GIAF USA Fall 2015 - Lean analytics

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Lean AnalyticsWill PeroneCTO & CofounderAugust 2015Who Am I?Designing and Programming games since age 11Making mobile games since 2005Making social games since 2007Worked for Glu, Funzio, KixeyeStarted 3 companies - Andrograde, RubyCoins, Wicked FunState of Wicked FunVenture backed16 employeesCross-platform real time multiplayer gamePre-revenueIterating the product fastIterating UA/Marketing fastA ConundrumBe as lean as possibleIterate as fast as possibleExecute the highest quality bar possibleDifferent Needs for AnalyticsBusiness IntelligenceIndustry standard events easyHard to dig into the whyDesignWant complex game balancing metricsWant in-game economy related analyticsEngineeringWant performance/bug/crash monitorsWicked Funs SolutionNo dedicated PM/AnalystFocus on a few core metrics per departmentDont waste time building analytics in-houseEmpower each team to do their own analyticsBalance quantitative and qualitative analysis, dont let analytics run your life Analytics can mislead you on what to focus onDesignUse hierarchical events for balancingNot all off the shelf analytics platforms support hierarchical events, may have to manually do itTotal in-game currency, Net currency over timeWhat are people buying in gameCertain things still require engineering to get involved (db queries, adding events to code)EngineeringUse analytics as crash report statistics and performance/net monitoring toolsPing, packet size, function times & countsSet up special API keys so you can turn it off if event traffic too high Set up a different analytics API key per platform (mobile, web, PC)The platform itself will color user behavior even if the game is exactly the sameBIRetention (D1, D7)Connected to # people who convert to payingHow long does it take for people to buy?Total funnel is hard to set up but worth itView ->Install ->Register ->Tutorial ->Screen flowHigher dropoff in your marketing or in your game?What is the first thing people usually buy?Organics vs Paid Installs -> ViralityKey to cheap UAIndustry ChallengesThere is still no good solution for cross-platform marketing, attribution and analyticsSupporting infrastructure for real time multiplayer cross-platform games is still in its infancyDevelopers want real time analytics data feed to personalize UX to customersQuestions? IN THE CONVERSATIONPARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT GIAFAnalytics for Games