How Hotels Can Use Social Media to Attract Event Planners

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A presentation from a popular post I made on - you can access full notes here ->


how hotels can use social media to attract event plannersThis guide is brought to you by:eventmanagerblog.comand Julius solaris1.Use hotels social channels to promote the event2.Offer stable connectivity for social interaction3.use location based services to feature events4.use video to display venue capabilitesHave a customer service twitter account to manage satisfaction5.6.Have Livestreaming ready equipment7.Use blogs to give meeting ideasRUN educate planners about tech9.use facebook apps to facilitate meeting bookings10. showcase positive tweets from planners11.involve influencers in ad-hoc a reputation on, facebook and instagram dedicated event a reputation on venue search engines15. tailor offers to specific communtiesfincreditsPhoto Item 1: Item 2: Item 3: Item 4: Item 5: Item 6: Item 7: Item 9: Item 10: Item 13: Item 14: Item 15: