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What is Twitter and what has it got to do with my business? This question was on many peoples lips as I prepared to talk to Institute of Directors (IOD) members in Maidstone, Kent. Twitter along with its social media buddies is a game changer for the way businesses talk to each other and to consumers. It's no longer enough to preach your marketing messages, people are not interested. You need to be part of the conversation, sharing your knowledge, your network and your services. Companies that choose to stay outside of the conversation and think their website is enough will get left behind.This presentation puts into context what Twitter is and whay it is important for your business. Some top level tips to get started using it are also included. A audio track will be added.


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2. In case you hadnt noticed the internet has changed.....
3. Old Internet
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4. King & Queen of Social Media
5. The Internet TODAY
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6. What is social media?
The Ants have megaphones!
- Malcolm Gladwell The Longtail
Its people talking to each other
Its being social on the internet
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7. The genesis of Ideas
I believe that these days, the rapid communication that is enabled by wikis, blogs, Twitter, YouTube and you name it ensures that no matter what kind of company you are, your customers are having a conversation about your products and practices. The question that every company has to ask is: Do I want to be part of this conversation? Do I want to learn from it? Am I willing to innovate on the basis of it? If you harness the power of this community, you will benefit. If you turn your back on it, you get further and further out of touch while competitors flourish. So yes, I think this is a new kind of communication for a new age of customer engagement.
Marc Benioff, CEO of
Dells IdeaStorm
8. 30 social media statistics
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9. Why is social media good for business?
Improve your search results
Build your online profile and reputation
Targeted visitor traffic to your company website
The ability to interact with customers and potential customers
Networking increases your reach
Directly through your contacts
Indirectly through your contacts contacts
Increased sales through increased brand awareness
10. Using social media for business
...loves social media
11. 140 character messaging tool
Mass communication
One to one communication
Real time search engine
What is Twitter?
12. OMG WTF its Twitter.....LOL
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13. 1
First Tweet Sent
12:50 PM (PST)March 21, 2006
Estimated users by 2010
11:59 PM (PST) Dec 31, 2009
14. WHY?
15. Reasons for using Twitter
Endless reasons to use Twitter
What challenges does your business face?
Here are ten general reasons:
#1 Gain Exposure
#2 Build Trust
#3 Generate Leads
#4 Drive Traffic
#5 Provide Excellent Customer Service
#6 Expand Your Network
#7 Get Feedback
#8 Market Research
#9 Testimonial Tool
#10 Build Authority
3,000,000 message sent on Twitter every day
4 million UK Twitter users
23,579,044 unique visitors to in Aug 2009
18 million users by end of 2009
16. Who Tweets?
Starbucks Coffee (Starbucks)296,045
Best Buy (BestBuy) 8,944
Dell Outlet (DellOutlet) 1,208,168 CEO -Tony (zappos) 1,331,274
Oprah Winfrey (Oprah) 2,220,746
Chris Brogan (chrisbrogan) 99,197
Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong) 1,995,845
Guardian Tech (guardiantech) 1,245,391
Hammer (MCHammer) 1,469,410
lilyroseallen (lilyroseallen) 1,481,838
Whole Foods Market (WholeFoods) 1,390,635
Threadless (threadless) 1,187,416
James McBrearty (taxhelpukcom) 8,155 Cobham, Surrey, UK.
Vegware Packaging (Vegware) 454 UK, Ireland
Sally Asling (SurreyLets) 2,004 Guildford, Surrey, UK
Your competitors
Your customers
Your target audience
People who share your passions
17. Case study #1 - @DellOutlet
Dell Outlet carries refurbished inventory that it needs to sell quickly Fast turn around
Limited advertising budget
Reliance on email marketing, paid search results, search-engine optimization and affiliate links to raise awareness and drive sales.
Find new, cost-effective ways to reach people.
Twitter benefits:
Raising awareness
Increasing sales $3million in revenue
Connecting with customers
18. Case study #2 @NakedPizza
Over reliance on direct mail
Decreasing open rates of email newsletter
Rising marketing costs
No stand out from competitors
create a community around healthy eating
save on marketing costs
drive sales
Twitter benefits:
No cost
Mass communication
Twitter promotions driving up to 68% of sales during promotion
19. Case studies Naked Pizza
Reported 20% of revenue coming directly from twitter with spikes as high as 69% on days where they hit twitter with a serious campaign.
Notice a few things:
One, its a person, not a robot.
Two, that person is ENGAGING in conversations nonstop.
Three, theyre not just pimping pizza.
Four, they have a personality.
Five, every once in a while, they sneak in a playful promo that revolved around the community.
20. The Twitter Basics
Define your objectives
Twitter name
Web link
Choose as short a username as possible
Think hard about your thumbnail
Use your background to share more info
21. @jonniejensen is on Twitter
22. Twitter Etiquette
Twanker - An egocentric individual, celebrity or organization who uses Twitter only for one-way broadcasting about their own greatness.
Twidiot - An individual or organization that uses Twitter only to talk about insignificant things no one cares about, like what they had for breakfast or their latest press release.
23. Lets Get Started
Follow other people (judiciously)
Reply to @ messages
RT often and strategically
RT @jonniejensen the copied message goes here...
Leave room for retweets 120 characters
Refer to people by their Twitter names on Twitter
Allow and respond to DMs
Real time so favourite your messages
So lets do it....
24. Twitter Tools
Twitter Counter


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