How Can You Make A Great Impression With Your Resume?

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Slide 1 Most of us get stumped at one of the most frequently asked interview questions Tell me about yourself. Today Im going to address the dos and donts of writing a professional resume. Once an opening is created and posted in job portals and dailies, a flurry of resumes reach the HR professionals, hiring managers and consultancies. Its not always possible to give each application a keen look. Dearth of time and resources make hiring professionals shortlist candidates hastily for an interview. In fact, just a glimpse at a resume decides its luck. So how to write an effective resume and get a chance of landing an interview despite stiff competition? There are ways to writing professional resumes. Lets take a look at few tricks that create wonders and help you in landing up with your dream jobDos and donts of modern resume Select a catchy yet professional layout and format for your resume.An impressive header is one of the critical parts of a resume, which is often overlooked. Integrate industry relevant keywords into your resume.Highlight your relevant experiences, skill set and achievements in a simple way. Incorporate metrics into your resume to get maximum attention.Include volunteer works, if any. Important points to remember21% of the resumes are not tailored to the specific job56% of the employers find errors in spelling and grammar11% of the HR professionals pointed out poor format and no bulletInappropriate length and poor work synopsisVague career objectiveFalse informationInvalid email and contact detailsCommon mistakes to avoidTargeted on the definite/specific jobLogically laid out and easy to interpretInformative but to the pointPerfect and error free in content, grammar and spellingFormat of a perfect resume Avoid jargons, abbreviations and acronymsStay away from typographical errorsEmphasize College and University experience to High SchoolFunny and controversial email address is a big turn off and should be avoided at all costsPersonal reference on your CV is a strict no-noTips not to forget