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Informed Leadership M-Brain Overview M-Brain is a leading global provider of world-class external business and market intelligence 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 2…


Informed Leadership M-Brain Overview M-Brain is a leading global provider of world-class external business and market intelligence 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 2 About M-Brain ⢠Founded 1998 ⢠450 professionals ⢠Headquarters in Finland ⢠Offices in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA Our Mission 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 3 M-Brain is a global information, technology and consulting services company. We help our clients navigate the turbulent and ever expanding business environment. We offer them crucial external business information and advise in its efficient management and utilization. We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision making and strategic planning. We call it Informed Leadership. 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 4 Managing with information has become critical in strategic planning and creating value for a company. At M-Brain we want to be ⢠globally renowned for improving our clientsâ performance ⢠the preferred global partner for organizations striving to succeed in a world ruled by information Our Vision We Need More Relevant Information 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 5 TODAY THE FUTURE A M O U N T O F D A T A Volume velocity, variety veracity Relevant information Information overload Five Main Challenges 1. Data overload 2. Closed-loop 3. Stuck-in-the-past 4. Data-in-silos 5. Too much information, not enough knowledge 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 6 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 7 A gap between raw data and analyzed information: Every year stored data grows by 28 %, and data analysis only by 5,7 %. Source: Blueocean Challenge 1: Data overload 1995 20252005 Data Analyst Shortage 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 8 Only 8 % of decisions are based on relevant external data, because it is not available in the company! Source: Blueocean Challenge 2: Closed loop Competitors, Customers, Market developments, Growth opportunities, Potential risks Financial reporting, Sales reporting Employee satisfaction, R&D progress reports 8% external 92% internal 58% historical information Internal reports tell you what has worked and what has not worked but they do not tell you what you should do right now, least of all what you should do tomorrow. Source: Guts & Gigabytes Report. PWC 2014 Challenge 3: Stuck in the past Information, experience, knowledge, everything in a modern company tends to be in silos â hard to access, hard to even know what already exists. Challenge 4: Information in silos 58% of organizations struggle to make sense of all the information they have. Source: Global Market Intelligence Survey 2013 Challenge 5: Too much information, not enough knowledge How can we at M-Brain help you? 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 13 We offer relevant, timely external intelligence that helps make the right decisions, efficiently. We call it Informed Leadership. We help you to⦠â¦stay aware of all developments in your business environment â¦understand what these developments mean for you â¦decide on your optimal strategy for success STAY AWARE OF DEVELOPMENTS IN YOUR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 15 ⢠Our sources cover 3 million social media platforms, 100 000 news outlets in 71 languages in 236 regions ⢠We crawl over 3 million hits per day ⢠Our people convert this data into relevant news reports based on the need of our customer Our customers mainly use these reports for monitoring: ⢠Competitors ⢠Customers ⢠Market developments/disruptions ⢠Their own publicity ⢠Legal & regulatory issues As a service If you need access to our information sources and want to do the work yourself, use our online monitoring & engagement tool. Module-based solution: ⢠Monitor ⢠Analyze ⢠React ⢠Engage As a software MAKE SENSE OF MARKET DEVELOPMENTS AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU As a service ⢠Awareness of whatâs happening in the business environment is not always enough. Organisations need to understand what the events and changes mean for them, and share this insight with the right people. ⢠M-Brain helps you create this understanding with continuous research and content production services delivered through our intelligence tool Intelligence Plaza ⢠Our 400 professionals ensure you will get a customised service that is like an extension to your own team and resources ⢠Our customers use these services for â Analytical executive reports â On-demand briefings â Regular market data & report updates â Sharing the insight within their organisation with the Intelligence Plaza tool 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 18 As a service 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 19 Hand-picked sources Dedicated analyst team Dashboard Alerts and mobile access As a software When you have capability to build understanding and awareness, but lack tools to make this accessible and deliver it to the relevant decision makers and your whole organisation, M-Brainâs Intelligence Plaza is the right solution for you. 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 20 DECIDE ON THE OPTIMAL STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 22 When you want to compete more effectively and identify and grow into new opportunities, our services provide clear market insights and strategy recommendations. Strategic Analysis & Advisory Cross-industry knowledge Primary research Secondary data Operational experience Common sense Client input STRATEGIC INSIGHTS AND ANALYSIS Our typical projects range from creating market understanding to identifying new opportunities. 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 23 Strategic Analysis & Advisory ⢠Competitive landscape analysis ⢠Customer intelligence ⢠Market attractiveness analysis ⢠Competitor deep dive ⢠Market sizing & forecasting ⢠Scenario analysis ⢠M&A screening & evaluation ⢠New market entry strategy ⢠Strategic partner identification UNDERSTAND YOUR MARKETS COMPETE MORE EFFECTIVELY GROW INTO NEW OPPORTUNITIES When you want to enhance your media and market intelligence activities to world class standards, M-Brainâs suite of Best Practices help you move forward. Proven methodologies, unique benchmarking databases, internationally recognized framework based on six key success factors. Benchmarking Assessment Training Consulting GIA Conferences Open Courses Intelligence Best Practices Online Set Up Workshop Planning Project Set up support Benchmarking Circle Intelligence Best Practices 8/21/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 24 INTELLIGENCE SET UP CONSULTING INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT EXCHANGE OF INTELLIGENCE BEST PRACTICES Our experience spans across industries http://solutions.3msuomi.fi/wps/portal/3M/fi_FI/EU2/Country/ http://solutions.3msuomi.fi/wps/portal/3M/fi_FI/EU2/Country/