Coaching Tips to Learn Not to Procrastinate

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Do you fear leadership success and management failure? Are you naturally opposed to authority and external forces? Learn not to procrastinate and be more productive in this presentation by Shelton Business Services. You can keep moving and avoid project delays by practicing these valuable tips to avoid procrastination.


  • 1. Coaching TipstoLearn Not to ProcrastinateShelton Business Services

2. Learn to see and avoid your perfectionisttendencies. 3. Dont slow down because you fear more (andharder!) work. 4. Focus on taking the next step available to movethe project forward. 5. Simply notice your thoughts & reactions tobeing pushed by events. 6. Find a coach that has a plan to speed up yourlearning not to procrastinate. 7. Embrace your role as a dependable person. 8. Practice and develop skills to call somethingdone well enough. 9. Learn to relax into the project flow. 10. Shelton Business ServicesIdentify and accomplish your purpose, principles, next steps and finish line Visit Follow us on Twitter @SheltonBizServ Follow our LinkedIn company page Like our Facebook pageContact us at formore information.