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Planb4you a no mlm plan that has started in Holand/belgium and is making is path to a new marketing way of living


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2. The situation before the use of internet: How advertising used to be: The way products used to be sold: Manufacturer (1,-) Distribution Importer Importer Wholesale distributer Wholesale Distribution resale Retail (Shopkeepers) Consumers (10,-) 3. Do you know? or Why do they need advertising? Name recognition! 4. What is the current situation? Advertising Sales Sales through internet in 2013 4,6 quadrillion dollars 5. And what do we do? Advertising Selling Products Both For Members Only! And the unique thing is: all profits are distributed among the members 6. 12 juni 2014 7. expired Membership is only available by signing up through an existing member. You buy a click block for 40 that entitles you to click on banners 250 times. 250 clicks 10 x per day at 0,20 = 2,- x 25 days 0 50 8. You have two choices Stop. You get paid 50,- Your account will be removed You have 10,- profit Continue. The system buys automatically a new click block for 40,- and you have 10,- profit in your e-wallet. When the click block have matured at 9. What happens with the profit of 1sr time? Save 4 cycle of 250 clicks gives you 40,- profit to let the system buy your 1st Brickx. All the other times The profit from clicking will be used to buy brickx, 10. Earn more? Brickx = extra income !! Income from publicity makes a daily profit of 0,30 en 2,00 per brickx A brickx cost also 40,- 0 For example 1,- per day x 50 days expired Profits of the brickx comes from income from the advertisements For example, you buy or safe 10 brickx and the daily profit is an average of 1,- Day 4 - 10 x 1,- x 4 days = 40,- = 1st automatically purchased brickx = 11 Day 8 - 11 x 1,- x 4 days = 44,- = 2nd automatically purchased brickx = 12 Day 12 - 12 x 1,- x 4 days = 48,- = 3rd automatically purchased brickx = 13 And so on PlanB manages the profile for maximum results 50 11. Layer 1 2 3 4 5 With your 1st brickx you will make 1% of the profits up to 5 layers deep That is a total of 62 people Profits are possible up to 10% over 20 layers deep. Active income Percentage of the profits from the sales in the webshop Qualification: 1 brickx or 2 personal registered members 12. Number of filled up layers Active brickx % of the profit Layers deep 1 1% 5 5 2 2% 6 6 5 3% 10 10 50 4% 15 10 250 5% 15 11 250 6% 15 11 1250 (max 2500) 7% 15 11 6250 8% 15 11 31250 9% 15 15 31250 10% 20 13. What does 20 layers deep mean? Number of people per layer Conform the binary (two-legged) system Number of people when the layers have filled up Accumulation of all people of the current layer and the amount of all people of the layers above You have to see the layers out of your own position 14. Calculation example Active Income Assume the average member spends 100,- per month in the webshop Average margin at 30% = 30,- profit per month And you have active 50 brickx so your profits are 4% between 10 15 layers What kind of products are already and will be available in de webshop? * Energy, electrical and gas and Telephone Companies * Travel/holidays and Insurance * More expensive goods and Cleaning Supplies And a lot of more consumer goods that we all use on a daily basis Realize that many members buy these items in our webshop and do your own calculations. 15. What can you do with your earnings ? 75% you can withdraw or . (Brickx = 95%) If PlanB manages your profile, the system will buy automatically brickx for you for 40,-. 25% you have to spent in the webshop * (Brickx= 5%) - No brickx will be bought automatically - You will be able to buy brickx as a product (including 21% VAT) - The price is then 48,40 * This provides a guaranteed profit for both suppliers and out members 16. Distribution Brickx income over: a. Available for withdrawal (95%) b. Available for the webshop (5%) Suppose the daily yield is 1 euro, then the Brick runs full to 50 euro in 50 days 0,05 40 euro costs + 7,50 euro 2,50 euro Total earnings and distribution in 50 days Per day 0,95 X 50 = 47,50 (a.) X 50 = 2,50 (b.) 50,00From the profit of 10 euro the distribution is 75% - 25% A. (95%) B. (5%) 17. Your registered people From 2 persons you receive From 4 persons you receive From 8 Persons you receive From 16 Persons you receive From 32 Persons you receive From 64 Persons you receive % 10% 5% 3% 2% 1% 0,5% The more people you personally register, the higher your passive income will keep growing. All members will keep buying more brickx every single month. You can see this when the brickx have matured at 50,- and will have been added to your e-wallet 30 days later. And the funny thing is, (the system calculates that every end of the month) From the 2 persons who has the most expired brickx, you receive always 10% Layers do not have to be filled up all the way, you earn from each layer from 1 person on. You can register up to a maximum of 126 members personally. Passive income will be calculated at your earnings (75% to withdraw - 25% to be spent in the shop) Passive income if you personally register new members 18. Business models in this Unique plan Business model 1 Clicking on banners A one time cost of 40,- and earns 50,- after 250 clicks Business model 2 Brickx Income from publicity. This is income added to members with brickx and this fluctuates every day. Business model 3 Active income Members get a percentage of the profits from the webshop This can vary and add up between 1% to 10% from 5 to 20 layers. Business model 4 Passive income A monthly growing, recurring income from the members you have personally registered, over the number of expired brickx they have and added to your account every 30 days. 19. Support PlanB4you Preferably e-mail: Skype: send request to: bossandra and mention: planb4youint Teampage: groups/planb4you Facebook page: PlanB4YouINT Information Events and Support Every Monday and Wednesday Live presentation PlanB4You Den Bosch Rietveldenweg 54a, 5222AS Den Bosch (Citybox) Starts at: 19.30 21.00 Register by mail: Every Thursday Live presentation Belgium by Gunter van den Driessche Essensestraat 16/10, 1740 Ternat- Belgium Starts at: 19.30 21.00 No registration. Free Admission Every Thursday Live presentation in Amsterdam, More Information on the website and Facebook. 1 st weekend of July Next great event in Holland Rietveldenweg 54a, 5222AS Den Bosch (Citybox) More information on the website 20. Time Mo Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 10:00 11:00 Dutch Dutch 12-14 15:00 Dutch 16:00 17-19 19:30 Dutch Dutch 20:00 German 21:00 ITA 21:00 ENG ENG 21:30 ITA Webinar weekly schedule 21. Actual news PlanB4you The details Passive income are split in 75% and 25% details News from the latest Event in Den Bosch The Netherlands. .New website almost ready (Planning July) New webshop with integrated PayPal payment possibility Funding Wall New company Parts doon available through the site. Foodze The new online supermarket of PlanB4you Holiday clicker operational: 50% of your income Since this weekend over 11.000 members New companies in the next month: 4Men, 4Ladies, Fredt, total 24 to be launched. 22. New: The FUNDING WALL 23. Goal: Fast growing of PlanB4you How: All companies are carried by Funding Wall. They receive financial fuel. Result: The Funding Wall. They possess Profit Parts of all the companies of PlanB4you. By this a safe and optimal profit will be made on the Profit Parts. 24. Nieuw : FOODZe Th online supermarket with substainable food products. 25. Questions and Answers Clicking One always has 1 click block Brickx Income from publicity Active Income A Percentage of the profits from the webshop Passive Income Earnings from the expired brickx from the members you have personally registered 26. Thank you very much for your attendance and interest. 27. Profile page Earnings 28. Profile page Expenses Your nr. 29. Passive Income Details Date of the expired Brickx of your referrals Percentage Amount split in 75% and 25% Date available on your account for the whole month 30. ID number Name Surname Registered e-mail Bank number of PayPal e-mail BIC of the bank or fill in PayPal You have to reply the e-mail to get your money out 31. Thank you for your attendance and interest