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1. Life Gets Better With GetFriday 2. About GetFriday GetFriday is the pioneer in Virtual Assistance Services GetFriday, one of the longest running, leading virtual assistance company in world Founded in 2005, GetFriday is completing its 10 years in August 2015 GetFriday has happy clientele base of more than 13000 from over 60 countries around the world 3. Get Friday The Name At the time of the companys inception, a strong name was required that would reflect the ideology of the company A character Named Man Friday from the novel by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe had inspired management. Man Friday, a native, helps the protagonist survive on an island and acts as the reliable aide/helper/personal assistant, though the two did not speak the same language. Thus, the name GetFriday was fashioned 4. GetFriday was officially recognized after a successful, social experiment was conducted by the Editor of Esquire Magazine, AJ Jacobs, in 2005. At the outset, YMII, TTKs first offering, handled personal virtual assistance tasks and was featured in Tim Ferriss New York Times best-selling book, 4 Hour Work Week, published in 2007. An increase in the enquiries for personal virtual assistance services led to the launch of a new venture GetFriday. The book outlines and exemplifies the virtual assistance model/structure and provides related information how to escape the typical 9-5 life, along with personal accounts of outsourcing tasks to the company from halfway across the world. 5. Who We Are We are worlds most preferred outsourcing partner for SME. We will help you offload your time consuming and tedious tasks, leaving you to pursue more important things. We can undertake any task, business or personal, that does not require our physical presence. 6. What We Do Calendar Management Customer Relationship Management Backend/Ops Work Online Research Purchases Phone Travel Arrangements Data Entry Database Management Follow Up and Reminder Secretarial Work Personal Errands 7. We Are Specialized In Internet Marketing Search Engine Marketing SEO PPC Social Media Marketing Social Media Optimization Website Design and Development Web Design Print Design File Upload/ Editing/ Conversion Content Management System Website Development/ Maintenance 8. Some Tasks We Handled Travel Arrangement: Task Requirements: Booking hotel room in the given hotel according to the clients calendar. Client has shared his calendar and hotel login details. Our Work: According to the clients calendar and his room requirements we have login into the hotels website and book room for his stay. For every booking it takes around 20 minutes to book and client can sleep without thinking about his reservation in the hotel for his travel. Also we booked flight tickets according to clients calendar and his requirements. Now, client can concentrate on their work in that particular place, instead of take the trouble to do bookings and conformations. 9. Online Research, Blog Writing, Upload on Website: Requirement: Finding Contact details of people, interviewing them over emails, write blog content Our Work: Our client is photographic blog writer. We found the contact details of some of the personalities that client has provided. We interviewed them over email as per client's directives. We also collected pictures as asked by the client and with the help of our professional content writers we helped our client to write blogs on the same. After writing blogs, we also uploaded the blogs on clients website (login credentials were provided by clients. Some Tasks We Handled 10. Tasks We Dont Handled 1. Anything illegal. Won't be done. Obviously. 2. Anything unethical. Please don't ask us to write your Econ 236 final paper. 3. Anything that is not exactly comfortable as per "normal" business standards. We'd rather not help you catalogue risqu lingerie. It would be a little strange for us at the office. 11. Statistics Serving clients in 60+ countries since 2005. More than 13000 Clients served worldwide since inception. Managing personal and business related tasks for clients for almost 10 years. Internal data shows one-third of clients outsource Backend Ops/Administrative Tasks 12. Fast Facts Name of the Company: GetFriday, TTK Services Type: Private Company Founded: 2005 Headquarters: Bangalore, India CEO: Sunder P Industry: Outsourcing/ Remote Virtual Assistance/ Business Support Services Services provided in: English Area Serviced: Worldwide Slogan: Life Gets Better With GetFriday Website: 13. We are Just a Click Away If you have any task that you can outsource, do not hesitate to contact us Mail us: To Follow us Click on the below Icons