Going Paperless With Law Practice Software

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The thought of a paperless office has been around nearly as long as computers and the Internet. Practice management software makes a practically paperless office possible.


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2. Going Paperlessn The thought of a paperless ofce has been around nearly as long as computers and the Internet.n Practice management software makes a practically paperless ofce possible. 3. Before ThePaperless Ofcen Do paperless ofces make good business sense?n Yes! Paper documents are inefcient.n The manpower involved in sorting, ling, re-ling, misling and searching for misled documents can become astronomical. 4. Early Electronic Documents n Early electronic documents had problems too. n Large les were problematic when emailed andoften bogged down network servers. n Because there was no longer an original, changeswere untraceable and an audit trail was muddled. n Attorneys often worked off old copies so it wasnearly impossible to carry changes over from oneversion to another. 5. Modern Practice Management Softwaren Modern practice management software eliminates these problems.n A single, electronic document is stored on the law rms server.n Changes are made to a single source so theres no danger of parallel versions. 6. Document Distribution Methods n There are a couple methods of distribution forelectronic document review. n The simplest is the hot potato method. A documentis passed from person to person on a distributionlist. Changes are easy, but this can take a longtime to complete because changes are made one ata time. n Another method is known as the wide net. Whenusing this method, reviewers edit the documentand sign off simultaneously. This can be faster, butit can be problematic if two people requestconicting changes. 7. Advantages Of PracticeManagement Softwaren Advanced law practice software automates quite a few document management tasks, reduces errors and improves audit trails.n Documents are scanned, automatically named, stored in the proper folder and distributed to applicable recipients.n Changes are easily tracked and the original is safely stored away.n All modications are made through the practice management software. 8. Benets To ThePaperless Ofcen A paperless ofce means: n No more misleddocuments. n Document searches canbe done in minutes orseconds instead of days. n Electronic les are more accessible. n Electronic les are more secure. 9. Law Practice Softwaren Features such as document control, automated distribution and access permission have made the paperless legal rm a reality.n The law practice software that makes this possible is available to practices of all sizes. 10. About LexisNexisn LexisNexis is a leading provider of content- enabled workow solutions designed specically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.n Its software, such as law practice software and legal billing software, can help make the paperless legal practice a reality.