Search Analytics in Practice

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1. SEARCH ANALYTICS IN PRACTICEHow search analytics for your website search or intranetsearch can give you valuable information and improvethe search experience. 2. WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/FINDWISE/ 3. The presentaionThis presentation will be about and showhow to use search analytics to improvethe search experience. A smallinvestment in time and eort can reallyimprove the search. You will get practicaladvice on what metrics to look at andwhat actions can be taken on theanalysis. 4. AgendaHow to log search? And what metrics are interesting?What to do with all the data in the search log? How do we analyse search?Actions to take based on search analyticsDos and donts 5. SEARCH ANALYTICSIS NOT SEO 6. SEARCH ANALYTICSGIVES USER INTENT 7. WEB ANALYTICSGIVES USER BEHAVIOUR 8. Fantastic bookSEARCH ANALYTICS FOR YOUR SITEConversations with Your Customersby LOUIS ROSENFELD @louisrosenfeld 9. HOW TO LOGSEARCH? 10. WEB ANALYTICS SOFTWAREGOOGLE ANALYTICS, PIWIK ETC. 11. SEARCH ENGINE LOG FILES 12. SPECIALISED SOFTWARE 13. Scope Report generated: Show stats for: today, last week, month, yearChoose time period Show statsN:o searches this yearMost common search queries Query N.o:Search queries giving 0 results 14. WHAT METRICS AREINTERESTING? 15. 0-RESULTS 16. HOW TO FIX0-RESULTS? 17. MOST COMMON QUERIES 18. WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE DATA INTHE SEARCH LOG? 19. HOW DO WEANALYSE SEARCH? 20. VGR INTRANET 2011 21. 28 MILLION PAGEVIEWS 22. INTRANETSEARCHES 2011 23. 935 949 24. 200 MOST COMMON SEARCHES 25. 164 127 26. 17,5 % 27. A list of all key-matchesActive?Title and link for key-matchFor what scope the key-match is validDescription for the key-match Keywords 28. SAHLGRENSKA UNIVERSITYHOSPITAL 29. INTRANETSEARCHES 2011 30. 383 846 31. 200 MOST COMMON SEARCHES 32. 82 993 33. 21,6 % 34. WHAT OTHER METRICS AREINTERESTING? 35. USER BEHAVIOUR 36. CONTEXT DATE? TIME?FROM WHERE?HOW? 37. TRENDING SEARCH TERMS 38. ACTIONS TO TAKEBASED ON SEARCH ANALYTICS 39. Do...Fix 0-results...Check common terms...Cluster synonyms...Use Key Matches / Best Bets /Sponsored Links 40. A FEW HOURSEVERY MONTH, CAN DELIVERGREAT RESULTS! 41. Do - bonus...Check user behaviour?...Research in what context?...Look at trending/temporal terms 42. Do not...Forget to work with your content...Forget metadata...Only use search analytics - combinewith web analytics 43. QUESTIONS? 44. THANKS! Kristian Norling @kristiannorling@ndwiseSlideshare LinkedIn