Make Your Website Work For You - Business Startup Nov/Dec 2010

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Learn simple techniques to persuade buyers to buy more or buy wiser. Tania introduces the different ways to make your website work for your business and how to persuade buyers to buy! Perfect for anyone looking to build or optimize their online shop and rock their ROI!


  • 1. Make Your Website Work for You!
    Tania Chamma

2. Diapo classique
Who are you trying to convince?

  • Existing customers

3. Prospects 4. ProfessionalsDont forget to aim for your target
Illustration by LarryLens
5. How are you trying to convince them?- Offline- Content / OrganicSEO- KeywordCampaigns- Price ComparisonServices
6. Content is King

  • Write rich


  • Think keywords

7. Use quality imagesYour site is your best and only salesman!
8. Content is King

  • Write rich


  • Think keywords

9. Use quality imagesYour site is your best and only salesman!
10. Get people in the door...
And quick!

  • Blog

11. Social networks- Keyword campaigns
- Price comparison
Illustration by Marijnvb
12. Who are you getting through to?

  • Put your conversion

funnel to work for you
Illustration by photosyn
13. Work the Conversion Funnel

  • How many people

come to your shop?

  • How many make it

to the shopping
- How many buy?

  • If they dont buy,

where do they drop
Illustration by pdplay
14. Illustration by pdplay
15. Where are they coming from?

  • Track customer

- ROI.....
16. Diapo classique
Analyze your ROI

  • Analyze

17. Optimize campaigns (keywords, news-
letters, banners, etc.)

  • Weed out the bad

18. Invest in the goodAnalyze your ROI and RFM
19. Optimize your site and your strategy
20. loyalty
Develop Loyalty
Communicate with your customers!
Convince them to come back!

  • Newsletters

21. Special offers 22. Guest book / Testimonials

  • Blog

23. Social networks 24. New productsIllustration by vjeran2001
25. Any Questions?
Tania Chamma
Oxatis UK Country Manager
Twitter: @OxatisUK