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The futureThe futureZykiesis Cannon2016Its the year 2016,.. Over the past couple of years technology has grown and keeps growing. We never know what they will come up with next, but we are about to find out..currentlyRight now we have so much access to technology its crazy. Its in our homes, school and work places, even in our cars. Some people probably do not think there can be much move advance in technology.Kinect & Other DevicesMost are similar with the Xbox Kinect, it allows you to control a game without a controller, its a hands free controller to say the least. It recognizes body movement. It also has a face detection where it can activate your account for you. Xbox Kinect will detect your face and pull up your profile with all of your information and games on there. 4Home KinectThe next thing that will take place will be a spin off from the Xbox Kinect, it will be called Home Kinect. Features of Home Kinect-When you walk in the house it will detect your face (each person in the home) and tell you what you need to do, clean laundry or school work, ect. It will also second as a security system if it does not recognize the face a code will need to be put in or the police will come. It will be able to work on phones, TVs and in your carIt will keep all of your information private and only available to you. Media DependencyThe home connect is going to relate to Media Dependency because people are so dependent on the media. The media is going to hype the home Kinect up and make it seem like the greatest thing out there. Which it really would be because of all the technology it uses. Lap top learning in schoolCurrently today we are bringing technology into the class room more and more. Some have even been using lap tops in the class room, and eBooks instead of text books. iLearnIn 2025 you wont need notebooks, books and pencils. It will all be done on a laptopAll textbooks will be available on a laptop. Schools will provide the students with a laptop they are responsible for, the can buy insurance coverage incase anything was to happen.They will have built in Wi-Fi, This would allow for the students to work on their school work anywhere. Virtual classrooms will also be present in university's. Social LearningiLearn relates to social learning because of the advances in technology it is going to bring.This is going to allow for web chats, and virtual classrooms to take place anywhere.You can speak with teachers and classmates out of the classroom on your laptop. The Real Smart CarIn 2016 we will have cars that read your text out loud and allow you to respond by speaking to the car. It will save all of your music and all you will have to say is play Insert song, when using the GPS the car will help guide you, put turn signal on and things like that. It will slow you down if speeding and if you are driving reckless it can lock the car up as well. This will be for the purpose of security. Uses and gratifications theoryUses and gratifications theoryis an approachto understanding why and how people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs.This relates to the smart car because people are going to seek to use this for safety. We buy things and use them to achieve certain results. (gratification)In conclusionWith Smart Cars, Home Kinect and iLearn technology will be just as advance as it can get. It will make the world more accessible and everything will be at your fingertips. REFRENCES"MEDIA DEPENDENCY THEROY- Mass Communications Context." MEDIA DEPENDENCY THEROY- Mass Communications Context. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2016."Kinect for Xbox 360 Review." Engadget. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2016."Understand Bandura's Social Learning Theory." Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.