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WELCOMEWELCOMEOffice Furniture Getting it Right The First TimeRigidind.comAll those who spend hours confined in an office space know the importance of a comfortable office workstation. You may have an excellent office space, with the enormous area, fancy gadgets and technology and a beautiful decor, but if you do not have a comfortable office desk or a workstation, then you will never be able to appreciate the rest of the beauty of your office. Therefore, before your uncomfortable office desk and chair makes, read along and learn about the basics of buying the perfect workstation for your office, by Rigid Industries. The average height of an office desk is approximately 30-inch high, which is kept to suit the average height of an employee. But if you are among the one who are blessed with a good height, then why should you suffer. End the suffering by getting yourself a height-adjustable desk. Height-adjustable workstations allow you to set the height of the desk as per your preference to set a good seating position. Along with the comfort level, before choosing the right office furniture for you, you need to figure out your working habits. If you are a neat freak and keep everything organised and at its place then you should opt for standard office workstations with lateral filing cabinets to store all your knick and knacks. However, if you are among those who are the creative, yet messy, and require a large space to accommodate your computer, files, gadgets, coffee, food etc, then you should opt for an L-shape desk, that have a large desk space to efficiently store all your belongings. The last point to consider before going on a shopping spree to buy office furniture is the overall look of your office space. If you have a modern, clean and sophisticated look going on, then opt for steel office desk and steel storage cabinets, which goes well with the modern, contemporary look. However, if your office space has a classic, vintage look then opt for wooden workstations, that goes well with these type of style decor. If you are looking for the perfect workstation in Dubai, then make you a way to the largest manufacturer of national office furniture - Rigid Industries. The largest office furniture manufacturer in Dubai, Rigid Industries has mastered the art of furniture world, providing you with the perfect workstation, every time.THANK YOU CONTACT US 0701