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  1. 1. Making Social Media Work for You Neil Simpson
  2. 2. Guidelines...
  3. 3. If you dont understand...ask Question everything coz I am going to ask you questions Relaxthis isnt life or death
  4. 4. Why Listen to me..?
  5. 5. Neil Simpson Been coaching businesses for ten years I have a blog read in over 30 countries I am invited to speak about this stuff all over the country
  6. 6. Sam Marsh, built his business entirely using Social Media Marketing From Tarleton Contracts with Google, Fitness First, Exercise4Less, British Institute of Sport Sponsored by UnderArmor Expected to turnover about 800,000 in his first year of business
  7. 7. It wasn't always like this...
  8. 8. Didn't know what to write Didn't know what I was doing First 2 yrs I had my website I had 50 page reads in total It took 4 years to get to 100 followers on twitter
  9. 9. So I learned how...
  10. 10. Spent 1000s on training Learned from some of the best in the world Share what I have learned to help businesses grow
  11. 11. What is social media? ...and more importantly what's in it for me!
  12. 12. Social media is the plumbing of word of mouth. Gary Vaynerchuk
  13. 13. Gary Vaynerchuk Used social media to grow his business from $6 million to $45 million Armed with a flip cam built his audience to 100,000 views per DAY Early investor in Twitter, Tumblr, Uber and Birchbox
  14. 14. Whats the ROI of Social Media?
  15. 15. Know - Like - Trust - BUY
  16. 16. Social Media... ...what to do next
  17. 17. All media is social The special thing is that it is two way Traditional media costs a lot to get involved Now you can talk to the world with an almost free click
  18. 18. Bigger audiences? Lower costs? Direct communication? ...whenever I want??!!
  19. 19. So whats the catch..?
  20. 20. If everyone can do it, getting heard is the hard part
  21. 21. If everyone can do it, getting heard is the hard part how do you get heard?
  22. 22. What Makes Great Social Media?
  23. 23.
  24. 24. What made it so successful?
  25. 25. Memorable Meaningful Likeable Authentic Relatable Call to actionlets look at the next slide
  26. 26. But what do I actually do?
  27. 27. Find the right platforms... Which platforms do your customers use? Ask them! During your next call... during your next meeting... next time you make a delivery anytime you have contact with an existing customer ask what they use!
  28. 28. Use... Facebook to tell stories, especially your customers stories Twitter to start and contribute to conversations LinkedIn to network and connect
  29. 29. 1. Have a plan 2. Measure everything (what is working?) 3. Do the minimum to be effective 4. Be You 5. Be sticky 6. Use as many pictures and videos as possible
  30. 30. All with a call to action .pointing to.
  31. 31. Your Website!
  32. 32. Where you turn attention into money!
  33. 33. What do I post about?
  34. 34. 1. What problems do your customers have? 2. What information do your customers need? 3. What resources do your customers need? 4. What do they want to know about you?
  35. 35. Not sure?
  36. 36. Ask your customers!
  37. 37. What not to do...
  38. 38. What not to do...
  39. 39. What not to do...
  40. 40. What not to do...
  41. 41. What not to do...
  42. 42. What not to do...
  43. 43. What not to do...
  44. 44. Think...
  45. 45. Is what I am about to post useful? How does this make me look like an expert? How does this make me look like THE person to do business with?
  46. 46. Why do people follow brands on Social Media? !Source -
  47. 47. What do you want Social Media to do? Increase Sales? o In store? o Online? Launch a new product? Build awareness? ...other?
  48. 48. Four steps... 1. Build your audience 2. Drive audience to website 3. Turn audience into leads 4. Turn leads into customers
  49. 49. Four steps... 1. Build your audience 2. Drive audience to website 3. Turn audience into leads 4. Turn leads into customers Know Like Trust BUY
  50. 50. You have to know Who is your audience? Buyer persona?
  51. 51. Create Value Solve problems for your buyer persona - What do they need help with? - What information do they need? - What resources can you share with them? ...this helps with edge ranking (essential)
  52. 52. How to create leads... 1. Ebooks, guides and white papers 2. Templates 3. Checklists 4. Blog posts 5. Webinars 6. Content creation assets
  53. 53. Create a library of resources...
  54. 54. Then... Create a post focussing on one aspect from a longer piece of content.
  55. 55. You have to solve problems...
  56. 56. What you sound like when you sell...
  57. 57. You buy one You get one FREE!!!!
  58. 58. Dont be this guy
  59. 59. Dont be this guy .NEVER be this guy!!
  60. 60. People look for... 3 kinds of information
  61. 61. People look for... 3 kinds of information Technical
  62. 62. People look for... 3 kinds of information Technical Understand them
  63. 63. People look for... 3 kinds of information Technical Understand them Mythological
  64. 64. Other kinds of posts
  65. 65. Quote as an image...
  66. 66. Questions...
  67. 67. Image of a product...
  68. 68. Whatever you do
  69. 69. Use a photo if you can
  70. 70. They generate 53% more likes (approx)
  71. 71. Engage your audience... listen first - follow & learn find your voice - be yourself - give them something more respond, react & re-tweet - be responsive make it a habit - start by aiming to tweet at least once a day
  72. 72. Be Human
  73. 73. Thank you Neil Simpson helping businesses create marketing, that creates customers