10 Common Time Management Mistakes

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COMMON TIMEMANAGEMENT MISTAKESRashelle IsipORGANIZATION , TIME MANAGEMENT, AND PRODUCTIVITYBLOGGER, CONSULTANT AND AUTHOR 10www.theorderexpert.comhttp://www.theorderexpert.com/MISTAKE #1 SCHEDULING EVERY SINGLEHOUR OF YOUR DAYIt pays to schedule your appointments and meetings, but youdon't have to schedule every single hour of your day.Give yourself some free space, or "wiggle" room, to deal withunforeseen traffic delays, last-minute meeting changes, or tocatch your breath between appointments. MISTAKE #2 RUSHING TO COMPLETE ATASKManaging your time does not mean you have to rush!You can still complete a task if you work on it slowly and carefully,until it is finished. MISTAKE #3ALWAYS KEEPING A STRICT ORRIGOROUS SCHEDULEThere will be times when you have to make necessaryadjustments to your schedule.This doesn't happen often, but your flexibility can make things runa bit smoother. MISTAKE #4 NOT FACTORING IN ADEQUATETRAVEL TIMETraveling from one place to another takes time.Play it safe by scheduling in adequate travel time for yourappointments and meetings. MISTAKE #5ONLY THINKING ABOUTYOURSELFWorking with others is a big part of time management.That being said, make sure you have enough time set aside toplan an upcoming meeting, brainstorm a project, conduct areview, etc. MISTAKE #6BOOKING MEETINGS BACK TOBACK, WITHOUT A BREAKYou may think you are being more efficient by skipping breaks,but youll be doing more harm that good.Take a break to refresh and recharge your mind and body. MISTAKE #7BEING RUDE ORINCONSIDERATE TOWARDSOTHERSSometimes meetings need to end abruptly. But thats no reason tobe rude or inconsiderate towards others.Be respectful and gracious; thank others for their time. MISTAKE #8 YOU NEED TO THE MOSTCURRENT, SOPHISTICATED ORHI-TECH DEVICE TO MANAGEYOUR TIMEThe only thing you truly need is your awareness of what you aredoing at any given moment.Period. MISTAKE #9 TIME MANAGEMENT IS ONLYNECESSARY FOR WORK ORSCHOOLTime management skills are transferrable!Managing your time efficiently at work can help you bettermanage your time when you're with friends and family.MISTAKE #10 TIME MANAGEMENT REQUIRESA LOT OF TIMETaking a minute or two to figure out what you are doingtoday/tomorrow can potentially save you from minutes or hoursof wasted time. WWW.THEORDEREXPERT.COMLEARN HOWTO MANAGEYOUR TIME &ENERGY VISIThttp://www.theorderexpert.com/