Emerging Trends for Pharmaceutical Social Media, Influence & Customer Access

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Emerging trends and changes in pharmaceutical marketing... from search and currency changes to evolving ways to engage via social-media and benefit from crowd sourcing. by Joe Shields (http://www.joeshiledsphotography.com) and Kevin Nalty (http://www.naltsconsulting.com)


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2. 3. 4. 5. Search Silence boxed warning medicine 6. What if there was acompany that has already embraced this future? 7. Reforming Pharma Marketing: ACase Study Kevin Nalty & Joe Shields October 15, 2009 8. Alphamunex Headquarters in Clayton, MO (near St. Louis) 9. Alphamunex Board includes several notable execs from Silicon Valley 10. CEO OSM* Sales Clinical R&D * Office of Social Media: Oversees all Marketing, PR, Customer Insights, IT & Customer Service functions 11. Sample Customer Design Lab managed via Facebook & other emerging platforms. 12. Social Media Command Center helps OSM staff monitor shifts in customer sentiment Illustrative 13. High- and low-tech devices enable direct, real-time communication with FDA 14. Hey how come Ive never heard of this company? 15. KEVIN NALTY + JOE SHIELDS SHAPINGTHE FUTURE HEALTHCARE MARKETING SHAPING FUTURE THE 16. shift CURRENCY 17. New Media, New Influencers

  • Every new medium creates new stars
  • Faster shift from obscurity to fame

18. Now Who Are Medical KOLs?

  • Doctors ?
  • Researchers ?
  • Scientific publications ?
  • Anyone that is persuasive& reaches our customers?

OR 19. Redefining Influence

  • Traditionally based on subject expertise
  • Persuasion now more a function ofcharisma & reach

vs. brand.com happyslip 20.

  • Explosive growth: 41% in past year
  • Increased budgets
  • Visceral = influential

Currency of Online Video 21. Currency of Real-time

  • Twitter isntabout Twitter
  • Its real-time buzz & word-of-mouth you can measure
  • Buzz can build or destroy brands
  • Monitoring & engaging requires major process changes by Rx manufacturers

22. At Least Listen 23. Search rethink 24. Old School Health Searching 25. Today, Search = Google

  • Search haschangedhealth searchers

What will Search look like tomorrow? 26. Square & Compare 27. Mobile Search on the Brink

  • Mobile search growth follows desktop trends

Source : Veronis Suhler Stevenson and Merrill Lynch Estimates, June 2008. 28. Results Beyond Text 29. Searching the Past vs. the Now

  • "Google organized our memory. Real-time search organizes our consciousness."- CT

Source : http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/17-10/st_thompson 30. Search via the Social Graph

  • [O]ur network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline. - MZ
  • [W]hat happens on Facebook's servers stays on Facebook's servers. - author

Source : http://www.wired.com/techbiz/it/magazine/17-07/ff_facebookwall riends& amily riends& amily 31. wisdom of CROWDS 32. Can Crowds Be Wise? 33. Make Better Decisions Faster 34. Connecting Today Is Easy 35. Choosing a Doctor

  • Passive consumers of physician services
  • Fewer than 25% considered >1
  • 75% used recom-mendation from friends, colleagues & relatives

Source : How Do Patients Choose Physicians? Katherine Harris (2003). BEFORE LATE 1990sTODAY 36. Even Doctors Visit Social & Ratings Sites Ratings &ReviewsCommunity& Forums VitalsHealthGrades UCompareHealthCare HealthBoardsWrong Diagnosis MedHelp WellSphere Yahoo! Groups eHealth Forum Source : Experian Hitwise, 12 weeks ending 8/22/09. 37. What Would YOU Do? I have thyroid cancer Whom do I trust to help me? 38. Patient Crowdsourcing

  • Misery likes company. Another approach to evidence-based medicine?

Founder Alex via e-mail: While I was sick I didn't know anyone with my condition that I could compare notes with, so I really wanted to help other people find faster paths to health we're like Yelp for Health. 39. Review for those Twittering 40. Slides for this talk & free white paper on Social Media Policies available at: www.Alphamunex.com 41. BIG FINISH Just more continuous, small changes thatwewill make. Actually, there is no