaluation - Despite your best efforts, all project will have their issues. Ensure this is captured in the evaluation which will lead to a lessons learned for the project and the business.Closedown youve probably lost most of your stakeholders by this point. But its important to ensure all requirements are met for the project so its signed off by senior management as fit for purpose.Discovery Great chance to engage. Try to involve a cross section of the organisation and pick your participants carefully. Some of the participants may be your allies. Your discovery report needs to stand up to scrutiny throughout the project. Some of this work may have been carried out to make the business case, but there may be more focus group work that can be done to allow people to express their views, vent and turn their input into a discovery report that can be quoted throughout the project. Its important to manage peoples expectations during the discovery phase, and not promise the world. Remember your budget! The intranet project can become a catalyst for everyones issues with the organisation. Everyone will have an opinion about what they think the intranet should do. Once this phase is over, share this Discovery report with the Board and tailor it to what needs doing, a bit more to show progressiveness, and anything else that doesnt fit your budget, de-scope.Initiation youve taken on board what is realistic from Discovery, industry best practice and the known issues. Its time to make the scope of the project very clear to the organisation and get the Board on board with you by agreeing and signing off the scope of the project as part of a project initiation. This is a good time to tell the organisation what change they should expect, such as changes in governance, and what is expected from them at key stages of the project. Eg: content migration. To put it firmly in place, set up a dedicated area on the current intranet with all your feedback mechanisms and publish the documents for you to refer them to consult when questions about the project start flooding in. Use the research as back up for the way forward, and quote people who have taken part. Project approach as part of initiation, decide on your approach to implementation. Phasing is best as this allows you to introduce new features and get people on board, especially if the organisation is resistant to change. Design Signing off the design. Phase that captures the imagination of those who havent been engaged previously. Those who didnt understand the wireframes. Set up a sign off committee at the beginning of the project and the time devoted to sign off.Build Good chance to engage with some of the people who gave you a hard time at the begImplementation content migration is the time where people get very territorial about their contentRollout launch plan. It may not be possible to add this to the communications plan until implementation but you should try to communicate as much of what you want to do as early as possible. How will you promote the new intranet? How will different departments/functions promote it. Use your champions for this.Evaluation20The outcomesMobile intranet for improved accessNew content management system to scale with the businessTask-based content for employees to get to key content fasterNew policy database to improve the management of policiesNew employee directoryNew powerful search and metadataEngaging space for internal communication using social media New governance procedures to improve intranet management long term@susan_quain | #IntranetNow@susan_quain | #IntranetNowCreate user profile: Once accounted created, colleague will be receive personal greeting, and will need to create user LinkedIn style profile. These details will be used to build the colleague directory and location directory. Important to be completed as content will be targeted to colleagues as appropriate from their dedicated divisional home page.22@susan_quain | #IntranetNowHomepage1.Content will be tagged to colleagues by their division. Homepage content consists of carousel content, latest news, policies, Oi Mike (or Oi Exec), jobs, and video content. 2. My dashboard is a floating feature which will stay with them wherever they are on the site. It will contain a mixture of task based content with self-service content added by the intranet admin for the whole business. The remaining slots will allow colleagues to add their own favourite content. 3. There will also be a number of pods such as a policy pod, news pod, and location pod (next to carousel) which is a cross-promotional feature added anywhere in the site. 4. My notifications Facebook style alert to take pressure off of email. Can be used to notify colleagues about IT information, new policy, Fire alarm testing and Munchies have arrived.5. Navigation is not finalised, explanations of unclear tags Policy manager, Directory, Collaboration (forums and social media content), Your Care UK (corporate content such as org charts and content youd expect to find in an About Us section).6. Footer contains universal content available across the site.23@susan_quain | #IntranetNowTeams page / divisional landing page: One click from the homepage. Division name will be changed to division colleague selected at registration. Page can be used as a shop front by divisional leads to promote content to the business not promoted from the homepage such as a campaign, awards, new initiative. 24Thank you!I am available for any questions during the group discussions.@susan_quain | #IntranetNow