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4th Berlin Service Design Drinks took place at innovation consultancy Dark Horses beautiful office space. A short input talk gave an overview on how service design can be applied by start-up companies and service designers can provide value for their young business. A follow-up exercise made one tool thats being used more tangible. Afterwards there was plenty of time for conversations and drinks.


ServiceDesignDrinksD A R K H O R S E / O C T O B E R 9 , 2 0 1 3Service Design for Start-upsOverviewWhy?What?How? ExerciseMartinUser Experience,NokiaKatrinPhD Candidate,University ofPotsdamWho are we?OlgaBusinessConsultantManuelFreelanceServiceDesignerThe internet economy in Berlin has a higher economic performance than the construction industry.Why? R E L E VA N C EEvery 20 hours a new start-up is founded in Berlin. I B B B e r l i n 2 0 1 3What? D E F I N I T I O N W I K I P E D I A Start-UpA start-up [...] is a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. These companies,[...] are in a phase of development and research for markets.What? D E F I N I T I O N A 'start-up' is a company that is confused aboutwho its customers are,what its product is, Q U O R A Top-rated answer for Start-Uphow to make money.What? D E F I N I T I O N A 'startup' is a company that is confused aboutwho its customers are,what its product is, Q U O R A Top-rated answer for Start-Uphow to make money.Value propositionUser needsBusiness ModelWhat? D E F I N I T I O N Q U O R A Top-rated answer for Start-Up As soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases to be a startup and then becomes a real business.How can service design help?Value propositionUser needsBusiness model User Research Personas User Journeys Prototyping Business Model Canvas Service BlueprintWhy & How? We asked a few start-ups about service design & how they use itThe start-ups talent-pool that matches people and companies based on cultural fitvisual real-time collaboration tool cycle-tracking mobile app for womenHow do you define service design? 1.I consider Service Design to define how our product really works. Its not just about [...] features.Its about integration of features and behaviour of those within a higher context [...]. M A R T I N G U E T H E R Spacedeck[...] being honest, we think it is one of several attemptsto formalise the language surrounding the most basic design goal. [...]It can be called many things [...] but at the end of the day we consider it to be mainly empathy and responsible design. C O N O R D E L A H U N T Y SomewhereI think the problem is most businesses are stuck in Pixeled Service Design, instead of just Service Design. [...] You realize how constraining Digital is if you start thinking about what types of services can be provided by human beings,bicycles, shopping carts, stairs, trees, lakes, blue skies. M I K E L AV I G N E ClueWhy is service design important for your start-up? 2.[...] As a Start-up it is very important to think about your product as a service. M A R T I N G U E T H E R Spacedeck[...] At the beginning it helps us to plot and plan the spaces we want to play in and the behaviours we need to support; later it helps us to identify the areas where we are not doing a good enough job as well as some tactics on how to approach solving them. C O N O R D E L A H U N T Y SomewhereWe're designing a very personal service for women to understand what's going on in their bodies each month. We can't possibly do that well without keeping a very open mind about how best to do that, both digital and non-digital. M I K E L AV I G N E ClueWhat are the most important design tools in your company? 3.The people using our service are the biggest source of inspiration for our service. In this case, in-depth conversations, open ears, and open minds are the most important tools. M I K E L AV I G N E CluePersonas, Mock-Ups, Click-Prototypes [...] M A R T I N G U E T H E R SpacedeckDefinitely pen and lots of paper - and talking to people. Thinking of the service in terms of a journey that a real life human will go through, etc. We aren't really formal, we just grab bits and pieces as we go and use the ones that work for us. C O N O R Somewhere HQExerciseLets use a typical start-up tool todayElevator pitch Be right on the spot. Pitch your idea in 30 seconds to a potential investor.Elevator pitch A S A C O M PA R I S O N Salonmeister is like Qype for hairdressers. tame is like google for twitter.Define your start-up by comparing it to an established, well-known service. Bloomydays is like a pizza delivery for flowers.Elevator pitch A S A S U M M A R YArticulate a concise summary of your fav service.For TARGETCUSTOMERCUSTOMERNEEDSERVICENAMEMARKETCATEGORYwhointhatUnlikethe serviceis aONE KEYBENEFITCOMPE-TITIONLOCATION(STREET)..UNIQUEDIFFEREN-TIATORa foodie & chef at homehas way too little timeKochhaus supermarketBerlin & Hamburgoffers pre-compiled recipesKaisers, Perfetto or Proviantoffers all ingredientsin 1 single shop w/o need running thru the cityTake-awayLearningsThey are pragmatic about the tools and use what works for themStart-ups apply service design differently Service design is highly relevant for start-upsIcons: Olyn LeRoy, Dmitry Baranovskiy / The Noun ProjectSee you atthe