Content marketing towards content customers

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Content marketing and selling make content customers. A real example testifies to this conclusion


  • 1. Content MarketingTowards Content Customers Ali Anani
  • 2. It is a true story of a medical repand how he solved his dilemma
  • 3. The Magic Formula
  • 4. How to achieve the magic formula?
  • 5. Content Relevance ContentI am Zone for Thatoffering interests both customers parties
  • 6. From a To a infobiorefinery refineryapproach approach
  • 7. Biorefinery inforefinery Collect infobased materials Collect biobased materials Prescreen literature Identify candidate materials Identify candidate Prescreen them materialsFractionate into different products Fractionate into different products Food Chemicals Diabetes related materials Allergy related materials Distribute to target customers Distribute to target doctors as an informative Food industry Chemical industry newsletter via e-mail Diabetes specialists and Diabetes specialists and influencers influencers
  • 8. The salesperson started collecting raw medical information and fractioning it inthe inforefinery to suit the needs of the medical doctors
  • 9. The information in one of thenewsletter helped aninfluencer MDto treat an acuteproblem
  • 10. The salesperson gained the trust, positiveattitude and feeling of gratitude from the MD
  • 11. Customer (MD) conversion
  • 12. Content Marketing is a great tool to convert anon-customer to a loyal customer Be content with the content
  • 13. Content selling and marketing are win-win scenarios
  • 14. ContentMarketingGive benefits before cost
  • 15. Divide benefit Zero cost Infinite feeling of gratitude
  • 16. Realized Benefits for the customerTime SavingTrust BuildingMutual RespectPositive AttitudeRegular TriggersNo Intrusion on Customer
  • 17. Content marketing removes doubt and builds trust, and Business will roll by
  • 18. Let your mind wander a little bit.Stretch Walk Jog Run Then, just dont stop running!


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