Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lenovo

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Social Media Strategy 2008-2009Social Media Marketing Strategy for LenovoMSU New Media Drivers LicenseFall 2010Jiang SheChallengesLenovos greatest challenges are getting their name out, and catching the attention of their target market3 Reasons:Late entry into the marketIntense competitionWeak brand imageGoalsRaise awareness/catch attentionBroaden target segmentDevelop new online strategiesEnhance older advertising campaignsSocial Media strategiesThis campaign will rely heavily on social mediaA blog will be set up for people that have Lenovo computers and love themThis is to optimize word-of-mouth, and forum can be a great platform More websites and key AdWords will be added to create a better SEOIt will also use Google advertising tools to monitor their progressLenovos bloggingLenovos ForumsGoogle AdWordsGoogle AnalyticsOther social mediaEvaluationClicks and replies on blogsPage views, total threads and total replies of forumsGoogle AdWords and Facebook advertisingUse Google AnalyticsNumber of Facebook and Twitter followersViews number of promoted videos on YouTubeBudget, timeline & media allocation Because we are focusing on using social media to gain reach, the budget will be very lowThe timeline will be based on peak times of personal laptop purchasesFall; when students are getting prepared for college Media allocation:***Placeholder - presentation title | 6 April, 2006