Link building techniques that WORK!

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These are the slides I presented at Wordcamp Chicago #WCCHI on June 29, 2013 and again presented at #ContentJam on October 17, 2013 about specific link building techniques and tactics. If you're at all interested in joining in or continuing a discussion on this topic, you can refer to my original blog post on the topic - for more.


  • 1.Link Building Techniques that WORK! Sean McGinnis Marketing GM | Director, Digital Marketing Sears PartsDirect Twitter - @SeanMcGinnis Facebook LinkedIn

2. Agenda2 3. Why Links Are So Important (Still) 3 4. PageRank The Core of Googles Success4 5. The Power of a Link5 6. 6 7. The top72most highlycorrelated ranking factors relate to links. 7 8. Still not convinced? Search for CLICK HERE6 of the top 8 results do not have the words CLICK HERE anywhere on the page.8 9. A Link in Nature9 10. The HTML behind the Link10 11. The Components of a Link URL (the link target)Rel=Nofollow (a tag that indicates search engines shouldnt trust/count this link)

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Anchor Text (tells the engine what the link is about)Surrounding Text (may provide context on the links relevance) 11 12. Specific Link Building Techniques 12 13. First How NOT to do it!13 14. 1. Write Epic Shit!14 15. STOP blogging just to blog! 15 16. Start Thinking BIG!!!!!16 17. 2. Guest Post Your Heart Out!17 18. NOTDo worry about new Google guidelinesIF youre doing it right. 18 19. Dont forget SEO while Guest Posting! Target related, more powerful sites Optimize and tweakTrack your success!19 20. 3. Create an InfographicNot a SUCKY one. PLEASE!20 21. 4. Curate a ListMake it the very best of its kind.21 22. Dont forget to promote it! 22 23. Pssst! TELL people they are on your list! 23 24. 5. Host an Event24 25. Create a #hashtagand promote the HECK out of it! 25 26. Write a round-up post of round-up postsand promote the HECK out of it!26 27. More to-dos for after the event Thank you email Survey attendees. Write a post about the survey results & share post. Share slides (Slideshare, LinkedIn, your site, others) Curate pictures (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, others) Curate Videos (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, others) Thank you posts: Sponsors Volunteers Media27 28. 6. Hold a Contest28 29. One Event = Multiple Chances Specific Ideas Announcement post Nomination postGroups of People Judges Nominees Nomination process Reminder post Winners Fans Judge Announcement post Readers or Customers Winner Announcement Followers post Social Channels Create a hashtag29 30. Existing fan base = More link value 30 31. 7. Issue a Press Release31 32. DO NOT Spam the Press! Do not manufacture a press release JUST to get links. Use the channel that already exists when you have truly newsworthy items to share. Write the HELL out of that release (or better yet, hire a pro). Your goal is to have a journalist see it, contact you and write a story that also happens to include a link to your site.32 33. 8. Interview an Expert33 34. Or 14 34 35. or 72!35 36. You may rank for their name too. This ones a secret. Shhhhhhhhh!#6 on Page 136 37. 9. Use Stock Business Assets Creatively37 38. 10. Curate, Share & Republish38 39. BAD things to avoid while link building 1. Spammy links 2. Buying links 3. Links from totally unrelated or irrelevant sites 4. Links that wont bring any traffic whatsoever. 5. Links from sites that exist just to publish links or crappy content. 6. Using the exact same anchor text in every link you acquire. 7. Relying on only one tactic. Try a variety of things and measure the results.39 40. Seans 3 Rules of Link Building 40 41. First Rule of Link BuildingBuild Links As if it wont help your search results.41 42. Second Rule of Link BuildingThe value of any link building activity is inversely related to its scalability. 42 43. Third Rule of Link BuildingLinks from bad sites can hurt you. Be selective in your link building.43 44. Questions? 44 45. Link Building Techniques that WORK! Sean McGinnis Marketing GM | Director, Digital Marketing Sears PartsDirect Twitter - @SeanMcGinnis Facebook LinkedIn