Emerging Trends for Pharmaceutical Social Media, Influence & Customer Access

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Emerging trends and changes in pharmaceutical marketing... from search and currency changes to evolving ways to engage via social-media and benefit from crowd sourcing. by Joe Shields (http://www.joeshiledsphotography.com) and Kevin Nalty (http://www.naltsconsulting.com)


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Search Silence boxed warning medicine 6. What if there was acompany that has already embraced this future? 7. Reforming Pharma Marketing: ACase Study Kevin Nalty & Joe Shields October 15, 2009 8. Alphamunex Headquarters in Clayton, MO (near St. Louis) 9. Alphamunex Board includes several notable execs from Silicon Valley 10. CEO OSM* Sales Clinical R&D * Office of Social Media: Oversees all Marketing, PR, Customer Insights, IT & Customer Service functions 11. Sample Customer Design Lab managed via Facebook & other emerging platforms. 12. Social Media Command Center helps OSM staff monitor shifts in customer sentiment Illustrative 13. High- and low-tech devices enable direct, real-time communication with FDA 14. Hey how come Ive never heard of this company? 15. KEVIN NALTY + JOE SHIELDS SHAPINGTHE FUTURE HEALTHCARE MARKETING SHAPING FUTURE THE 16. shift CURRENCY 17. New Media, New Influencers Every new medium creates new stars Faster shift from obscurity to fame18. Now Who Are Medical KOLs? Doctors ? Researchers ? Scientific publications ? Anyone that is persuasive& reaches our customers? OR 19. Redefining Influence Traditionally based on subject expertise Persuasion now more a function ofcharisma & reach vs. brand.com happyslip 20. Explosive growth: 41% in past year Increased budgets Visceral = influential Currency of Online Video 21. Currency of Real-time Twitter isntabout TwitterIts real-time buzz & word-of-mouth you can measure Buzz can build or destroy brands Monitoring & engaging requires major process changes by Rx manufacturers 22. At Least Listen 23. Search rethink 24. Old School Health Searching 25. Today, Search = Google Search haschangedhealth searchers What will Search look like tomorrow? 26. Square & Compare 27. Mobile Search on the Brink Mobile search growth follows desktop trends Source : Veronis Suhler Stevenson and Merrill Lynch Estimates, June 2008. 28. Results Beyond Text 29. Searching the Past vs. the Now "Google organized our memory. Real-time search organizes our consciousness."- CT Source : http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/17-10/st_thompson 30. Search via the Social Graph [O]ur network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline. - MZ [W]hat happens on Facebook's servers stays on Facebook's servers. - author Source : http://www.wired.com/techbiz/it/magazine/17-07/ff_facebookwall riends& amily riends& amily 31. wisdom of CROWDS 32. Can Crowds Be Wise? 33. Make Better Decisions Faster 34. Connecting Today Is Easy 35. Choosing a Doctor Passive consumers of physician services Fewer than 25% considered >1 75% used recom-mendation from friends, colleagues & relatives Source : How Do Patients Choose Physicians? Katherine Harris (2003). BEFORE LATE 1990sTODAY 36. Even Doctors Visit Social & Ratings Sites Ratings &ReviewsCommunity& Forums VitalsHealthGrades UCompareHealthCare HealthBoardsWrong Diagnosis MedHelp WellSphere Yahoo! Groups eHealth Forum Source : Experian Hitwise, 12 weeks ending 8/22/09. 37. What Would YOU Do? I have thyroid cancer Whom do I trust to help me? 38. Patient Crowdsourcing Misery likes company. Another approach to evidence-based medicine? Founder Alex via e-mail: While I was sick I didn't know anyone with my condition that I could compare notes with, so I really wanted to help other people find faster paths to health we're like Yelp for Health. 39. Review for those Twittering 40. Slides for this talk & free white paper on Social Media Policies available at: www.Alphamunex.com 41. BIG FINISH Just more continuous, small changes thatwewill make. Actually, there is no