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PowerPoint-PrsentationSocial Media MarketingFinal Presentation Hannes Forster of content that got the most views:Case Study post (12 views, 4 comments)Most challenging part of having a blog is writing individual and interesting posts that keep people reading.I enjoyed designing my blog unique and interesting to follow.Time to keep the blog up to date is too muchFacebookFacebook is more than just a network for friendsIn the right hands it is a cheap and useful way to present your company and your porductsLanding page has to be unique, interesting, informative to keep people followingCare on information overloadBest ROI 1 post / 2 daysFacebook is a powerful business tool in the right handsTwitter!/HannesForFollowingAudi, BMW, UCR, LA lakers, CNNStrenghts300 mil. Users, Free, Easy usage, Lastest newsWeaknessesAddicting, max. 140 letters, Sometimes difficult to find the right personsI will not continue to use Twitter in the futureClosing thoughtsSocial Media is a business tool worth thinking aboutWorlds biggest market considering potential customersYou have to think about your customers firstTime lags/zones, Interesting, Informative, Information overloadEvery tool Twitter/Facebook/Blogs can be used to implement your brand, so use them in combination to get the max. Return on Invest