Top 5 ways to improve your resume

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Top 5 Ways to improve your resumeFinding a great job starts with writing a great resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths. But there are several ways to enhance the resume and being hired by the employer with few important tips in mind. So lets look at very intricate details which we can improve in our existing resume and get the job we want. 1: Incorporating keywordsis a crucial part of writing a resume. If you don't include applicable keywords throughout, the employer or recruiter will never be able to find you The number one place to look for keywords is by looking through current job descriptions that match your target position. If you have a position in mind lets say system analyst use all the related key words like Help desk support, technical writing, incident management, and user access management communication skills.This helps your resume to come through the initial screening process performed by various recruitment companies and employer.2. LinkedIn profiles are the best way to connect with employers and people in your network or in your same field. I'm going to use Monster for this example, and that's and I'm going to search for a website designer. So I'm a website designer. I'm looking for my keywords. So I'm just going to type in website designer. You don't want to include any other criteria because at this point, the location doesn't matter. Any reference from your colleague, manager can add lot of value to your LinkedIn profile. It is easier for employer to pick a genuine candidate through LinkedIn Motivated: one should use positive affirmation like given a change I would perform to best of my abilities to ensure organisation goals are achieved. This makes employer become interested in you. Please keep in mind that a manager is looking for intent more than capability as later can be built over the time but a person with no intent is a liability to organisation and team.4. -There's a simple technique that you can follow to help create a more compelling and effective resume. It's called a PAR formula. PAR stands for problem-action-result. The PAR formula tells a business story. In the case of your resume, you can use this formula to tell your success story to potential employers. The story that will show how you can help them and why you are the perfect candidate for the job. All the stories have one thing in common, a beginning, middle, and end.The PAR formula works the same way. The beginning is the problem, the middle is the action, and the end is the result.5. . Write down the top 10 employers you would like to work for, then focus on one employer at a time. After you've decided who you want to target, find out as much information as possible. For example for system analyst role, look at companies that employ such skills. Then go through the business model and mission of each company. Ensure your resume is aligned with the needs and mission of company. Start sharing your resume through LinkedIn, recruiter and also email to Company HR. Follow up is must if the job advertised date has passed and ask for feedback if you are not selected. This will help you improve your shot comings. Some employer are open to share feedback. One the day of interview stay focussed, dont read your resume while you are been interviewed. Wherein possible try to brief and to the topic. One can also consider professional resume writing companies if need be.