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Chemical Health Initiative of Goodhue CountyCHIPrevention and Education!Community Councils!Drug Free Communities!Drug and Alcohol Free Youth!CHI HOWIE!Celebrate our Communities! Make a Ripple!It is the Vision of the CHI to create safe and healthy Goodhue County communities; and the Mission to enhance the quality of life of Goodhue County families and citizens by promoting chemical healthStarting from the Ground Up!200420052006200720082009Red Wing CHI Council is developedCHI receives Federal DFC GrantCHI expands staff and adds School-based Prevention Specialist YSC conducts County-wide Chemical Health Audit and InventoryYSC reports to FSCFSC develops CHIFSC hires CHI Coordinator Cannon Falls CHI Council is developedMake a Ripple tagline is developedCHI Coalition Website is developedGoodhue CHI Council is developedCHI Logo is developedCHI Howie is developedCHI Coalition Website is re-developedZumbrota CHI Council is developedCHI Parent Network Website is developedKenyon Wanamingo CHI Council is developedCHI Howie Website is developedMake a Ripple TaglineCHI LogoCHI Howie MascotBranding and AwarenessDevelopment of CHI Community CouncilsCreation & Establishment Of Council StructureUtilization of SPF ModelCHI Community CouncilsGraduation LettersProm CardsSports Registration MeetingsParades & Community EventsCommunity ForumsStrategic Prevention FrameworkChemical Health Initiative in the NewsCusCommunity Programs & Initiatives!School-based Chemical Health Assessment TeamsYouth-led Drug Prevention ProgramsDrug Prevention Curriculum ImplementationCHI MondaysCHI MondaysGoodhue County CommissionersRed Wing High School StaffGoodhue County Court Services StaffKenyon-Wanamingo School Staff CHI Websites CHI Blog Spot CHI Twitter CHI Facebook PageCHI Sunday/WeekEstablishment of Faith Leadership GroupGoodhue County Anonymous Tip LineZero Adult Provider TrainingMN AST TrainingSeller/Server OrdinancesSocial Host OrdinancesSticker Shock Campaign2010 Mock CrashKenyon-Wanamingo HS SADDCHI Howie in our CommunitiesKenyon-WanamingoCannon FallsZumbrotaRed WingGoodhueThe Data!2004 2009 Trend DataCHI Website VisitsUnique visits to:www.chi-goodhue.orgwww.chi-parentnetwork.orgwww.chi-howie.orgENVIRONMENTALSTRATEGIESParent EducationParents Who Host CampaignSafe Homes NetworkSeller/ServerTraining OrdinanceSocial HostOrdinanceSticker ShockCampaignSector InitiativesDART Training for EducatorsDrug Free Work WeekZAP TrainingONETWOTHREEFOURSocial Norm CampaignMedia Literacy CampaignAlcohol Access Awareness CampaignNot In My House CampaignGoodhue CountyPrescription Drug Drop Off ProgramThe CHI works in partnership with existing agencies and organizations in allGoodhue County communities The CHI does not deliver or provide direct services, nor does it work alone in its initiatives.The CHI works with all 12 community sectors to create community change by assisting community sector leaders in the institutionalization of effective prevention strategies Environmental changes will produce behavioral changes at the population level. thereby creating a community environment that supports and sustainshealthy kids andhealthy families.This is how the CHI will accomplish its mission of promoting chemical health for all citizens of Goodhue County.to identify prevention policies, practices, procedures and programs that can be embedded into their operational structures.