Make Your Event Stand Out: How To Use Social Data At Your Event

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BUZZ RADAR IS AN INDUSTRY LEADER IN CAPTURING AND VISUALISING REAL-TIME SOCIAL DATA.!Our aim is to make live data of all types beautiful, easy to understand and sharable for everyone.HOW IT WORKSEveryday Brand Monitoring:!Creates a company-wide culture of listening.Campaign & Crisis Monitoring:!Quickly implemented for real-time tracking at critical periods.Event Visualisations:!Amplifies online conversation for marketing and internal events.Our cloud-based insights and curation platform provides a deeper dive into the data and controls the big screen visualisations on any device.Users easily select, customise and deploy their own animated visualisations via our SaaS platform.THE TWO PARTS OF BUZZ RADAROUR SECOND SCREEN APPROACHINSIGHTS PLATFORM Dive deeper into your data for research and context.! Adjust keywords and accounts monitored.! Moderate and transform all data into animated visualisations.! Customise layout, copy and graphics of visualisations.! Available on all devices.ANIMATED VISUALISATIONS The public view.! Fully animated visualisations.! Real-time data. ! Fully customisable look and feel.! Touch enabled for zoom-in, pause, swipe and analytics deep dive.MAXIMISING SOCIAL DATA FOR !YOUR EVENT01DOES DATA MATTER TO !YOUR EVENT?02Social media is now a critical component of how brands and services connect with customers.!!Your event will be social whether you plan for it or not. Not only does it provide a great way for attendees to stay connected and engaged during your event, but reviewing post-event data also shows insight into what resonated with your attendees and how you can improve. !!Social data is poorly understood by most people within an organisation. Visualisations are quickly understood. !!Conventional socialanalytic tools are hard to use, time consuming ad hard to understand. They require the user to know exactly what they are looking for.!!The speed and real-time nature of events means that reports sent to management are redundant the second they are produced.DATA MATTERS. SOCIAL MATTERS.HOW CAN I FOLLOW THE CONVERSATION?03Consolidate the conversation around your event. Choose a hashtag that isnt longer than 10 characters and is intuitive. Showcase the convo with a Twitter Wall. You can select to show one tweet at a time or multiple tweets. !!Reward your most influential tweeters by showcasing their tweets in a special visualisation. This enlarges the conversation and makes it more prominent. It also encourages attendees to interact with each other, online and off. !!Keep in mind you have control over moderation and what is seen. Whether going with pre- or post-moderation, its a great idea to have someone monitor the conversation at all times. WHAT ABOUT NEGATIVE TWEETS? HOW DO I RESPOND? 04DON'T RUN FROM CRITICISM.Negative tweets arent necessarily bad. They can alert you to a problem before it gets too big to manage. This can be about the temperature (its often too cold at events), wifi issues or general confusion. This gives you the chance to alleviate others frustrations by adjusting the situation or putting out more information. Its all in how you respond. !!If a serious issue arises and you can talk off-line, things tend to de-escalate quickly; however, do not neglect to respond online. And dont be afraid to apologise. The main thing is to be sincere. A lot of complaints are about being heard. View the dialogue as your customer service and the opportunity to enhance someones experience. !!HOW CAN I BETTER ENGAGE MY ATTENDEES?05While the negative is important to pay attention to, the general dialogue and positive sentiments should also be acknowledged. !!Comment, retweet or favorite sentiments to let attendees know youre listening. It keeps them tweeting. !!You can also schedule tidbits and facts from presentations to go out during talks. This keeps people from rushing to quickly tweet insights and allows them to engage your speakers. !!Dont be shy and also encourage Twitter as a Q&A source. BEST ADVICE? !BE A SOURCE OF INFO.06One of the exciting aspects for event planners about Buzz Radar is that we allow you to upload your own personal content to the platform to be seen between visualisations. !!You can fully customise the platform to fit your branding and be seamlessly integrated into your event. Use these features to ensure your attendees have all the info they need for your event. Session times, wifi passwords, bathroom information, sponsors, contests and more. !!Some events upload presentations after and let attendees know. View the Upload feature as your space to share what you feel your attendees need to know. CUSTOMISE YOUR DATA & VISUALISATIONS.THANK YOUBUZZRADAR.COM