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PowerPoint Presentation@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 1RPP IntranetIntranet Now, London WC1@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 2a little bit about us@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 3Who am I and what I am going to sayOperations PartnerI look after the Studio in various aspectsInformation Technology Servers, Networks, Information etc.. Quality ISO, Audits etc.. Communication Our image, website, Social etc.. The physical space Office, lease etc.. Somewhere in there falls the Intranet.Shaula stick to one message!We began by focussing on solving specific business needs through technology not the other way around.@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 4RPPers to change their web profile@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 5We created a tool@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 6the tool evolved@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 7and it is easy to understand@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 8and has bespoke information@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 9We gave RPPers an easy tool@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 10and its easy to understand @Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 11and has bespoke information @Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 12and more@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 13Reduce e-mail to all and improve knowledge management@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 14We evolve it@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 15Lesson learntStandardisation VS DiversificationDevelop small, independent units which ultimately become part of the whole systemMaking the information simple to use/understand but not simplistic@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 16In SummaryBusiness needs drive the technology not the reverseFocus on making life easier for critical processesDo for early wins to secure support from the CompanyBuilding block approach VS Big BangFocus on delivering easy attractive visuals.@Shaulinaz @RPPLondon @IntranetNow 17